Zardari’s UK visit: ‘Shoe Fiction’ to ‘Gun Reality’

by Ahmed Nadeem
Unprecedented floods in hundred year’s history of region are wiping away towns, villages and infrastructure, leaving hundreds dead and over a million homeless. Over two hundred thousands troops are engaged in a battle for future of Pakistan against blood thirsty ‘creatures of intolerance’. Criminals and terrorists are playing a bloody game in streets of Karachi and killing innocent. Perhaps there has been not been the worst times in sixty years of nations existence.

The government with limited resources, inefficient and broken institutions, is trying to rescue those who lost everything in unprecedented floods. It is also seeking help from international community to overcome the financial burden for relief operations. Several countries have pledged assistance while USA has initiated a government lead relief campaign and helicopter rescue operation in effected areas. However, at home, the public awareness and participation remains limited, as Media and politicians are busy in ‘other fun’.

The situation demanded that all sections of society unite against biggest natural disaster in our history and war against terrorism. Instead, we have witnessed a ‘suicide attack’ on tolerance and national unity, jointly ‘organised’ by opposition parties along with a Terrorist Organisation ‘Hizbul Tahreer’. A furious debate was initiated by extremist-friendly media on President’s visit to UK, after British Prime Ministers remarks. Protesters from extremist groups were brought outside hotel where President has to speak. While themselves staying in liberal British society, they carried slogans against President and demanded ‘Islamic Caliphate’ to be imposed in Pakistan.

The object of criticism and protests was not the person of President but the national unity. Out of blue, a pro-Taliban TV Channel started airing the ‘Breaking News’ and interview of a person who claimed of throwing a shoe on President. Opposite to the claims of the pro-Taliban media group, the video of the entire speech of President, available on social networks is a valid proof that no such incident ever happened. Despite denial of participants, High Commission and government spokes persons, the circus continues.

While his party workers protested against President for visiting UK leaving floods victims behind, the top critic and a cricketer turned failed politician, same day flew to join his family in UK. Opposition PMLN leader Nawaz Sharif, whose son owns more that two billion pounds real estate business in UK was not behind to jump the band wagon of critics . As this was not enough the MQM leader who holds British passport with ‘national pride’, living a lavish life in London also made similar demand.

In case, Mian Nawaz Sharif was really up-set on British PM’s remarks, he should have packed his business in UK. Nothing prevented MQM chief Altaf Hussain to give up his UK citizenship under protest. Imran Khan could have announced that his own children would not be staying in UK. Similarly, the former JI Chief Qazi Hussain, who is a proud grandfather of American citizen grandson and US national daughter, did not felt a need to get out his family from ‘Infidel land’ under protest.

The pious activist of terrorist group, ‘Hizbul Tahreer’, whom a media group hired and presented as ‘shoe hurler’ demanding Caliphate to be imposed in Pakistan, himself lives on social security and house rent from Birmingham Town Council’s. He should have joined his fellow Jihadi’s in some cave of Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan rather than living on ‘ pounds’ of ‘infidel tax payers. What else can be named a hypocrisy and game of interests?

The ”shoes fiction’ does not seem to be pleasant start in a society where gun is more convenient to use then a shoe and violence has become part of culture. The pro-Taliban media persons might also experience the ‘shoe protests’ from families of terror victims. The political leadership also would not be safe as they too have love and hate relations with opponents. From Mullah’s issuing edicts of infidelity to the owners of media giants showing the burned bodies of plane crash victims might facing the similar ‘offended public’.

The sane voices have been drowned in the floods of media-extremists nexus along with the poor, who drowned in flash floods. We have not learned to promote tolerence from PMLN’s attack on Supreme Court and friendly ‘treatment’ of Imran Khan by JI activists in Punjab University. In a society where a suicide bomber can easily be hired, there are are equal chances that opponents might ‘arrange’ such incidents. Each time such an incident takes place, the blame game would be followed by violence, killings, burning of public property and riots.

The fiction of ‘shoe hero’ being played by media and politicians, is going to be ‘gun reality’ of future. Sadly, this time media itself, along with national unity and tolerance is going to be the causality. This will only facilitate the extremists and terrorists to play havoc on innocent citizens and also target media and groups sympathetic to them to ignite riots and weaken the state. Only time will tell us who might not the victim of transformation when oppositions and media’s created ‘shoe fiction’ finally becomes a ‘gun reality’.



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14 responses to “Zardari’s UK visit: ‘Shoe Fiction’ to ‘Gun Reality’

  1. Ex-Extremist

    The pious activist of terrorist group, ‘Hizbul Tahreer’, whom a media group hired and presented as ‘shoe hurler’ demanding Caliphate to be imposed in Pakistan, himself lives on social security and house rent from Birmingham Town Council’s. He should have joined his fellow Jihadi’s in some cave of Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan rather than living on ‘ pounds’ of ‘infidel tax payers. What else can be named a hypocrisy and game of interests?

    This was the turning point in my own little extremist career.

    Thanks God I was not a hypocrite and figured out the reality of these hypocrite, hate mongering animals was nothing but propaganda and hateful foul mouthing.

    When it comes to personal sacrifice, none of them would leave the comfort of their own homes which they have been given as social security by the same western countries which they hate.

    Bloody munafiqs.

  2. Natasha

    LOL –

    Shoe ‘fiction’ !

    Are you saying that the news was broken by one channel?

    What about ARY , Aaj , Express, dawn? And above all , what about the int’l media? Telegraph , Guardian , Ndtv , IBN , Washington post etc? Are they ALL pro-taliban?

    Are you really that naive to have believed the denial? Or are you on a payroll?

    So everyone who protested is an extremist. What could be another likely argument? That they were anti-Sindh , that they were from Punjab?

    Btw , What about Taseer’s statement accusing PMLN for the incident? Wasn’t that an ‘acceptence’. Wasn’t Kaira’s statement calling it a non-issue an acceptance that the incident actually took place?

    // , the video of the entire speech of President, available on social networks is a valid proof that no such incident ever happened. Despite denial of participants, High Commission and government spokes persons, the circus continues.//

    Hahahah. This was the funniest.

  3. Natasha

    Denial – the circus continues.

  4. Tilsim

    Denial of the shoe throwing incident is preposterous but harping on about it is worse.

  5. Natasha

    I agree.

  6. The post has not impressed me since I expected Pak Tea House to publish neutral opinions. The abovesaid post is utterly biased. The real problem and issue has been obscured by the so called shoe fiction.
    The core issue is that of the disappointment of the general public of Pakistan who felt their president’s visit to UK ill timed – a time when he should have cut short his visit and had met his very own people right in the middle of the flood facing the hardships rather than addressing a few select (from his own party) in comfortable environment of an auditorium.
    At times of distress, the whole nation should fell united not abandoned. And the insult to injury is that the visit of the president still continues to a third country.
    As for the shoe throwing, why should the PPP hide it – it happened and should have taken as a display of freedom of expression and forgotten about it, rather than everyone denying the act and at the same time acknowledging it as well. Can you hide things in these days?”

  7. Mustafa Shaban

    This article doesnt make any sense and is pro zardari to an extreme.

  8. Nadeem

    Let me clear few things:-
    1.Throwing ‘shoe’ on some one is an act of violence and physical assault and does not come under ‘protest’.

    2. Each inch of Hall was covered by hotel security cameras, British security agencies and TV. No footage so far is available.

    3. Let us accept that a ‘shoe’ was really thrown on President and those protesting were right, then what about others (Nawaz, Imran,Qazi, Altaf Hussain) and ‘shoe hero’ himself whao wants Khilafat for Pakistan and himself stays in liberal British society on social security?

    4. What will be consequences when this type of protest is faced by others including politicians and media. Are not we going towards a civil war if Altaf or Nawaz or Asfandyar Khan faces the same?

    Will anyone like to Answer?

  9. Zia Ahmad

    Point 2 and 3 offered by the Nadeem (I’m assuming the writer) can be easily dismissed as he is just repeating himself here. As for point number 1 , Zardari is neither a toddler, a helpless feeble old man or an abused housewife so throwing a show at him doesnt carry that much of a threat as an act of violence directed towards any of the above.
    Point number 4. Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan, Altaf Hussain and others that you mention are by no means all time well beloved public figures. But I seriously doubt a large collective of people will rejoice (barring the likes of messrs awan, rehman, the likes and second third fourth tier loyalists like yourself) the way they did on this episode if any object was hurled at them folks.

  10. Murtaza Raza

    International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell appreciated Zardari’s visit which he said had served to highlight the disaster and help raise international relief funds.He said:

    “He is drumming up support internationally for the huge relief effort that is going to be required now in Pakistan and is going to be returning very soon. I think he is right to continue that visit.”

    Misconceptions and accusations about PPP led government and president Asif Ali Zardari, regularly promoted by the mainstream media and even have been predicting, giving dates for fall of civilian elected government. By commenting negatively on everything they have psychologically turned this society in to a mental wreck.

  11. Tilsim

    Murtaza Raza

    “commenting negatively on everything they have psychologically turned this society in to a mental wreck.”

    So true. But there is a plan behind it. Have you seen the same approach towards the religious parties?

  12. Rabia hassan

    PML-N is a party of dual attitude and bunch of hypocrites. I always found PML_N playing politics of point scoring and once again PML-N is playing politics on the floods issue. If looked at from an objective angle, there is no smoke without fire. The PML-N has trained its guns on the PPP, particularly President Zardari. Nawaz Sharif’s remarks regarding President Zardari seem just an attempt to score political mileage. PML-N itself is more worried about its sugar mills rather than realizing the plight of people hit by flood. Zardari even though was not in the country, yet he did lot than so called Khadams of Punjab. President no doubt mobilized world to help out Pakistan in this time of turmoil. “ I might have benefited personally from the political symbolism of being in the country at the time of disaster. But hungry people can’t eat symbols. The situation demanded action and I acted to mobile the world” These are the words of President Asif Ali Zardari he expressed during an interview with wall street journal. Now anyone can compare who served best, those present in the country and those who were abroad to urge the world to help out Pakistan.

  13. shiv

    It just occurred to me that Zardari is a more intelligent man than I had imagined. He managed his ostentatious and profligate UK trip with finesse and I am not saying that sarcastically.

    The fact is that while the civilian administration in Pakistan is helpless in a disaster of this scale- the civilian administration have always been hampered by the army grabbing all the power and resources.

    In this disaster, the army cannot save Pakistan (by fighting India for example) and for that reason there is zero risk of a coup and zero risk to Zardari’s position. The army will continue to save its own from the floods and doing what they can to help. They know that if they take over they will be expected to do things that they can’t – so they will allow Zardari to take the blame, and Zardari in turn allows that blame to wash off like water off a duck’s back .

    Lovely. Only in Pakistan..

  14. Najeeb abdul Razzak

    Taking a tolerant stance is one of the more difficult tasks citizens face in a society.We are not born tolerant, but must learn to be tolerant.We recently witnessed the sentencing of an Iraqi journalist to three years’imprisonment after he threw his shoes at then-American President George W Bush during a press conference. He was found guilty on the crime of assaulting a foreign leader. Could this be a case of political intolerance: on the part of the journalist or the authorities?
    How about the egg pelting incident involving former UK British Deputy PrimeMinister, John Prescott, in an election campaign in 2001? Unlike George Bush, who dodged the shoes and simply left the matter to the Iraqi authorities to deal with,Prescott took the law in his own hands and punched the protester in the name of self-defence. Is the UK case one of political intolerance: on the part of the protester or the politician?Looking at the two incidents above, it is extremely difficult to define what political tolerance is and is not. But having followed the public debate about the two incidents, one can safely conclude that the right answer depends on where one stands, ideologically speaking, on the issue at hand. To those opposed to America’soccupation of Iraq, the shoe-throwing incident, just like egg-pelting, is justifiable. But those opposed to shoe or egg-throwing argue that such actions are manifestations of political intolerance and extremism. So, who is right and who is wrong?While it is difficult to hold convergent views on the meaning of political intolerance in the context of the incidents raised above, there are well-established universal norms and principles to guide our attitude and stance on critical issues such as Apartheid,colonialism, racism, and sexism. It is therefore normal and acceptable for any society to express intolerance against such social ills and to “throw eggs and shoes” whoever espouses such ideologies.