Freedom of Religion and Religious Minorities in Pakistan

We are posting this well-researched paper by Tayyab Mahmud for the readers here. Hope the debate here gets informed and enriched as a result of this brilliant exposition. Raza Rumi

The full paper can be read by clicking on the title: Freedom of Religion and Religious Minorities in Pakistan


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2 responses to “Freedom of Religion and Religious Minorities in Pakistan

  1. Ammar

    Religion is not moderate or extremist; it’s neither mild nor cold. It is an individual which uses religion for extremist ideals, so religion is being manipulated by zealots. Take Blasphemy laws for instance the Prophet (P.B.U.H) faced harsh critique and maligned campaigns but he did not resort to violence. If we take separate religion from politics I believe many problems can be solved.

  2. Rashid Saleem

    No religion in this world would promote hatred and aggression. It is the followers who do that. For example Islam has always asked the followers to be nice and gentle with the people from other faith but it is our Mullah clergy who in their utter nonsense ignite people’s emotions towards it.