PTI Chief Imran Khan In Response To A Question On The Second Amendment

Atleast the great Khan has ‘integrity’ and ‘honesty’.



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26 responses to “PTI Chief Imran Khan In Response To A Question On The Second Amendment

  1. Shah Zaman


    I hope Mr. Khan is honest; however, I felt he was somewhat evasive in his response. He could have been direct but he chose to be vague. I wish that I am proven wrong on this one, but that is what I felt after watching this clip.

  2. Amaar

    He was trying to get away from the situation. And ambiguous in his reply.

  3. Nasir

    It would have been great if he had been concise and clear with his answer as it was a simple question.

  4. Thomas

    I saw the video but have no idea what the topic of the question was, I guess it’s about a law in Pakistan… I Saw Imran Kahn speak “to repeal the 1971…..??? So I have no idea what the law says… I see the article title says second amendment….. I can’t find the second amendment [in English] anywhere on the net… So it is difficult for me to weigh in on the answer about it given in the video by Kahn… I am an American, I have been to Pakistan twice in the 1970s…. And other than the beauty of Lahore, I do not remember very much about things there.. Having said all this, I want to say I am very interested and impressed by Imran Kahn.. He seems [to me] one of the few STATESMAN in the ENTIRE WORLD ……. He seems forthright and balanced and not given to demagoguery.
    He seem to be entirely motivated by the best interests of greater Pakistan. He seems like someone who does not largely seek fame and fortune, he has already achieved these…… I’d vote for him..if I could.. I’m in Massachusetts….

  5. Ally

    so will his party take pak along secular lines?

  6. S


    “Seem” here is the key word. Reality often is starkly different from the appearances 🙂

    Regarding Second Amendment, according to Wikipedia:

    “The Second Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan declared the status of Ahmadis as minority and as ‘non-muslim’. This led to widespread violent attacks upon the community which bordered on genocide, many members of the community had to go into exile. This amendment was adopted on September 7, 1974.”

  7. YLH

    It is a start. If he truly stands for justice and fair play, liberals and brown sahibs will rally around him. This is what he has to understand.

    Those furry faces will never stand with him. Jamaat e islami abducted him and manhandled him and then gave him to Musharraf.

  8. PMA

    YLH (August 9, 2010 at 9:34 pm):

    “liberals and brown sahibs”

    Yasser. Please, please. Would ya?

  9. YLH


    Try and make sense when you write.

  10. YLH


    Further to comments by S… Pakistan’s constitution is in the English language. So the second amendment would be in the English language.

  11. Mohsin

    This is all he could say. He knowns he would be hacked by molvies, even before he is elected. Wait and see what molvies have to say.

  12. YLH

    This is going to be a test of character for the great Khan.

  13. Ali Abbas

    @Mohsin, google “Imran Khan: the Taliban Goebbels” that was published in the Daily Times. It might provide some idea as to why Imran was being evasive when addressing the question.

  14. ranj8

    I personally heard Imran speak on two occasions. At UCL London, he refused to answer the question about blasphemy laws and 2nd amendment saying he didn’t want to get into a controversy.
    At the Oxford Union, he asserted that the objectives resolution was a UNANIMOUS document and provided a strong foundation for the constitution. Later, he went on to call Pervez Hoodbhoy a liberal extremist and compared him with Zaid Hamid.
    So I dont have any real hope….

  15. Ali Abbas

    Didn’t Imran also oppose the repeal of similar laws during 2006 when a PPP lead initiative (under Sherry Rehman) had MQM support. I hope this skepticism is wrong.

  16. Nasir

    if the man speaks out against the mullahs they will accuse him of being a zionist spy or ahmadi or US agent. I really so feel its such a shame that pakistani politicians are held hostage by their inner fear of the mullahs (even the ones with real degrees)

  17. aliarqam

    You are betting on the wrong horse…

  18. YLH

    I am not betting. I am merely letting the great Khan know what it would take for liberals to support him.r

  19. Farukh Sarwar

    This guy enjoyed a lot of fame in his cricketing years and brought victory for Pakistan, however his role in politics has not been clear.

  20. thomas

    Well, it seems all agree, Imran is NOT a STOOGE of na FOREIGN POWER…

  21. Ashraf Lodhi

    I highly doubt what he said.

  22. Nusrat Pasha

    There are two “2 s” in the Constitution of Pakistan that have emerged as two glaring manifestations of disservice to the image of Pakistan and indeed to Pakistan itself:

    1. Article # 2 of the Constitution : “Islam shall be the State Religion”.

    2. Amendment # 2 of the Constitution : “Ahmadis are not Muslims for the purposes of constitution and law”.

    Article # 2 tilts the balance of justice in favour of the already privileged and secure majority, rendering them the “more equal” ones and Amendment # 2 sets an unfortunate precedent for oppressive legislation by a democratically elected Parliament against its own citizens.

  23. Tilsim

    Imran Khan….bah! Do we romanticise about his potential because he looks like one of us (or at least I like to think so:)). His views and political track record speak for themselves. There is not too much to like when it comes to being an apologist for the Taliban and naive economic ideas.

    A politician’s first job is to please his audience at hand. He was speaking (uncomfortably) to the audience at hand. I can’t believe that he is a serious politician who has had some sort of epiphany.

  24. thomas

    Imran Khan IS a serious politician… His answer th the second amendment question shows he is serious… To me the second amendment smacks of religious prejudice and unequal justice.. If the Ahmadis think that they are Muslims and follow the Koran to a large extent… I would believe them to be Muslims… And also… It is not for the government to decide who is and is not which religion. That is something the religious leaders THEMSELVES should work out.. It sounds like amendment 2 is a flaw in the constitution, because it does not take any adjustments into account.. If the Ahmadis believe in one divine Allah, and that Mohamed is the prophet and teacher of the way of Allah, where is there a problem..?? Followers of the Prophet Mohamed, who worship and or revere Allah are Muslims, if they have some of the Ahmadi’s particular beliefs, they are Ahmadi Muslims…. They are NOT Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Scientologists or Jains…. They are Muslims…no matter what some POLITICAL document says…. But.. Is this the sort of thing people should take arms to defend one side or the other?? NO!! It as a distraction and perhaps worse, an argument created to divide and weaken Muslims by colonial agents or religious provocateurs…..outsiders…. Should the amendment be repealed? Yes! but sometimes it is better to let sleeping cobras sleep…

  25. Bin Ismail

    @ thomas (August 11, 2010 at 6:35 am)

    “…..Should the amendment be repealed? Yes! but sometimes it is better to let sleeping cobras sleep…..”

    Yes, but sometimes it is also better to let the cobra know that it is nothing but a slithering reptile. Hasn’t this nation been held hostage by the Mullah long enough? Hasn’t Pakistan paid enough price for showing servility towards the Mullah?

    If it’s Humanity against Snakedom, I for one, am for Humanity.

  26. Thomas

    Bin Ishmail
    I’m sorry that my knowledge of these things is not up to speed or even minimal familiarity. I thank you for your civil tone and your helpful answers which are helping me to see the situation.

    So it is the mullahs that want the exclusion of the Ahmadis..?? O.K., and I’m sure they want a lot more too. Even “(even the ones with real degrees)” [Nasir]

    I agree with you Bin Ishmail that freedom and representation delayed is freedom and representation denied.. but in perilous times one should be careful of ones every move and think through the consequences ….which you and or IK can approximate, but not I…
    The likely consequences are beyond my ken!

    Isn’t Pakistan’s real problem one of too few resources and too many needs? and that Pakistan just can’t afford all that it must undertake?

    Doesn’t the Bush/Bolton deal to let India into the nuclear suppliers group [in exchange for reporting Iran to the Security council] put further financial pressure on Pakistan in that area?? And WHY IS Pakistan allowing the basing of drones in Sind to be used to kill her OWN citizens….

    NEWS FLASH!!! Just announced today on Democracy Now, Blackwater was hired by ???? to do Benazir’s security just prior to her assassination!!