His call came as he knelt in prayer (May 28th, 2010)

Bint e Mahmood has sent this moving elegy for those who died in Lahore on May 28, 2010. PTH is attempting to provide space to many members of the maligned community – a place that bigotry has squeezed and appropriated.

His call came as he knelt in Prayer

Just an hour ago he had looked and smiled
at his young bride, at his newborn child
taking leave from his aging mother, one last time
he had wished them all goodbye before heading outside

His call came as he knelt in Prayer

Grenades exploded, bullets sprayed,
all this as our brothers prayed
blood, gore, carnage everywhere
yet not a single word of despair

His call came as he knelt in Prayer

The attack so sudden, devastating terror
the calm, the bravery fuelled with prayers
the resilience, the fortitude, the courage
these tales I’m sure will be told for years

His call came as he knelt in Prayer

He called his father, his mother, his wife
I’m hurt he said, I may not survive.
The phone is ringing no one answers…
Oh Allah, oh Lord please, please keep him alive!

His call came as he knelt in Prayer

Brethren seven seas away
pray as they watch in utter dismay
Their fervent midnight cries and woes
for God Almighty to punish the foes

His call came as he knelt in Prayer

Shoes all around, lying unclaimed
The house of Allah is blood stained
The shattered walls tell amazing stories
of unblemished wills and future glories

His call came as he knelt in Prayer

This is my son, I know his hand
said the mother, barely able to stand
From mine to Allah’s lap he goes
Have you ever heard of courage so grand?

His call came as he knelt in Prayer

The only brother of sisters three
the father who fought to keep the nation free
the judge, the general, the doctor was he
taken in a wicked killing spree

His call came as he knelt in Prayer

The wrinkled face smiled
as the well wishers filed
The young widow so composed
as she caressed her unborn child

His call came as he knelt in prayer

The mother weeps, the baby sleeps
the sister sighs, the wife wipes the corners of her eyes
the supplication, the tears, the heart-wrenching prayers
reserved only for the Lord of the earth and the skies

His call came as he knelt in Prayer

Farewell, farewell, our martyrs farewell!
You knelt before Him and in His name you fell
In the Gardens of Heaven you shall dwell
Paradise awaits, for you have served Him well

His call came as he knelt in Prayer



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19 responses to “His call came as he knelt in prayer (May 28th, 2010)

  1. nasira

    This poem has captured the essence of such a tragic day. The bravery, the grief, the humiltiy and the sense of pride is evident. Their conduct has awakened and reminded those left behind of their duties. May Allah bless all the martyrs and give patience and steadfastness to their families.

  2. Farhat

    Very moving poem. May Allah bless the martyres. I implore only as a human being to my fellow human beings.. When did we stoop so low that we are killing people in worship. Mosques are sanctuaries and the houses of God. Any place of worship is sacred and a place of peace and tranquility. When did they become killing fields? Where are humans headed? Please wake up .. If a place of worship is not safe and sacred, then there is no place left that is. The next time that you kneal down to pray think about those who on that fateful day also knelt to pray like you, but could not get back up….

  3. d-tox..ed

    Jazakallah..very touching


    Thanks for this moving poem. May Allah accept the sacrifice of all the martyrs, grant patience to their bereaved families and the members of the community, grant speedy recovery to the wounded. May Allah grant wisdom and sense of responsibility to those who are resonsible for running the affairs of our country. May Allah bless all those who have shown sympathy with the victims of these attacks, despite their difference of opinion in matters of Faith. May Allah grant those who are behind these heinous killings insight and remorse, and guide them to His true path. May Allah make this world safe, secure and free from all injustices, attrocities and brutalities. Ameen

  5. emrun

    No words.

  6. Ibn-e-Maryam

    Excellent expression. Thanks very much. One of my very very dear friend also lost his life in Model Town on 28th May 2010.

  7. S.A

    Jazakallah! A very touching poem. May Allah bless all the martyrs and accepts their sacrifice and give their families the strength to bear their loss. Amen. May Allah guide everyone to the right path Inshallah.

  8. Bin Ismail

    Hussain’s call too came as he knelt in prayer. The martyrs live on.

  9. Farhat

    Just watching TV .. another attack in Lahore! Data Darbar .. Another place of worship!!! Will this ever end!

  10. Farhana Pasha

    Dear Bint e Mahmood:

    Thank you for the immaculate depiction of what the community endured on the 28th May. Even in the world wars, the places of worship and hospitals were spared. These lowly beings have stooped lowest of the low. The history has never witnessed such horrific brutalities.

    Yesterday, when these attacks were on our mosques, the masses of Pakistan generally exhibited an apathetic response because according to them, probably we deserved it. But will these heinous killings stop here? Are the Non-Ahmadi safe in Pakistan? If the people of Pakistan do not speak up against these injustices, these terrorists will never stop.

    Today, again, thirty five (at this time) people were killed and numerous were injured in twin attack inside Data Darbar. As Farhat said,”Please wake up”. And speak up too ! May Allah rest the souls of all the Martyrs in peace and give those left behind, patience and courage to endure this ordeal.

  11. Bin Ismail

    @Farhat (July 2, 2010 at 12:15 am)

    “…..Will this ever end…..”

    This will end when the curse of mullaism ends.

  12. @Bin Ismail

    that is only half the diagnosis/truth. the other half of the problem are those who sponsored mullahs. those who gave them power through the letter of the law and, as if that was not disastrous enough, armed them. was it really some miracle that rescued maudoodi from the hangman’s noose? what was al badar? who sponsored hikmatyar? taliban?

    after the role in the events that caused the destruction of sheikh-ul-alam’s shrine in charar sharif, today’s massacre at faiz e alam’s shrine was only a matter of time. sooner or later, data ki nagri was bound to become dahshat ka nagar.

  13. Sarah

    A very moving poem that takes one back to that day and that moment when all Ahmadies lost their ‘family’ members . May Allah exhalt the status of the martyrs and grant strength to their families !

  14. Bint e Mahmood

    @ emrun:

  15. Bin Ismail

    @ bciv (July 2, 2010 at 1:59 am)

    “…..was it really some miracle that rescued maudoodi from the hangman’s noose? what was al badar? who sponsored hikmatyar? taliban?…..”

    Pertinent questions. Here are some more questions:

    1. Who predicted that Pakistan would actually emerge as a “Paleedistan” and remains committed to the fulfillment of this prediction?

    2. Who believes and preaches the demolition of mausoleums to the extent of applying force, where preaching fails?

    3. Who claims that sufis are heretics and that saints are a detraction of the Shariah?

    4. Who receives an endless supply of riyals, in Pakistan?

  16. Farhat

    Interesting piece of news related to the 28th may attacks.. seems like these terrorists had more plans:


  17. nasir jan


  18. Bint e Mahmood,

    Very well written and a moving description of individual sentiments.