Cricket – Don’t Muck It Up! An Australian’s message

A reader from Australia has sent this email. Am sharing this with the readers. Raza Rumi
I posted to your site when the Pakistan cricket team was touring Australia last year.
Pakistan now has Australia in a similar position to where they had us in Sydney – significantly better in fact, so let’s please hope they don’t muck it up. They need 40 runs and have seven wickets with which to get them.
So here’s some advice: do not flash at balls just outside off stump, do not try to end the game in four overs, and, especially, do not fall prey to any sledging tactics by my countrymen. They are masters at it.
Good luck Pakistan.
Michael Whitting


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9 responses to “Cricket – Don’t Muck It Up! An Australian’s message

  1. Raza Raja

    Raza Rumi, thanks a lot for sharing this mail. I still remember that dreadful Sydney Match. Some how or the other, I am again uneasy and fearing worst. I hope desperately hope that this time I am proven wrong.

  2. When Pakistan crumbles, we crumble hard. I have this uneasy feeling that we might muck it all up.

    Let’s hope not

  3. YLH

    Let us hope Pakistan gets the 40 runs.

    However… in the longer run … one would hope that we stop priding ourselves in things “Pakistan cricket team is so unpredictable”. We don’t want unpredictable. Unpredicable BAD. Living on a prayer BAD.

    A small patriotic Pakistani part of me wants Pakistan Cricket Team to lose frankly… so that Pakistanis realize unpredictability is not all that you make it out to be.

  4. Amaar

    We crossed the line on a prayer!

    But our team never fails to panic at the right moment.

  5. tilsim1

    Congrats Pakistan!!

  6. Junaid

    This can hardly be counted as a victory.

    The Aussies had us on our toes till the very last.

    Their fighting spirit is so great. They did not give up even until the last ball.

  7. nasir jan

    Just about done it – we should hire the writer of the article as a consultant for the Pak cricket team

  8. Hayyer

    Congratulations. Beat the buggers in the remaining match too. Australian cricketing insolence needs to be taken down a few pegs till they languish at the bottom of the league.

  9. Maryanne Khan

    Congratulations Pakistan! You could do worse than hiring Mr. Whitting as consultant . . . There is plenty of goodwill over here for the Pak team, nice to see you fight and win.