No respite in Lahore: Gunmen storm Jinnah Hospital, 12 dead

Just as we thought that the government will proceed with investigations, another act of violence has broken out. Ostensibly to save a terrorist under treatment in Jinnah Hospital. This is madness and utter chaos. When will this stop. People have been taken as hostages and reportedly one terorist is on the rooftop of the Hospital. If this is not a failing state and security appratus then what is it? Raza Rumi

: At least 12 people were killed when armed men stormed the emergency ward of Jinnah Hospital here, Medical Superintendent said Monday.

According to Geo correspondent, two gunmen entered the emergency ward and opened indiscriminate fire, killing eight people, and injuring several others.

According to Geo, three to four guards and attendants are among the dead.

The firing is still underway while police have surrounded the hospital.

It may be reminded here that injured of Garhi Shahu and Model Town attacks were under treatment in the Jinnah Hospital.



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17 responses to “No respite in Lahore: Gunmen storm Jinnah Hospital, 12 dead

  1. I know that some years back an Ahmadi was brutally attacked in Chakwal. He was severely injured and his assailants left him for dead. The injured person was moved to a hospital in Pindi, and these people followed him to the hospital where they were recognized before they could do anything.

    I hope these animals aren’t targetting the injured from the Mosque attacks. Killing their associate or rescuing him doesn’t add up, unless it is not TTP or Punjab Taliban who they are working for.

  2. msheikh

    This is lack of security!!! They should have moved that injured terrorist!! Now they should! and why the hell they told the media where that injured terrorist is!!

    Pak govt need to think more advancely to get those terrorists..Use ur brains ppl!!

  3. a muslim

    I think main target of attackers in Jinnah Hospital is their under treatment injured fellow-terrorist who survived and and caught by Qadiani-Muslims in model town MOSQUE. these attackers want to finsh the blood trail.
    My worry is that in future hospitals will NOT like to treat terrorists. or evn worse, police themselves will kill the arressted injured terrorist, in order to prevent more lives of police and civilans in hospitals.

  4. Jamal

    Punjab is a heaven for terrorists under Shehbaz Sharif. What do you expect from someone who came to power from jaish-e-muhammad voter base? Banned organisation members should be barred from voting lists.

  5. omar

    btw, the Hindu-Zionist-Bahai-freemasons then escaped in a police vehicle. 40 policemen were present at the hospital BEFORE the attack, but thanks to the superior planning of the elders of Zion, no attacker was arrested or killed. Undoubtedly, they will be back.
    I used to think that at least the punjab police will be slightly more competent than the Mumbai police when it comes to direct exchange of fire with terrorists …this optimistic belief was based on little more than my subconscious Punjabi chauvinism: the notion that after all even policemen are punjabis and punjabis do armies, police services and cabs. After all, our ancestors policed the whole bloody British empire, so even in our decayed state, the residual karma of the Raj should show some effect…. but its seems that too was an overly optimistic assessment.

  6. Voldemort

    btw, the Hindu-Zionist-Bahai-freemasons then escaped in a police vehicle. 40 policemen were present at the hospital BEFORE the attack, but thanks to the superior planning of the elders of Zion, no attacker was arrested or killed.

    Wah bhai wah!! As they say, education can make you literate, but cannot bestow knowledge and wisdom!

  7. Had Punjab Government used little brains and kept that high profile terrorist in Military Hospital instead of General, those 12 innocent lives would not have lost..

  8. if i had the power to take people behind me,i would have shifted Muaaz to pesident house then wait for terrorists to kill Bloody Zardaari to take thier puppet wid them…..
    need is to indulge in war against our Basterd Govt…..Zardari who has not yet barked against this incident,who commends the deaths of Qadiyani Dogs but remains silents against terrorism in our hospital…..Yousaf Raza,Ur Mejasty,who will enjoy the trip to Spain to talk on establishment of sound relationships……Rehmaan Malik,poor soul did not know that a terrorist is in INTENSIVE CARE UNIT of Jinnah Hospital,he the bulldog just knows to bark telephonic addressess….

  9. Mansoor Khalid

    This shows how low morally the terrorists are already and they can go to any lengths just to get noticed. Sick and old people getting cure in the hospitals were shot dead at point blank range because they wanted to satisfy their egos. It’s sad and I must say that these terrorists are even lower than being called animals.

  10. Hira Mir

    Crappy intelligence and nothing else this is. It like a gangster state is coming into existence where ak47s talk only. We must promote tolerance in Pakistan to survive as a nation.

  11. Zainab Ali

    This incident reminds us all that we are still in danger from the terrorists; a hospital is a place for ailing and sick people and the terrorists simply increased their miseries.

  12. qutbuddin khaki

    According to the unnamed sources, the attackers have come to eliminate the injured terrorist Muaz, a former SSG commando, who was arrested by the brave punjab police sepoys despite all the odds…

  13. Sadia Hussain

    The role of media has been the most ambiguous and in a way they have supported the terrorist ideology. The Ahmedi’s were not bestowed with the title of martyrs and their reaction was given little coverage. Such steps are a breach of freedom of expression and such personal must not be dealt with any leniency for they hail from the fourth estate.

  14. ali hamdani

    @lutf. I wouldn’t differentiate between Punjabi and pahktun. All these are Taliban working under one distorted ideology so they all must be unished for killing our troops and country men.

  15. After the attack at Ahmedi’s mosques, militants stormed Jinnah Hospital and Martyred four people while several other were injured. It is alarming situation for the citizens of Lahore and for every Pakistani. The attack at Jinnah Hospital left several questions behind.

    Why Punjab Government is so incapable to stamp out terrorism and carry out strong protective measures? Is it a result of hobnobbing with terrorist outfits that PML-N does want to prompt action against Sipah-e-Sihaba and Lashkar-e-Jhangwi?. It is also beyond logical thinking that Maaz, a culprit involved in storming Ahmedi’s mosque, was admitted to such a hospital where there is always a great hustle bustle of common man?. Why Punjab Government did not focus on the stringent security of such a dangerous culprit that can give key information leading to the terrorist network?. Punjab is a heaven for terrorists under Shehbaz Sharif. What do you expect from someone who came to power from jaish-e-muhammad voter base? It seems that Punjab Government has totally failed to protect citizens and its only focus is to criticize the Government that is hundred times doing well that Punjab Government. I demand CM Punjab and Law minister Punjab to tender their resignations.

  16. Hira Mir

    @sobia. I believe it is not only Punjab that is being struck by terrorism. It is all parts of the country. I believe the arrested militants must be rehabilitated because if you analyse military operations have not really put a stop to all this.

  17. Sadia Hussain

    The success of the military operation in South Waziristan cannot be negated as the area is now being liberated from the Taliban tyranny. It is vital that those who have captured are duly interrogated so that we can have a better understanding of terrorist operations. As it is said try not to hurt anyone while you can heal, so the rehabilitation of former militants is crucial to bring them back in the mainstream society.