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I just got this update from Beena Sarwar who has apprised us of the fantastic work being done by a group of motivated citizens in Karachi. This is a credible organisation with the right approach. It should be generously supported. Raza Rumi
Karachi Relief Trust is a disaster management organization, originally started by a group of individuals (many of whom I know personally) to help those affected by the cyclone in Balochistan & Sindh, in 2007. Their website

is Karachi Relief Trust & they are now doing stellar work towards helping those affected by the worst floods in living memory get back on their feet. Among their most significant contributions at this point are the pioneer water filteration units they’re introducing – EPA certified, 99.9% effective (at removing viruses, bacteria and parasites) Family Instant Microbial Purifiers – KRT will deploy 50,000 purifiers to provide up to 10 million liters of purified drinking water per day –


INFORMATION MEETING today 3.30 – 5.30 pm at BBQ Tonite (first floor) in
Karachi for volunteers, donors etc – all are welcome to attend, meet the
team and get a brief on KRT efforts and initiatives. Please spread the word
to your friends. As friend Junaid Zuberi, who sent out this email with the
attachment below, says, “We are faced with the worst natural calamity of our
recent history and unless we all come forward and work together, we would
not be able to deal with the situation.” (Junaid Zuberi, tel +92-302-8241303,
em <>)

Email attachment:


As you may know, fierce floods in Pakistan have caused unprecedented
devastation. According to United Nations, this catastrophic event has
affected over 14 million people, more than the combined total of the
2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake.
Floodwaters have swept away roads, bridges and entire villages. People have
lost homes, their livelihood – crops as well as cattle, and are left with no
means and resources.

* Karachi Relief Trust (KRT), is a disaster management organization,
comprises of a group of individuals who originally came together to provide
relief to those affected by **Cyclone Yemyin** in 2007. KRT is driven by the
fundamental belief that each of us can and should make a difference. In
2008, Karachi Relief mobilized its team again to help the victims of the
Quetta Earthquake by building shelters for the displaced. Continuing its
efforts in 2009, KRT filled the need to provide relief in the form of
perishables such as milk for children, and food, to the internally displaced
people of **Swabi** in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Today, we have taken on another enormous task of providing assistance to
victims of the ferocious floods. Through the generosity of friends,
individuals and corporate sponsors, Karachi Relief has already begun the
process of making a difference. We are *partnering with other NGOs and
organizations* including The Indus Hospital and The Hunar Foundation to
reach out further.

The need, however, is much more. Millions of families, with children and
elderly, await their next meal. Clean drinking water, shelter, clothing,
medicines are needed desperately. We turn towards you for a contribution.
Big or small, your donation truly brings relief to someone. This is the time
go give back. Please come forward and help us rebuild, not only homes but
lives of the unfortunate people affected by this heart breaking calamity.

KRT is carrying out the following programs currently:

* *Give a Home*
The aim is to build 100 homes in KPK costing us Rs. 150,000 per unit. In
Sindh 200 low-cost homes, costing Rs. 100,000 per unit are planned.

* *Adopt a Camp*

KRT has adopted 2 schools with approximately 800 people in Mirpur Methelo,
Sukkur. They are being provided with freshly cooked food with enormous
support from ENGRO.

* *Medical Camp*

A medical mobile bus has been developed and two of Pakistan’s leading
doctors, Dr. Abdul Bari (founder Indus Hospital) and Dr. Naseeruddin
Mehmood, will be volunteering their services

* *Pak Paani*

50,000 life straw packs have been generously donated. These are water
filters, with a three-year life, run without power, giving clean, bacteria
free water. [note: they don’t mention the price but someone told me
yesterday it would be USD 22 a unit or so]

* *Household items*

An extensive list of household, medical and toiletries pack is being
compiled. The set will cost RS 25,000. Details at this link **

* *Reach a Camp*

KRT would act as a catalyst between the donor and the affectee by referring
and providing information on the camps that the prospective donor could
adopt. This service is beneficial for those who wish to help and need
assistance and direction.

Please visit our website to see how you can help.

Total estimate of all of the above projects is Rs. 300 million. The team

Adnan Asdar Ali

Khayam Husain

Tariq Mian

Shams Rafi

The above founding members are assisted by following:

Tania Fatmi
Maryam Shams Rafi
Rumman Ahmad
Aliya Mian
Dr Abdul Bari Khan
Dr Naseeruddin Mahmood
Raheel Zubairi
Sarmad Qureshi
Maria Qureshi
Junaid Zuberi



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  2. Farukh Sarwar

    Karachiites always prove that they are leading the way when the nation requires help; it was clearly visible in the earth quake of 2005. Nations always come together in the times of need and that’s what we need to do.