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Cricket – Don’t Muck It Up! An Australian’s message

A reader from Australia has sent this email. Am sharing this with the readers. Raza Rumi
I posted to your site when the Pakistan cricket team was touring Australia last year.
Pakistan now has Australia in a similar position to where they had us in Sydney – significantly better in fact, so let’s please hope they don’t muck it up. They need 40 runs and have seven wickets with which to get them.
So here’s some advice: do not flash at balls just outside off stump, do not try to end the game in four overs, and, especially, do not fall prey to any sledging tactics by my countrymen. They are masters at it.
Good luck Pakistan.
Michael Whitting


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City On The Hill

This is a brilliant article sent to us by Mr. Muhammad Hassan Miraj and makes its central point in a very touching way.

After fighting the famous Battle of Milvian Bridge in 312 AD, as he crossed River Tiber, Constantine had no idea that the slogan which he had coined for a very temporary victory is going to be a monster which will haunt the generations in times to come. While Faisalabad burns in violence, we can only trace the blood to those who mixed religion with politics in a ruthless manner.

A city where half of the places take its name from Sikh Characters i.e. Gobind Pura, Guru Nanak Pura, Ganda Singh Wala, a city which owes its development to good old Raj and British officers serving the “Father, who art in Heaven” in the name of mother Queen and whose top educational institutions are missionary schools like La Salle and Sacred Heart, a city whose eight bazaars are still a feeble sketch of Union Jack, has become one of the most fanatic and intolerant city….perhaps there will be a time when this city will not like to be known by its famous stalwarts like Bhagat Singh.

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