Jamaat-e-Islami’s Sordid Reality

This then is the reality of Jamaat-e-Islami.   Translated: 

1.  Professor Ghafoor Ahmed and Mian Muhammad Tufail said they did not pray Jinnah’s funeral prayer nor did Maulana Maududi. 

2.  Maulana Maududi did not accept Jinnah as Quaid-e-Azam (“Great Leader”) because Maulana Maududi himself was “Quaid”.

3.  Jamaat-e-Islami gave a better “Two Nation Theory” than Muslim League.

 This matters because Jamaat-e-Islami abuses Sir Zafrulla for not praying behind Shabbir Ahmed Usmani (who considered Ahmadis kafir) in the sunni funeral for Shia Jinnah.

What a slap on the face of all liars, crooks, cranks and madmen that belong to Jamaat-e-Islami.

The other item btw says that there is no room for democracy in Islam.  Contrast this to Jinnah’s “Islam and its idealism have taught us democracy”.      The person who made the statement in this instance was Rafiq Ahmed Bajwa,  the crook of Pakistan National Alliance a party consisting of all Mullah parties and … get this…  Awami National Party of Wali Khan.

Well done.


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29 responses to “Jamaat-e-Islami’s Sordid Reality

  1. Jamal

    More pearls of wisdom from Jamaat Ghair-Islami/Maududi;

  2. No wonder Jamaat -e- Shaitani is the cause for so many of our ills today.

    All hand aboard to exterminate them!

    Just my 2 cents!

  3. Syed

    The point is not that someone prays or does not pray behind an imam of another sect for a deceased. This is a fiqahi issue. I don’t think there a religious or moral issue even when Sunnis, Ahmadis or Shias do not offer Janaza prayer for someone outside of their specific maslaq. Sir Zafrulla and M. A. Jinnah were close companions and not offering his funeral prayer does not constitute an ethical offense on part of Sir Zafrulla and for that matter not even for these Modoudis.

    The actual issue is rather the hypocrisy of Jamaat-i-Islami for condemning Sir Zafrulla for not doing the Janaza prayer – an act which also did not perform. Furthermore, the Modoudis use this issue to further polarize society and to sow misinformation regarding Ahmadis within the wider public which is their second sin.

  4. Syed

    Offering prayers behind or for some deceased not belonging to your maslaq is a theological issue and it is highly desirable to have a common religious ground. Sunnis, Shias and Ahmadis are all free to offer their prayers behind anyone they choose. What is not acceptable is for them to forsake social bonds with fellow humans or to forget about commiserating in such events. Even Prophet (sw) stood up in respect at the funeral procession of a Jew although he did not pray for him. Can you imagine our religious parties showing even this decency for members of other faiths?

  5. nasir jan

    Pakistan or Mullahstan? – jamaat islami are the enemies of Pakistan – they spread hate and violence. Their doctrine is full of bullshit – they send their kids to the west to get an education while calling the west the great satan. Their grandmother and lover Mr Zia ul Haq (prostitute of the Pakistani army) banned teaching in english but sent his daughter to the US to be taught in English.

  6. nasir jan

    jamaat islami are the enemies of Pakistan – they spread hate and violence. Their doctrine is full of bullshit – they send their kids to the west to get an education while calling the west the great satan. Their grandmother and lover Mr Zia ul Haq (prostitute of the Pakistani army) banned teaching in english but sent his daughter to the US to be taught in English. Pakistan or Mullahstan? – you decide

  7. Jamal

    My comment with a relevant link stil in moderation.

  8. Straight Shooter


    Did Mian Tufail and Prof. Ghafoor NOT offer Janazah (funeral) prayer of Quaid-I-Azam because he did not believe that there could be NO new prophet after Holy Prophet Muhammad pbuh, or because of political differences/ opposition??

    In a private sitting Mian Tufail, leader of Jamaat-I-Islami said to an elder of Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement: We consider you [Lahori-Ahmadis] a Muslim. Calling Lahori-Ahmadis as non-Muslim along with Qadiani-Ahmadis is ALL POLITICS!!

    I would say, people like Mian Tufail have NO ethical values. They say one thing in private and another in public.

  9. Tilsim

    Another party/ religious grouping who’s leadership proved that it was possible for religion and ethics to exist independently of each other.

  10. Bin Ismail

    @Straight Shooter (June 25, 2010 at 3:18 am)

    Wow. It must have been a great feeling to receive a “Certificate of Islam” from Mian Tufail “in private” – the certificate that will carry you through to Paradise on the Day of Jugdement. Mubarak ho. Mubarak ho.

  11. OMLK

    @Bin Ismail

    Now lets be fair here. Straight Shooter call Main Tufail as having “no Ethical values” and basically calls him a hypocrite. It’s a big stretch to say that he would be pleased at getting a “certificate to paradise” from the same person!

  12. Raza

    Jamat islami has always been a reactionary force and now it is trying to present itself “loyal” to pakistan after actually opposing its creation

  13. Straight Shooter

    Dear OMLK:
    People from Qadiani-jamaat are used to getting “certificate to paradise” from their Qadiani Khalifas, as long as they keep paying them Chanda and Nazrana!
    After all they are brainwashed by lofty promises: followers of “Real-Islam”; Allah’s chosen jamaat etc.

  14. Bin Ismail

    @ Straight Shooter (June 25, 2010 at 1:35 pm)

    What I had mentioned was a “certificate of Islam” – not “certificate to paradise”. For your information, during the course of the current discussion, the term “certificate to paradise” was first introduced by OMLK. You may like to go back and verify, but what I had said was:

    “…Wow. It must have been a great feeling to receive a “Certificate of Islam” from Mian Tufail “in private” – the certificate that will carry you through to Paradise on the Day of Jugdement. Mubarak ho. Mubarak ho…”

    It appears that you judged Mian Tufail to have “no ethical values” because he extended this charity to you “in private”, something you would have wanted to receive “in public”. In any case, congratulations for receiving this “certificate of Islam” from Mian Tufail “in private”, and sympathies for not being able to receive it “in public”.

    Ahmadis, I assure you, are very clear about judgements of the hereafter. Ahmadis believe that Allah alone is “Maalik-e yaum- id deen”, and He alone will decide who enters Paradise and who doesn’t.

  15. Jamal

    More pearls of wisdom from Jamaat Ghair-Islami and Mududi;

  16. OMLK

    @Bin Ismail

    My mistake. Technical as it was, as you did link this so called “certificate” to entry into pardise, please do accept my apologies and replace paradise with Islam in my post. My point still stands.

    To stretch Straight Shooter’s point to imply that any Ahamdi would seek “approval” from JI, a party bitterly opposed to us, is a bit presumptious. I think, and only straight shooter can verify this, that his post was to demonstrate that the matter was as much political as it was theological. And this I tend to agree with, as I don’t think ZAB had the glory of Islam in mind when giving into the Mullahs. And the JI is essentially a political animal that is hypocritical and and will do anything for politics.

    Seems to me that straight shooter will take any opportunity to trash the Qadiani Ahmadis, while some poster have taken that as an ooportunity to promote myths about the Lahori Ahamdis.

    Note to straight shooter: No need to repeat yourself over and over again. Even if you had a valid point, rubbing it in so vigorously has totally destroyed it.

  17. Bin Ismail


    The technical aspect of your comment was a secondary issue. If Straight Shooter’s statement (June 25, 2010 at 3:18 am) was to be judged on its extrinsic value, there are clearly two things that make him unhappy:

    a) the fact that Mian Tufail did him the dishonour of bracketing him “along with Qadiani-Ahmadis”. [ref:”..Calling Lahori-Ahmadis as non-Muslim along with Qadiani-Ahmadis is ALL POLITICS!!”

    b) the fact that Mian Tufail did not recognize the Lahori Ahmadis as Muslims in public. [ref:”..They say one thing in private and another in public..”

    Thank you for your courtesy.

  18. OMLK

    @Bin Ismail

    I would like to very respectfully suggest that the conclusion reached by you is, t0 atleast some extent, based on the intrinsic value of Straight Shooter’ statement. I am only refering to you concluding that straight shooter would have been pleased at getting a Muslim certificate from a religio-political Mullah (publicly or privately). As an Ahmadi, I don’t think it would be the case for me; and I suspect the same for straight shooter.

    Now, the statement of SS/RJ/chacha of KJ can be further “technically” analysed to see at which point was he expressing his unhappiness and which point was he only trying to illustrate a particular issue…but would not that be a huge waste of time!

  19. Shamsa Kanwal

    Barely three weeks after the massacre of more than a 100 Ahmedis at the hands of our ‘glorious Taliban warriors’, the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Syed Munawar Hussain once again prepares to stoke the fires of sectarian and religious hatred by threatening another ‘Khatm-e-Nabuwat ( S.W)’ movement against the Ahmedis. These very same mullahs create a huge fuss over all forms of perceived discrimination against Muslims in non-Muslim countries, whether it is about hijaab, minarets, corporal punishment, gender segregation or any other ‘Muslim’ issue, but they quickly turn a blind eye to their own nation doing far worse. If Mr Munawar thinks that terming the attackers “enemies of Islam” will absolve him and his party from complicity in this massacre, he must be delusional. These attacks are merely the violent expression of the very same hatred that his party has consistently promoted. This new phase of the Khatm-e-Nabuwat(S.W) movement will only stoke the fires of religiously motivated hatred and violence and will certainly be a direct cause of the next round of extra-judicial killings, assassinations and massacres.

  20. OMLK

    According to a news item a deelgation from the Khatm-e-Nubuwwat met the Pakistani Ambassador in London to discuss concerns regarding the Qadianis. Apparently the amabssador informed the delegation that they should not worry as the Ahmadis will be dealt strictly as per the constitution of Pakistan!!!!

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  22. Muslim

    Dears Salam.
    I am not here to defend someone or to criticise others.
    Just go through your comments and and analise them. They are personal agaisnt Mian Tufail and the other.
    Rather go through the literature of Maulana Maududi. it is better to read the moto of a group then to hear some individual.
    I never criticize person rather i criticize ideologies. Can you people point out any mistake withe the idiology of Jumat i Islami.
    Today Jumat i Islami is spread all over India, Pakistan, Bangladesh apart from the rest of the world.

  23. majid raza

    The jihadi books of jamat islami are full of lies to know more about it do visit the link.


    Jamat Islami is the most patriotic organization of pakistan. Any so called and negative as well as baseless propaganda shall die itself. Insha allah

  25. @Muslim

    Just go through your comments and and analise them.

    Notwithstanding a long and eventful life, jaded though I am, this is a new one for me.

    However, in the unlikely event that I were you, I would check that the other is a consenting adult. You are, of course, free to ignore the advice.

  26. @YLH

    I am much misunderstood. :’-(

    I was just trying to HELP the poor guy.

    He sounds like he needs all kinds of help, anyway. 😛

  27. Ye Naam Nihaad Islam Pasand Tanzeem K Ghunday Thaa !!!!!!!!!
    Jamati Thaa !!!!!!!!
    Ye Qazi Thaa !!!!!!!!
    Ye Mannu Thaa !!!!!!!!
    Ghafoora Thaa !!!!!!!!
    Munafiq Thaa !!!!!!!!
    Nahoosat Thaa !!!!!!!!
    Manhoosat Thaa !!!!!!!!

  28. Khalid

    The Jamaat-e-Islami exploited the desire of the Muslims to revive the Caliphate. However, a criminal mercenary outfit such as the Jamaat-e-Islami has no business promising something it is neither chartered for, nor is capable of delivering. Once Pakistan is peaceful and prosperous, its citizens can then decide if they just want to mind their own business or if they wished to play Caliphate-Caliphate, Today is not the time to incite a poor nation toward unachievable goals, especially when that indictment comes from criminal outfits such as Jamaat-e-Islami and other equally hypocritical elements that are abusing Islamic terminology for their nefarious designs. These elements have been warned in verse 2:41 of the Quran. The menace of Jamaat-e-Islami has been successfully countered by the Pakistan Peoples party thus far. It is high time that the societal cancer of the Jamaat-e-Islami is eliminated from Pakistan forever to create a peaceful and prosperous nation.