Examining the causes of Ahmadi Massacre in Lahore:

Anwer Khan

A spectator – ten thousand miles away

Why did this massacre of Ahmedis take place on May 28, 2010? The media and Pakistani officials allege it was a random Al-Qaeda or Pakistani Taliban attack, having no connection to the Ahmadiyya faith.

In fact, after all the attack at one mosque was completed, the perpetrators raised the slogan ‘Khatme Nubuwat Zindabad’.  Had it been a Sunni mosque or Shiite Imam Barra, this gesture would not naturally ensue from their mouths. Raising a specific controversial slogan as the sign of jubilation on the job well done reflect on the motives of the attackers.

Secondly, terrorists sent text messages to the media informing them that some mishap is about to happen with location demarcated.  It is no surprise, then, that the media arrived before the incidence and saw the entire episode while the police joined them nearly one hour after the attack had begun.

Fourthly, the very next day a mullah gave a sermon declaring ahmedis “ wajibul qatal (worthy of being killed). The following morning, those words motivated a person to murder an elderly ahmedi in his bed and attacked his son as well.

Fifthly, following the May 28th massacre 13 religious leaders presided over a conference and collectively declared Ahmedis to be “Wajibul Qatal”. They further declared the massacre an Ahmadiyya conspiracy in hopes of repealing Pakistan’s anti-Ahmadiyya laws.

Sixthly, the mullahs issued an ultimatum to Nawaz Sharif with all the possible threats because he referred to Ahmadis as “brothers and sisters”.

To its credit, The Pakistan Assembly demonstrated a concern over the incidence. True concern, however requires a study of the root cause of these hate crimes – in particular the legislation of 1974 and 1984.

These are just my humble observations from 10,000 miles away  as a spectator through the electronic and print media and may be taken as food for thought.



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5 responses to “Examining the causes of Ahmadi Massacre in Lahore:

  1. Sher Zaman

    It is a fact that the true reasons for the death of 90 Ahmedis in that sad incident is all due to the declaration in the constitution, which made them Non Muslims and later the hate grew to such levels where they were pronounced “Wajib-ul-Qatal”.

  2. Rashid Saleem

    The ‘Lahore massacre’ was a sad representation of our twisted extremist ideologies. The incident was a sad one but what was even sad was the after-math of it. How the Mullah’s accused a political leader because he uttered some kind words for the affected. The Mullah’s I believe defaming Islam by acting as jerks.

  3. Ammar

    It is ironic on how we blame everything on the state, was there a public outrage in the aftermath of attacks on Ahmedi’s? The condemnations were muted and half-hearted. While the state may not have acted responsibly the citizens are equally responsible for not speaking up against the blatant discrimination which makes these attack all the more horrific.

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