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Punjab: Anjuman Muzareen Punjab in Okara for land ownership rights

PTH received this report on a mometous protest in the province. Often such neglected, localised movements are ignored by the media. We wish to share with our readers that the Pakistanis are struggling for their rights and more voice and coverage needs to be given to such heroic undertakings. Raza Rumi

On Tuesday 20 July, 2010 Anjuman Muzareen Punjab (AMP) (a movement of landless peasants) arranged a big rally in Okara District with thousand of women, children and men.Their target was to protest in front of the D.C.O office Okara, demanding their land ownership rights. They were carrying clubs, banners, and red-flags.

Peasants women and men came from different villages with their little children. Many young boys came with their motor bikes. They hang red flags on their bikes.Muzareen from differnt units join this huge rally. They came by tartor trayalls, vans,buses and rikshaws. Muzareen were raising slogans Ownership or Death. They were chanting slogan of Peasants rights. Continue reading


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