Nawaz Sharif Shows Spine, Terms Ahmadis “brethren” and “asset for Pakistan”


In a remarkable turn around,  Nawaz League chief Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif described Ahmadi Muslims as his “brethren” and an “asset for Pakistan”.   Thank God Mian sb that you have woken up.  But this is not enough.  You must join with the PPP and other forces to repeal the horrendous and horrible 2nd Amendment!

Nawaz seeks Govt focus on inflation, employment
Bureau Report

LAHORE—Pakistan Muslim League (PMLN) Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif has said that the government should focus to hiking of prices and unemployment. Talking to media persons here on Saturday, Nawaz Sharif said that people of the country were facing massive problems like prices hike and unemployment and urged the government to take comprehensive steps for enhancing investments in the country for providing relives to the people.
“Today people are recalling steps PMLN government took to increase investment in the country,” he said adding that people were benefited through theses investments. He said the government should give special attention to price hike and unemployment in the country, which he said were the root cause of most of the problems faced by the countrymen.
The PMLN chief said that it was nations which fight terrorism, and not the governments, and urged the masses to forge unity among their ranks to fight the menace of terrorism as well as to resolve their problems. “Terrorists have no religion and no limits. They can attack anyone anywhere,” he said and condemned the attack at Qadyanis’ worship places in Lahore. Mian Nawaz Sharif said the minorities were also part of this nation and an asset to the country and added that it was the responsibly of the government to provide protection to everyone.
PML-N Chief Mian Nawaz Sharif said that nations have to struggle against terrorism adding that governments alone cannot eliminate the menace of terrorism and extremism. Talking to media on Saturday, he said that Nation should get united to eliminate the menace of terrorism from the country as the government alone cannot do anything concrete against the increasing terrorism incidents in the country.
He also termed terrorists attack at the worship places of Ahmadis in model town and Ghari Shahu condemnable adding that Ahmadis are our brethren and asset for the country. He also informed that the elements involved in firing at Ahmadis worship places have been arrested and law enforcement agencies have been carrying out investigations with them.

Tehreek-e-Khatme-Nabuwat has meanwhile warned Nawaz Sharif against making such statements  if he still wants to stay popular with his voters.



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  1. Moosa

    We put our trust in Allah (swt), we have faith in Him alone. We do not seek assistance or support from Nawaz Sharif or any other politician. Our progress is decided in Heaven, and these people of the world cannot hinder or help even one step of our progress. This is something that people of Pakistan do not understand, that why did we not turn to violence or pay bribes to Pakistani politicians. It is because we know that Heaven is our master.

  2. Anwar

    Like other politicians, he too is a walking chameleon… a big one!

  3. Moosa

    It is sad that any person thinks Nawaz Sharif “shows spine”. Nawaz Sharif has simply made a political calculation, perhaps he is being influenced by foreign governments or human rights organizations or domestic public opinion. But he is not a man of principle, he is always calculating what will win power for himself.

  4. Ahsan Ahmad

    Pakistan politician please wake up! Pakistan is not a country of extremism, It was established as a country where everyone can practice their faith and belief than who have given our politicians, Mullah’s the power to declare a peace loving community to be excluded from the Ummah of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. Who are you to say that Ahmadies are not Muslims? Please let us change our mentality and give every citizen equal right to live and practice their faith. Please join me to immediately urge our Government to repeal 1974 laws which declared Ahmadies as Non Muslims, it is because of this state backing our extremist Mullah’s take the advantage to cause such discrimination ,hatred and encourage young generation to attack peace loving Ahmadi Muslims. Lets wake up and condem these extremist Mullah’s who preach hatred against Ahmadies and make our country a country which Qaid-e-Azam wanted Pakistan to be.

  5. An Ahmadi Muslim

    Allah(SWT) knows best the intention of Mr. Nawaz Shareef. It would be a positive steps towards restoring basic human rights.

    The position of most Ahmadi Muslims is that we raise our hands towards Allah for His help, mercy, and protection from all evil.

    The likes of Abu Lahab and Abu Jahal seem to forget that it is truth that shall prevail, ishaAllah. This is the sunnah Allah (SWT). And Allah(SWT) keeps His promise. We have complete faith on His protection and guidance. Hamain to Allah (SWT) dargurah farmay gaa, ishaAllah .. tum zaalim ‘khudaaun’ ko kaun muaaf karay gaa ??

    “Tum apnay paas hee rakkho yae faislay apnay, hamain yaqeen hai ooppar bhee ek adaalat hai
    Ussi ke faisalya hee chaltae hain aur chalnay hain, azzal sae lauh pay likkhi huee ebbarat hai”

  6. takhalus

    NA condemns killing of Ahmadis
    By Raja Asghar
    Friday, 04 Jun, 2010
    font-size small font-size largefont-sizeprint email share
    Stating that “Islam does not permit attacks on minorities but instead seeks to protect all human life as sacred”, the resolution called for a thorough investigation and bringing militants who carried out the attacks to justice.-APP Photo
    Govt aims for 4 per cent deficit in 2010/11 budget
    Govt aims for 4 per cent deficit in 2010/11 budget
    ISLAMABAD: It was after an apparent hesitation and a bold initiative by some women that the National Assembly on Thursday unanimously condemned Friday’s “barbaric massacre” of Ahmadis in Lahore.

    It initially appeared that the brutal gun attacks on two places of worship, which killed about 90 people and wounded 105 others, would find no mention on the opening day of the lower house’s budget session as had happened in the Senate a bit earlier, for fear of possible ire of hardline Anti-Ahmadi religious groups.

    But PPP’s former information minister Sherry Rehman would not let it go like that and called for an immediate attention to her two adjournment motions on the most deadly attack on the Ahmadi community and the Israeli commando attack on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla on Monday after Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Malik Amad Khan informed the house of Pakistan’s diplomatic moves against the Israeli action.

    Immediate support for her move came from three more women members — ANP’s Bushra Rehman, MQM’s Khushbakht Shujaat and PPP’s Farah Naz Ispahani — while some men from both the treasury and opposition benches also jumped into the discussion before agreed resolutions on the two issues were drafted and adopted unanimously as substitutes for the adjournment motions.

    One of them, moved by Ms Rehman, called the Lahore carnage “barbaric massacre” and a “coordinated act of terrorism” that it said represented a “serious challenge to the writ of the Constitution in Pakistan”.

    Stating that “Islam does not permit attacks on minorities but instead seeks to protect all human life as sacred”, the resolution called for a thorough investigation and bringing militants who carried out the attacks to justice.

  7. An Ahmadi Muslim

    .. it is the truth that shall prevail ..
    … this is the sunnah of Allah(SWT) ..

  8. emrun

    Ahmadis have not forgotten that Rabwah was renamed in the era of Nawaz Shrif, when he was well on the way to be ‘Ameerul Momineen’.
    His ‘momineen’ are not going to let him show his spine anyways

  9. yasserlatifhamdani


    There are many other problems with nawaz sharif … He installed as president Rafiq Tarrar …a third rate asshole who proudly claimed to be the follower of a son of bitch called Ataullah Shah Bukhari… Amongst Bukhari’s greatest achievements
    1. Laying the foundation of anti-Ahmadi movement.
    2. Coining the term “Kafir e Azam” for Jinnah.
    3. Licking Gandhi’s arse.

    Read my article in the Friday Times.

  10. Majumdar

    Yasser Pai,

    So what was the worse misdeed- calling Jinnah a kaffir-e-Azam or licking the Mahatma’s Gandhijee.


    PS: You got my B-day message

  11. Bin Ismail

    “Terms Ahmadis brethren”. Riminds me of Ghalib’s couplet:

    “Kee mairay qatl kay baad, uss nay jafa say tauba
    Haa’i uss zood pashaiman ka pashaiman hona”

    Translation: After slaying me, he showed penitence. Alas, the swift onset of his remorse.

  12. yasserlatifhamdani

    Good. I didn’t say that it isn’t. I was asking you to leave …but I agree with you.

    This is from actual recorded history:

    “Wavell to Gandhi and Nehru: Stop this blackmail … Stop talking like lawyers and politicians.

    Nehru/Gandhi together: but that is all what we are.”

    This discussion happened precisely like this. The discussion was vis a vis Para 15 of the Cabinet Mission Plan. Even as a lawyer you have to be rather an imaginative liar to ascribe the meaning that Gandhi and Nehru were ascribing to it … It ended in partition.

    Now be off because I will delete your posts if you don’t.

  13. D_a_n

    Apt name this…..B.J! 🙂

  14. Israr

    @Sardar Khan
    I doubt your judgement.

  15. Bin Ismail

    @ Sardar Khan

    It appears you did not read the first comment on this thread by Moosa (June 6, 2010 at 12:54 am), or perhaps chose to ignore it because it reflected rather positively on Ahmadi thinking. He says:

    “We put our trust in Allah (swt), we have faith in Him alone. We do not seek assistance or support from Nawaz Sharif or any other politician.”

    I hope you’ve been able to spot the inconvenient signs of Ahmadis’ trust in Allah.

  16. Tauheed

    YLK: 40 years ago I stood helplessly in Broome Hostel of KEMC as Jamaatiya “students” burnt the notebooks and clothes of Ahmedi students. Last week I watched helplessly from far away as Jamaatiya “taliban” killed innocent people in Lahore. There is a special place in hell reserved not just for these “students” (or “taliban”) as there is for every Pakistani who looks the other way and pretends that this murder of innocent people – and intimidation of a community of people – is OK. (And for the benefit of any of these bound-to-hell Pakistanis who may be reading this – I am a sunni muslim. And I hope Allah gives you the full punishment that you deserve).

  17. Hayyer

    Bin Ismail:

    “Kee mairay qatl kay baad, uss nay jafa say tauba
    Haa’i uss zood pashaiman ka pashaiman hona”

    Translation: After slaying me, he showed penitence. Alas, the swift onset of his remorse.

    I think the second line should actually go

    Alas, the penitence of those that are quickly penitent

  18. Amaar

    @Sardar Khan

    On Youtube we can see clips where instead of cursing their murderers, the wounded Ahmadis were reciting Darood and Kalima as they lay dying. We saw the example of Bilal (ra) through their last acts.

    On top of that no Ahmadi has taken to streets or burned tyres or fired guns in anger. The religious parties would raise hell if something like this happened to them. Even now fatwas and death threats are being given against Ahmadis by Mullahs.

    But this does not mean that they cannot raise their voice in a dignified manner against these atrocities. Even Sahaba of Rasool (sw) answered their persecutors through poem and oratory.

  19. Amaar


    All true Muslims and true Pakistanis appreciate your moral outrage.

  20. Bin Ismail

    @Hayyer (June 6, 2010 at 9:39 pm)

    Better. Much better. I too was not very happy with the translation of the second line.


  21. Bin Ismail

    @ Hayyer

    While we were busy yesterday, discussing the translation of the second line of this couplet of Ghalib, a group of ulama of Deobandi background, in Punjab have, in the strongest terms, condemned the statement of Nawaz Sharif, in which he termed Ahhmadis as “brethren”. The ulama feel that Nawaz’s penitence was grossly misdirected, and have demanded that he should now pronounce another “tauba” for calling Ahmadis “brethren”.

    This new situation of “tauba-following-tauba”, reminds me of another couplet:

    “Jaam hai tauba shikan, tauba meri jaam shikan.
    Saamney dhair hai tootay huwaiy paimanon ka”

    Translation: The goblet shattered my penitence and my penitence shattered the goblet. Before me, now lies a heap of broken promises and broken goblets.

    Interesting pun, by the way. “Paimanon” is the plural of “paiman” meaning promise, as well as of “paimana” meaning goblet.

    Let’s see who shows spine now.

  22. Zulfiqar Haider

    This tie has already cost us a lot of damage; it is important for the provincial government of Punjab to understand the gravity of the situation and stand for the majority instead of securing their vote bank.

  23. Naeem Bajwa

    If Nawaz shows spine, he is going to loose distant right vote, but if he ends up taking the course of apeasement he will become long term.
    Let us see how myopic he is, or how bold and visionary he is.

  24. Yasir Qadeer

    Minorities are as much part of Pakistan as we are. We should not discriminate against them. Statements like these from a renowned political figure are healthy can turn the opinion of the masses in the right direction.

  25. An Ahmadi Muslim

    It not a question of standing for the majority or a minority. The character of a nation is determined by whether or not it stands for the principles of humanity. We are talking about the very fundamental principles of a civil society.

    The track record of the majority ‘momeneen’ shows that they will break Mr. Nawaz Shareef’s spine. After all, they are the self-appointed thekedaars of tahhfuz of Katam-e-Nabuaat, nauzubillah.

    The losers do not understand that the Holy Rasul Allah, Mohammad Mustafa SAW, Khatum-e-nabeeun, Rahmatul-lil-Allaimeen does not need the blood thirsty murderers to protect his place in humanity that was granted to him by Allah SWT.

  26. OMLK

    On a related note a recent news item says that upto 50 Muslims had to renew thier faith at the hand of a Mullah as they offered prayers for one of the Ahmadis killed in the terror attacks. Offering prayers for the Ahamid not only threw them out of Islam but also invalidated thier “Nikah” or marriage contract. So the 50 persons also had to renew thier Nikah’s. Among those renewing their marriage contracts were some elderly men (I guess they did not want to be living in sin with their wives!).

  27. Sadia Hussain

    The former premier has shown guts at last and extended his support towards the persecuted and marginalized Ahmedi’s of Pakistan. His bold stance will increase his popularity as the masses are fed up from bigoted mullahs who strive to create religious hatred amongst the masses.

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  29. Ali

    The question of tolerance and rational responsiveness has become a life and death matter for the Muslims world over. You know why are we Muslims lagging behind in all the walks of life, why cannot we compete with the infidels and unbelievers? Quran said: You are the best community? (But is it really so now???) Where did we go wrong? What did we miss? Have the Muslims stopped praying in the Mosques? Have all the worship places gone deserted? Has pilgrimage to the Kaba and baithullah now become a story of the past? Don’t Muslim keep fasts? Don’t Muslims grow beards anymore? Etc. etc. etc…

    The apparent structure of Din has been retained intact. Something went wrong inside the minds and hearts of the Muslims during the past one thousand years. There was a time if someone talked of science and logic and criticism in Europe (Spain), people around him suspected him to be a heretic (…a Muslim…)!!!

    In Sura Araf Allah subhana hu wata ala says:
    وَلَقَدْ ذَرَأْنَا لِجَهَنَّمَ كَثِيراً مِّنَ الْجِنِّ وَالإِنسِ لَهُمْ قُلُوبٌ لاَّ يَفْقَهُونَ بِهَا وَلَهُمْ أَعْيُنٌ لاَّ يُبْصِرُونَ بِهَا وَلَهُمْ آذَانٌ لاَّ يَسْمَعُونَ بِهَا أُوْلَـئِكَ كَالأَنْعَامِ بَلْ هُمْ أَضَلُّ أُوْلَـئِكَ هُمُ الْغَافِلُونَ
    (Trans) Many are the Jinns and men we have made for Hell: They have hearts wherewith they understand not, eyes wherewith they see not, and ears wherewith they hear not. They are like cattle,- nay more misguided: for they are heedless (of warning).” (Al Quran 7:179)

    So that is the whole story described in one verse.

    The present condition of the Muslims is exactly a case described above.

    “Dis-use atrophy !!! of intellect, sources of knowledge, critical faculties, high soaring imagination, etc. etc..”

    You see even physically if the nervous system is damaged we get abnormal jerks and strange signs and movements, losing all rhythms, all beauty and regulation of life!! So is the case spiritually sociologically and politically and in all other aspects.

    Loosing all critical faculties, all patience and tolerance. Getting aggressive when the occasions call for modesty and sobriety. Thinking and acting with the spinal cord and discarding all grey matter…

    …….But all this very much suits the enemy of Muslims, this suites the wretched politicians, the dirty mind of the illeterate-mulla, and every one evil, who would like to keep Muslims in this state, and himself sharing this state!!

    The various movements for revival and rejuvenation of Muslims, no names, all resort to such animal instincts and flourish upon such negative and “ immediate Stimulus Response” animal behaviors, whether you call them Taliban or Akhwan, or semi-literate Tablighi Jamaat, or political forms of Islamic movements…all will try to cash upon these animal instinct of the Muslim society. Result zeros multiplying by zerors… NO FRESH CHANGES RATHER MORE DECAY MORE DETERIORATION AND DISORGANIZATION! !! Visible everywhere in our society.

    The paradox is If these leaders of darkness should invite Muslims to intellectual development, rational thinking, the use of brain and eyes and ears and higher critical faculties (as demanded in Sura Araf 7:179); they themselves would get EVAPORATED, BEING WITHOUT ANY SUBSTATIAL TRUTH to support those higher faculties. So “GOOD” and “TRUTH” possesses a negative survival values for our political, religious and social doctors.
    We Muslims are at the GREAT CROSS ROAD TODAY- Follow the ‘mulla’ or the Holy Quran!!

  30. Nusrat Pasha

    @ Ali (June 9, 2010 at 7:37 pm)

    “…..Follow the ‘mulla’ or the Holy Quran!!…..”

    Summed up brilliantly. The mulla and the Quran are two opposite forces, operating in diametrically opposite directions. All those who believe in the Quran will simply have to pick one.

  31. Iftikhar

    First, as a human being, and then as an Ahmadi Muslim, I pray for the well-being of those who hatched the conspiracy for the heinous act of terrorism against my community in Lahore. May Allah give them guidance and put them on the right path to peace. Amen!