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Good luck, General Kayani

Raza Rumi


In a hurried non-speech, the prime minister has confirmed that the incumbent army chief will stay on for three years. Unprecedented as the decision might be, it is perhaps the best option under the current circumstances. Pakistan is battling against domestic and external terrorism. Given how the army works, it is clear that the military establishment wants a continuation of national security policy.

Lack of policy continuity has been the hallmark of Pakistan’s governance.  At least with General Kayani’s extension, the military operations in the northwest and approach to the Afghanistan imbroglio will also remain unchanged. This is good for Pakistan for three reasons. Continue reading


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First of all, thanks to Allah

another skewed perspective by kinkminos

So Pakistan finally defeated Australia in a test match. “Hallelujah,” if you’re an ethnophobic Anglophiliac like myself. “Shukr alhamdolillah,” if your thot processes have more of an Urdu-medium bent.

The attendant frailties exposed during the match are immaterial to the majority of cricket-mad Pakistanis. The lack of commitment and self-belief; the absence of any sort of plan or an attacking approach; the insha’allah masha’allah subhanallah state of mind… kiss the ground as we bow to the heavens in gratitude to the only force we accept as relevant in any clash, confrontation, encounter or conflict.

So what? We’re Packies. We play (and follow) cricket the way we live our lives; with an unshakeable belief in the almighty and his Continue reading


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STRATFOR: Afghanistan, the United States, Pakistan, India, Russia, and Iran

The latest report by STRATFOR shed light on the fast changing realities within the region. Perhaps the extension of Army Chief’s tenure can also be located in this matrix of global and regional power relations and agenda[s] ahead.

July 23, 2010 | 0309 GMT
Every now and then multiple developments related to a single issue transpire in one day. Thursday was such a day; the issue was U.S.-led Western efforts to contain the increasingly fierce jihadist insurgency in Afghanistan. It began with an extraordinary statement from one of two official Taliban spokespersons.
Qari Yousef Ahmadi, who on any given day announces alleged Taliban successes on the battlefield, came out and said the Afghan Taliban were fighting for the independence of their country and did not pose a threat to anyone except foreign forces present in Afghanistan. He said, “We want to live as part of society in the world. We are not a threat to a person or a country. We are like an oppressed person, whose house was attacked by thieves and he is compelled to defend his house.” Ahmadi went on to say that if the Western forces really wanted to withdraw from Afghanistan, “then the Taliban will not create problems for you,” but instead “will help you in the process of withdrawal.” Continue reading


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