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Water Dispute Increases India-Pakistan Tension

The article from today’s New York Times highlights the water problem that will increasingly take center stage as populations in Pakistan and India grow in the coming years. For the first sixty years, we have lived under the shadow of the Kashmir dispute which to this day is unresolved. Hopefully water problem will not grow into another problem between the two nations over the next few decades.

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The state of our affairs

Salma Batool has sent this exclusive post for PTH. Readers’ comments will be appreciated.

I recently came across a news report on a TV channel showing members of national assembly. The report revealed that the members took more care of their wardrobe and accessories before coming to the assembly than preparation for the session itself. It was shocking and appalling to see these MNAs and MPs openly and shamelessly brag on about how much money their dresses cost which they wore during the assembly sessions. There were others who informed the public proudly that whenever they go abroad they are on a look out for the latest accessories. It is indeed sad that we voted for such pathetic representatives. The amount spent frivolously by them can easily provide the basic necessities to a poor, ordinary man and his family in Pakistan. The ordinary man in Pakistan is struggling for basic needs yet our leaders do not care. Our leaders are too busy in blaming each other or past governments for the economic, social and political downfall of the country.

Then there is excessive load-shedding, scarce clean water, inflation and corruption. There is no day that really ends on a happy note in Pakistan. Day in and day out, we see sectarian violence, endless target killings in Karachi, hate campaigns against minorities, poor families committing suicide, deplorable government officials with fake degrees and our Justices’ failure in taking notice of really critical incidents who might instead be busy putting ban on websites. Continue reading


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US opposes Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline

By Sarath Kumara

9 July 2010

Despite opposition from the US, Pakistan signed an agreement with Iran on June 13 to go ahead with a $US7.6 billion gas pipeline between the two countries that will provide a desperately-needed supply of energy to Pakistan from 2014. The deal cuts across Washington’s efforts to isolate Iran economically through UN Security Council sanctions and its own unilateral penalties against Tehran’s nuclear programs.

The agreement signed between the Iranian Gas Export Company and the Pakistan Inter State Gas Limited will provide 21.5 million cubic metres of gas daily to Pakistan. The pipeline will run from Iran’s large South Pars gas field. Islamabad will carry out a feasibility study over the next year for its section of the pipeline before beginning construction. Continue reading


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Multiple Identities II

By Yasser Latif Hamdani
Part III of Ishtiaq Ahmed’s article, reproduced on PTH website, has considerably clarified his position on many issues. 
While he is on the money on the issue of exclusive nationalism,   especially when such an idea is adopted by a state to the disadvantage of those who are not from that group,  he fails to see that nationalism, inclusive or exclusive, is ultimately the ideology of the other.  For example the difference all but disappears between the inclusive and exclusive variety when both nationalisms try to over-ride diversity and differences.   Continue reading


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