Religious Parties Condemn, Declare Anti-Ahmadiyya Attacks A Conspiracy Against Pakistan


I am frankly heartened by this statement not because I feel the Jamaat-e-Islami and other bigots mean any of what they are saying like a broken record but because all of them have been forced to make noise.  Ofcourse it is still “the attackers can’t be Muslim” and that the best – “the whole attack is a conspiracy to get Ahmadis to be declared Muslim”.

The News’ reports:

RELIGIOUS parties strongly condemned the attacks on Ahmadis places of worship in Lahore on Friday, terming them unIslamic, inhuman and a well thought out conspiracy against the country to increase pressure on for making the proposed amendments to the blasphemy laws and doing more for the US war on terror.

Jamaat-e-Islami ameer Syed Munawwar Hasan termed the attacks on the Youm-e-Takbeer a conspiracy to trigger a civil war in the country and justify the US interference in the country. He said Islam strongly prohibited persecuting minorities and causing any harm to their worship places. He said the minorities in the country had always been secure and Islam made it a state responsibility to protect them.

Munawwar pointed out that conspiracies were being hatched to justify military operation in southern Punjab. He said a new term of the Punjabi Taliban had been coined and the US had been pressing Islamabad for pitting people and the armed forces against each other in Punjab as well. He urged the masses to forge unity in their ranks to foil the conspiracy. He expressed grief over the loss of life in the attacks and offered his condolences to the bereaved families.

Jamia Naeemia principal Allama Raghib Naeemi said the attacks on Ahmadis worship places were highly condemnable since Islam called for a state protection for minorities. He said that despite that his organization had been campaigning against Ahmadisí moves against blasphemy laws on the basis of a serious conflict of the ideology, yet the attacks was unimaginable for any Muslim, especially at this critical juncture. He termed the incidents a conspiracy to malign the country in the world in order to put more pressure regarding change in blasphemy laws and the US war on terror. JUP Secretary General Qari Zawwar Bahadur said the attacks on Ahmadis were uncalled for and condemnable. He said no Muslim could think of attacking worship places and perpetrators of such acts could not be Muslims.

He suspected foreign hands in the conspiracy which, he said, aimed at jeopardising Pakistani position regarding war on terror, blasphemy of the Prophet (saw) and various pressures being exerted by Washington. JUI-F leader Maulana Amjad Khan said the attacks on Ahmadis were condemnable despite their serious ideological differences with Muslims since Islam completely protected minorities and that killing the innocent people was extremely banned by Islam. He said it could be a heinous conspiracy to tighten noose around Pakistan for more subjugation before America and launching all-out military operation in Punjab in the name of flushing out the Punjabi Taliban.

I hope that the blood of Ahmadi Muslim martyrs doesn’t go to waste, that with their blood we will undo the poisonous legacy of General Zia and that finally the people of Pakistan will wake up to the reality of these anti-Pakistan religious parties like Jamaat-e-Islami.   Fitna-e-Maududiat ko eik dhakka aur do.

Pakistan Zindabad.


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59 responses to “Religious Parties Condemn, Declare Anti-Ahmadiyya Attacks A Conspiracy Against Pakistan

  1. Ranjit

    I cant believe that they would say – “the whole attack is a conspiracy to get Ahmadis to be declared Muslim”.

    First they victimize Ahmadis and encourage terror attacks. Then they are shameless enough to actually say that those attacks will benefit Ahmadis by incurring public sympathy which will reverse their ‘non-muslim’ status. These people are worse than snakes.

  2. Amunir

    we as a nation have so many flaws most of which are because of our culture. The one that makes me laugh the most is how easily we can close our eyes to reality and blame everything on conspiracies and western world. Its a shame. but who is to blame for the way we are, i personally think its a the high illiteracy rate. as far as these religious groups go (jamaat-e-islami, Fitna-e-Maududiat) they are as bad as talibans in my opinion, because these people know how to manipulate the common public. if it wasnt for there extremist and there so called true ”islamic” ideology this whole world would be such a better place. i can only hope and pray that i live to see the day when the true meaning of islam is preached (peace)

  3. kashifiat

    // i personally think its a the high illiteracy rate//

    There is a high illiteracy rate amongst so called most literate people of internet world.

  4. Jamal

    Scene from inside mosque;

  5. neel123

    Poverty and illiteracy is not a unique Pakistani muslim phenomenon, it is there everywhere in the world.

    What is unique to the Pakistani muslims however is the brazen attempt by different sections of the society to justify every barbarian act in different ways, in the name of poverty, illiteracy and perhaps Islam, and put the blame on the western world and Kashmir !

    AMunir is right, it has become a culture in Pakistan, courtesy the legacy of Zia Ul Haq, a deadly combination of the state supported terror infrastructure and the army of the Saudi funded mullahs propagating hatred and intolerence in the most systematic and scientific ways for decades … !

  6. Dabba Peer

    YLH: Chure insaan, don’t you have anything better to do than barking all the time on forums? You are an obsessive sick bastard who is trying to hijack Jinnah and Islam. Everybody who know you a little bit would testify that you have nothing to do with both in your real life!!

    If Mullahs have ruined this country so have liberal extremists like you!! foook you both!!

  7. yasserlatifhamdani

    Those who know me know very well what I am about.

  8. Natasha


    I have no sympathies for Jamaat and Zia. But please stop this ‘zia ‘ bla bla’ in everything you have to say. You have a problem with Ahmedis being called non-muslims , criticise Bhutto FIRST and THEN come to Zia’s extremist policies. These policies have been continued even after Zia. Nobody talks about them and THAT makes every government equally responsible for what you have a problem with. Bhutto , Zia , Sharif , Bhutto , Musharraf and now PPP again.

    The man is gone. I dont understand why some writers cannot write a single piece without mentioning the dictator. A lot of problems might be associated with him but if you cannot undo them or cannot tackle them then you must accept the responsibility. Blaming Zia is no solution.

    It is saddening to see our religious parties not condemning terrorism without mentioning conspiracies. This conspiracy bullshit overshadows the message of Islam – Peace.

  9. Its interesting to see how religious parties through out the year encourage teenagers for suicide bombing but once the bomber blows himself they out rightly disassociate them from Islam.

  10. yasserlatifhamdani

    I have always criticized Bhutto for his opportunism.

  11. Oh excellent. “Liberal extremism” is a disgusting term used to justify oppressing any liberal thought. Yasser, keep going please. Many, many people agree with you. And not enough people take a stand for the Ahmadi community.

  12. YLH

    Thanks Nabiha.

    Please read my article in Daily Times tomorrow.

  13. Will definitely do so 🙂 Looking forward to it. Btw there’s a candle light vigil here in Lahore tomorrow 7 pm- 11 pm liberty chowk in support of the Ahmadi community. Please spread the word.

  14. a muslim

    “the attackers can’t be Muslim”

    Ofcourse it is still “the attackers can’t be Muslim” and that the best – “the whole attack is a conspiracy to get Ahmadis to be declared Muslim”.

    Ofcourse a day will come when these “non-Muslims” will kill every “Muslim” in Pakistan.

  15. kashifiat

    //Please spread the word//

    Don’t worry will beat the drum 🙂

  16. a muslim

    “the attackers can’t be Muslim”

    Ofcourse it is still “the attackers can’t be Muslim” and that the best – “the whole attack is a conspiracy to get Ahmadis to be declared Muslim”.

    Ofcourse a day will come when these “non-Muslims” (i.e. attackers) will kill every “non-Muslim” (i.e. general muslims as called by attackers) in Pakistan.

  17. kashifiat

    //Ofcourse a day will come when these “non-Muslims” will kill every “Muslim” in Pakistan.//

    See the real intention come first as “Top of mind” then second thought come- Oh I did a blunder – openly told the real intentions- Need of immediate damage control , so sentence being twisted as

    //Ofcourse a day will come when these “non-Muslims” (i.e. attackers) will kill every “non-Muslim” (i.e. general muslims as called by attackers) in Pakistan//

  18. yasserlatifhamdani

    Dear Nabiha,

    Treat Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui’s words as a terrorist threat.

    Be safe. I’ll spread the word.

    In case the rally at Liberty is attacked, the FIR should be lodged against Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui of Federal B Area Karachi.

  19. kashifiat

    YLH !

    Ha ha ha ha – You are really out of control-
    Your have lost your nerves

  20. a muslim

    “See the real intention come first as “Top of mind” then second thought come- Oh I did a blunder – openly told the real intentions- Need of immediate damage control , so sentence being twisted as”

    People like you won’t believe me even if i take oath in your presence on Holy Quran.

    Don’t forget:
    Urdu column by Muhammad Hanif (author of ‘A case of Exploding Mangos’)
    BBC Urdu-Online
    May 25, 2010.
    It says, “anyone who calls himself a Muslim [in Pakistan], there are two people to call him Kafir”.

    So there already at least two people in Pakistan to call you “non-Muslim” (Kafir).

  21. Having gone through the comments I am saddened to note that there are people who are actually happy to see this happen to Ahmadis! e.g. kashifiat and video by Jamal
    This, in itself, shows us the pathetic state of our affairs.

    Just my 2 cents!

  22. What kind of idiot can say that these events will lead to any civil war. For a civil war to happen the victims should react with violence. Clearly, that is not going to happen. Ahmadis have been persecuted for decades and I am not aware of any violent reactions from them. (apart from Rabwah railway station incident, which was a gross exaggeration of a minor scuffle).

    Also, judging from what media and general public is doing, no reversal of 2nd amendment or ordinance xx is likely. Pakistan is steeped in bigotry and it can only change through Divine intervention. I hope Pakistanis change for their own good, because you don’t want Divine intervention for this morally bankrupt nation..

  23. Not an Arabized Pakistani


    It’s heartening to find that we still have humanists like you among us.

    Mardood madoodi and other Molvi’s will burn in hell right next to their jihadi children’s.

  24. Hassan Bajwa

    Well the instant scramble to disassociate themselves from this massacre coupled with the necessity to not sound “pro-ahmedi” or “anti-taliban” is leading our oh-so-pious religious parties down a path replete with self-contradictions and completely fabricated “conspiracy theories”. It may sound reasonable to the prejudiced, but i have faith that the free-thinking citizens of this country can see through it.
    the ahmedi community has done naught but work at being good and responsible citizens eschewing violence and aggression and instead focusing on community building and self-improvement.
    I would like everybody to take note of the fact that unlike any other muslim sect, the ahmedis are not calling for venegance, they are not crying foul and they are not expressing themselves in the mindless violent tone that the world has come to expect of muslims.
    The ahmedi credo of “love for all, hatred for none” is not just an empty slogan. It is a fundamental principle whereby the ahmedis control the primitive human need for venegance and aggression.
    The community will heal their wounds and continue to tread the path of peace and love.
    And i believe that no greater venegance can be wreaked on the mindless terrorists than a staunch refusal to stoop to their level of barbaric, primitive and mindless aggression.

  25. a muslim

    Dear Lutf:
    My sympathies are with Qadiani-Ahmadi victims and their families of Friday massacre.

    On this occasion I am posting a thought provoking comments by a Qadiani-Ahmadi posted on Qadiani opponents forum. Poster posted it under name ‘Ahmadi’. I hope you can bring it up with your Khalifa 5 and other leaders. Please also see my comment at the end of this psot. Thanks:
    When Nizam-a-Jammat calls us for some purpose then its his resposibility to protect us.
    Posts: 54
    05/29/10 05:59:17
    It was very sad full incidence.May God Bless all of them.
    lets analyze it
    1) why so many Ahmadis were present in the mosque (more than a normal routine)
    2) what was the specific reason of gathering of large number of people on both places
    3) Every body know that in going situation of country the Government of Pakistan informed that the threat is present so take precautionary measure.
    now the question arises
    1) Is the life of Ahmadis are important or the celebration of Khalifat is important (instead of 27 may, it was designed to be held at 28th may in Pakistan)
    2) If Khalifit celebrations are more important then why not Nizam-a-Jammat take precautionary measures.
    3) Why not Nizam-a-Jammat arrange extra security for the protection of Ahmadis.
    4) We all know that in our every mosque of Pakistan the armed Ahmadi Khudam are always present especially during such a events.then where those Khudam goes during this sad full incident or from few weeks the Khudam was unarmed during duties, who make Khudam Unarmed and why.
    5) If Governmental organization did not take proper security measures then why not Nizam-a-Jammat took proper measures for handling any unwanted problem.etc
    All this arguments are showing that security loops and defects were present on both sides; at the end of Governmental law enforcement departmental arrangement and as well as at the end of Nizam-a-jammat`s arrangements.
    Government of Pakistan is trying his best to giving the answers of negligence of their departments but is Nizam-a-Jammat ever think about to providing the answer of their negligence to all of us and especially to those who lost their loved ones in this sad full incidence. what Nizam-a-Jammat want to hide from media and why not media were allowed to enter in the mosques for covering the internal situation. why Nizam-a-Jammat is just trying to put all the blame on Government and Molvies etc.

    You wrote:
    “Ahmadis have been persecuted for decades and I am not aware of any violent reactions from them.”
    May I remind you brother: charity begins at home.
    I talked to the widow of Shaikh Munir Ahmad, president of Qadianis in Lahore area, who received martyrdom on Friday. It was sad.
    Guess what: In 2002 Shaikh Munir Ahmad did NOT offer Namaz-I-Jinnazah (funeral prayer) of his uncle Malik Aziz-ur-Rehman (younger brother of Malik Abdul Rehman Khadim Gujrati, author of Ahmadiyya Pocket Book) because Malik Aziz-ur-Rehman publically criticized policies of Qadiani Jamaat’s Khalifa 2 policies.
    My friend seeds of Friday massacre were planted by your Khalifa 2 before you were born. I hope you won’t ask me to give details here.

  26. a muslim

    Your blog article says:
    “Here I don’t mean that one should AHMADIS but my point is only that according to the LAW of Pakistan
    1) AHMADIS can’t give their AZAAN in loud speaker. 2) AHMADIS can’t declare their “WORSHIP PLACE” as “MOSQUE”. 3) AHMADIS can’t declare themselves as “MUSLIM”. 4) AHMADIS can’t publish their literature publically. 5) AHMADI is a minority religion in Pakistan.”

    This means:
    You SUPPORT SWISS government for banning minarets in mosques.
    You SUPPORT BELGIUM government for banning veil/niqab/burqa.
    You SUPPORT FRENCH government for banning Hijab

    Remember: All these governments apply laws of their countries.

  27. Zulfiqar Haider

    This incident has again brought the plight of minorities in our country into the limelight. What I see is that not only banned religious organizations but the general public also dislikes the members of this community; we need to change this and allow these people to be part of the Pakistani community.

  28. OMLK

    All this condemnation by the Mullahs is crocodile tears unless they also condemn the open persecution and intolerance towards the Ahamdi community by their own members. Are they ready to condemn Aalim Online for inciting hate and murder agaisnt Ahamdis on prime time TV? Are they ready to condemn the public gatherings of the Khatm-e-Nubuwwat movement where public declarations of “cleaning the street of Qadianis” are made? I don’t think so!

  29. Sadia Hussain

    The half-hearted and muted condemnation is an insult to the aggrieved community. Some had the audacity to imply that the victims were responsible for this tragedy. The infamous Punjabi Taliban i.e. the lasker-jhangvi and Jaish-e-Muhammad were reportedly behind these attacks and they have established a stronghold in North Waziristan. So now should the state avenge the deaths of its citizens or keep supporting the “strategic assets”

  30. @a muslim;

    The numbers in both Mosques were less than usual.. Women and small children were stopped from coming due to the threats received.

    also, not saying Janaza prayers of someone and killing them in cold blood are two very different things..

  31. Ali Abbas

    @Sadia, thanks for injecting some sense and intelligence in this debate. These half-hearted condemnations by Jamaati hypocrites are not worth the oxygen expended. On the contrary, such statements hide and divert responsibility and attention away from Sipah Sahaba, Lashkar Jhangvi and Jaish; these inter-connected organizations and affiliates of the Taliban (good, bad, Pakistani, Afghani, Tehrik, Punjabi, they are all the same) figure at the top of the investigations and the horrific attacks on the Ahmadis have been linked to them. Those talking the “ghairat” -based bs of foreign hands are also culpable in the massacres of minorities. For nearly 2 decades, some of us have been talking about the establishment-sponsored groups that were previously limited to massacring Shias and how now have massacred Ahmadis and conducted pogroms against Christains and Sikhs as well. For nearly two decades, those of us who were minorities were ridiculed and elaborate conspiracy theories involving the Christains, Hindus, Jews, Mossad, CIA, Ahmadis, Shias, RAW, Balochis, Sindhis were spat back at us to explain away the violence against us. Even our own friends from the mainstream continued to blissfully ignore these groups and wilfully believed these lies. Some of them still do. Even as recently as November 2009 when President Zardari placed his political capital behind the KLB that unequivocally called for the dismantling of such groups, we all saw how the “ghairat” lobby; our Talibanist media, “civil society”, PML N reacted to this…

    This is the way forward:

    1. Complete overturning of the 1974 amendments as well Zia’s ordinance in this regard

    2. War against those who feel that killing Ahmadis, Shias and Christains reserves them a place in heaven.

    I don’t see how such vague condemnation that wilfully ignores and diverts from the perpetrators is a good thing! On the contrary, these Jamaatis showed be held accountable for their lies and bigotry!!!

  32. Ali Abbas

    Will our “religious” parties condemn their jihadi sub-groups??? Lashkar Jhangvi connection to the attack on Ahmadis has been reported in today’s Express Tribune
    (Look up “Lashkar-i-Jhangvi connection traced to Lahore attacks” By Abdul Manan May 31, 2010. )

    Will the Judiciary own up to their role in this horrific act. Look up “70 murders, yet LJ hitman close to going free”, Daily Times, August 7th, 2009. Malik Ishaq, one of the founding members of LeJ and whose group has been connected to the recent carnage in Lahore had 70 murder cases against him, including 12 relatives of Fida Hussain Ghalvi, a Shia, and the SC overturned a guilty verdict against him.

    They have freed Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid (hub of Sipah Sahaba and the re-launching pad for the Sipah Sahaba/LeJ in 2006. They have also freed Hafiz Saeed. Apparently, the dossiers of evidence and numerous anti-Shia, Anti Ahmadi, ant-Christain and Anti-Pakistan speeches do not constitute “sufficient evidence”. I wonder how this criteria is applied as it certainly does not make sense when viewed in Asghar Khan Petition and the various petitions against an elected President and folk singers.

  33. Tilsim

    If one reads the text of these apologies closely, it’s clear that they are not condemning the Pakistani Taliban or their allies. They are pointing to foreign hands or conspiracies to justify US involvement i.e. it could be India or the US responsible! Well, it is not much of a condemnation if they refuse to acknowledge their indirect and their allies direct role in this mass murder (for which there is plenty of evidence) and instead make unsubstantiated allegations at others.

    It’s interesting to note nevertheless that they came out with a statement in the first place. It’s a response to the fact that they are being accused.

  34. Sadness

    Nothing – truly nothing – will change in Pakistan until the Pakistani people stop engaging in and believing absurd conspiracy theories that blame everyone and their mother for the country’s troubles. The thing about “conspiracies” is they absolve the accuser of any and all responsibility to change society. Until Pakistanis stop blaming the CIA, Jews and RAW for their troubles the country is doomed to wallow in violence and ignorance.

  35. a muslim

    Dear brother Lutf:

    “The numbers in both Mosques were less than usual.. Women and small children were stopped from coming due to the threats received.”

    Yes, number in both mosques were less than usual. I have heard they were around 2000.
    Your Khalifa 5 and his family lives in comfort and safety in London. Even his HORSES live there in comfort and safety, and are fed apples by Khalifa 5.
    Qadiani jamaat claims to be a Muslim organization working for propagation of islam. Is celebration of establishment of khilafat (102 anniversary) an Islamic tenet?

    “also, not saying Janaza prayers of someone and killing them in cold blood are two very different things..”

    Brother I was avoiding to give more detail. So I will give you a little more hint:
    Malik Aziz-ur-Rehman was considered MURTAD and KAFFIR by Qadiani Jamaat friends because has he had RETRACTED his ba’it (pledge to Mirza Mahmud Ahmad Qadiani Khalifa 2) citing moral objectionable life, and financial embezzlements of Qadiani Khalifa 2. Check Haqqiqat Passand Party (a party of former qadianis) extensive literature e.g. ‘Tarikh-e-Mahmudiyyat Kay chund poshida auraq’ or ‘Rabwah ka Rasputin’ etc.
    On instructions of Qadiani Khalifa 2 and his younger brother (Mirza basher Ahmad the so called ‘Qamar-ul-Anbiyya” – “moon of Prophets”), ALL THOSE OUTSIDE THE QADIANI JAMAAT ARE KAFIR AND QADIANIS DON’T OFFER THEIR JANAZA PRAYERS. You people don’t offer Janazh prayer of Lahori-group Ahmadis (Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement). Please don’t ask me to quote statements and beliefs of Qadiani jamaat, in this regard.

    PLEASE TELL YOUR KAHLIFA 5 AND JAMAAT TO RETRACT AND DENOUNCE ALL SUCH STATEMENTS OF KHALIFA 2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad and his brother Mirza Bashir Ahmad. This will definitely help in decreasing the animosity against Qadianis among general Muslims. And it will help in preventing another massacre and carnage in future.
    Qadiani khalifas 2, 3, 4, and now 5 did not and don’t realize that first came 1953, then 1974 then 1984 then 2010…I pray it may not repeat. Your Khalifas and their families starting from khalifa 2 to khalifa 5, have always been in safety first in Qadian, ensured by British Raj, then in Rabwah when Qadianis had influence in Pakistan’s civil, military and political establishments, and now finally in UK.
    IT IS THE POOR AND SIMPLE, more accurately STUPID, Qadianis who pay the price with their sweat and blood for safety and comfort of Qadiani Khalifas and their horses. Unfortunately, people like you support the CRIMINAL BAHAVIOR and LIFE STYLE of your Qadiani Khalifas. People like you should also be blamed for the death of Qadianis in Lahore massacre.

  36. Hassan Bajwa

    a muslim

    lovely to see such unbridled prejudice in full splendour.

    it is very easy to claim all these things about the ahmedi Khalifa. Too bad they are all unsupported rumours born of minds that would themselves love to be in this position.

    The ahmedi community does not have a process of excommunication . It does not have any concept of murtad or kafir. I myself am from a prominent ahmadi family but i have chosen not to be involved in the jamaat because i do not believe man requires organized religion. And i have never experienced any of the things to which you refer.

    The intolerance, the aggression, the potential violence are all very clearly projections of your own intolerant, bigoted and violent belief on to the ahmedi community.

    Ahmedis are strictly prohibited from engaging in any sort of religious conflict. that is why the ahmedis have never avenged any of the massacres they have been subjected to. The ahmedis have never been involved in sort of religiously motivated violence. In fact the ahmedis don’t even cause a fuss in Pakistan where their rights trampled on time and again.

    You may like to think the ahmedis are just like you. But fortunately they are not 🙂

  37. Bin Ismail

    @ Hassan Bajwa (June 1, 2010 at 3:07 pm)

    “…..Ahmedis are strictly prohibited from engaging in any sort of religious conflict. that is why the ahmedis have never avenged any of the massacres they have been subjected to…..”

    The blessed attitude of patience and humility was instilled into the hearts and psyche of Ahmadis, by the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Community – Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian. Mirza Sahib advises his followers in the following words:

    “Gaaliyaan sun kar dua do, paa ke dukkh aaraam do.
    Kibr ki aadat jo daikkho, tum dikhao inkisaar”

    Translation: “As you receive insults, pray for those who insult you. In the face of arrogance, you must display humility.”

  38. a muslim

    @Hassan Bajwa:
    “The ahmedi community does not have a process of excommunication . ”
    Don’t give me this CRAP.
    My uncle was Abdul Manan Omar son of Hakim Noor Ud Din. Do you want me to post all what you QADIANIS did to him and his family and little children…or rather i say what your qadiani khalifa 2 did to childen of Hakim Noor Ud Din.

    Allah send BIGGER ZALIM on punish another SMALLER ZALIM.
    Qadianis are being punished, by STRONGER ZALIM, for supporting Qadiani Khalifa 2 who did ZULM on family of Hakim Noor Ud Din and others including members of Haqiqat Passand Party e.g. Malik Aziz ur rehman, Abdul Hameed dadda, Ch Ghulam Rasool, Raja Bashir, and their children etc. before that QK 2 did ZULM on people like Mian zahid family of Mubiliah group, and EVEN MURDERED PEOPLE LIKE FAKHUR-UD-DIN MULTANI and made effort to MURDER Shaikh Abdur rehman Misri etc.

  39. a muslim

    “The blessed attitude of patience and humility was instilled into the hearts and psyche of Ahmadis, by the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Community – Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian.”


  40. a muslim

    @Hassan Bajwa and bin Ismail:

    Qadiani Khalifa 2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad did ZULM on innocents. And his followers, more accurately called Mahmudies supported him.
    Allah has been sending BIGGER ZALIMS in form of Mullah-Mafia to punish Qadiani Khalifas and their Mahmudi followers. CHICKENS ARE COMING HOME TO ROOST!!!!!!!!!!

  41. shiv

    @Dabba Peer
    You said:

    YLH: Chure insaan, don’t you have anything better to do than barking all the time on forums? You are an obsessive sick bastard who is trying to hijack Jinnah and Islam. Everybody who know you a little bit would testify that you have nothing to do with both in your real life!!

    If Mullahs have ruined this country so have liberal extremists like you!! foook you both!!”

    Sir you are a true leader. You don’t like someone’s views so “fook” him.

    The world works exactly as you describe it:

    Indians and East Pakistanis did not like West Pakistani views in 1971 and so the latter were fooked and Bangladesh created

    The US does not like some people whom they call Taliban and the fooked them

    Israelis did not like some aid ships so they have fooked them

    Extremists in Pakistan do not like Ahmedis so they fooked them

    I admire your ability to put your finger on the pulse of the world. You have fooked the idiot liberals in one word.

  42. Bin Ismail

    @ a muslim (June 1, 2010 at 7:32 pm)

    “…..Allah has been sending BIGGER ZALIMS in form of Mullah-Mafia to punish Qadiani Khalifas and their Mahmudi followers…..”

    In the same manner in which Yazeed was sent to punish Imam Hussain?

  43. a muslim

    @Bin ismail:
    “In the same manner in which Yazeed was sent to punish Imam Hussain?”

    Problem with followers of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad Qadiani Khalifa 2, accurately called MAHMUDIS, is that they INFURIATE sentiments and feelings of general Muslims, (just the way Jews infuriate sentiments of general Muslims), when they EQUATE their Qadiani Khalifa 2 and his family with HOLY PERSONAGES OF ISLAM. E.g.
    MAHMUDIES call their qadiani khalifa 2 family “ahle-bait”, QK 2 SEVEN wifes “ummi-momineen” etc
    Look above what you wrote.
    You equated Mirza Mahmud Ahmad qadiani khalifa 2 to Hazrat Imam Hussain.
    You guys instigate the issue.
    You probably are sitting some where in Europe or north America and for your above statement, ANOTHER QADIANI WILL GET KILLED BY SOME STUPID MUSLIM IN PAKISTAN.
    People like are equally responsible for killing of innocent Qadianis in Pakistan.
    Unfortunately Mahmudies like you bring bad name to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, and created obsticles in publications of his writings for propgation of islam.

  44. Bin Ismail

    @ a muslim (June 1, 2010 at 11:29 pm)

    1. We are not discussing equations. We are only examining the applicability of your logic.

    2. Keeping in view your “infuriatibility”, may I humbly suggest that it may be prudent to confine yourself to only those discussions that involve no difference of opinion.

  45. Moosa

    @ a muslim: I understand that your ego may be somewhat injured by the perceived affront to your noble family. My prayers go out to Khalifatul Masih I Hakim Noor Ud Din (ra).

    Nevertheless, you have decided to call yourself ‘a muslim’. Instead of identifying yourself by your given name, you have yourself chosen to present yourself as ‘a muslim’. If this is your claim, then please give importance to the following:

    1. “Call unto the way of thy Lord with wisdom and goodly exhortation, and argue with them in a way that is best.” [Holy Qur’an 16:126]. It is not becoming for ‘a muslim’ to use words such as ‘crap’. Please remember your noble family and refrain from such vulgar language.

    2. “Those who spend in prosperity and adversity, and those who suppress anger and pardon men; and Allah loves those who do good.” [Holy Qur’an 3:135].

    3. “Verily, Allah enjoins justice, and the doing of good to others; and giving like kindred; and forbids indecency, and manifest evil, and wrongful transgression. He admonished you that you may take heed.” [Holy Qur’an 16:91].

    I understand that there are political reasons for animosity between Qadiani and Lahori Ahmadis, and I understand that you have even more personal family issues which explain your bitterness. But this is not the time or place for your ego. 100 innocent people have been murdered. Instead of offering your pure heartfelt sympathy, you are trying to use these murders for your own political agenda against the Ahmadi Khalifa. Even the atheists in this forum are showing higher moral values than you. Why don’t you simply say a grave injustice has been committed, that innocent human beings have been slaughtered, and leave it at that? Please show some respect for the dead.

  46. Moosa

    By the way, the stuff about the Ahmadi khalifa being safe in London and his horses being safe in London is quite… strange.

    The Ahmadi khalifa lived in Pakistan until he was elected as khalifa in London in 2003. Before his election, he was jailed in Pakistan for a short period on false allegations of blasphemy; this counters your malicious suggestion that he is living in London because he is cowardly. I don’t think you’ve ever been jailed in Pakistan for your beliefs, so who is the coward?

    He remained in London after his election as Khalifa, because he cannot function as a Khalifa within Pakistan. His role as Khalifa is to propagate the message of Jamaat Ahmadiyya to the world. This cannot be done effectively in Pakistan because it is illegal there and he would be jailed and then Jamaat Ahmadiyya would be left effectively without a leader. Even Western atheists can understand this, why can’t you?

    Regarding horses in London, if you had any idea of what you were talking about, you would know that he lives in a small apartment on top of a mosque and there is no ground in the mosque for horses, moreover you cannot easily ride horses on the streets of London, and get this… he doesn’t have any horses! But if he did have horses, then of course it would be entirely appropriate to feed them apples to keep them alive, and this would be entirely irrelevant to the fact that ahmadis are suffering in Pakistan.

    Last but not least, please try to think before you write things on this blog and insult Prophet Muhammad (saw). Prophet Muhammad (saw) escaped persecution to flee to Madina, and he left some of his followers behind in Makkah and these followers suffered greatly. And get this, Prophet Muhammad (saw) took his horse with him, and get this, I’m sure he fed his horse, even while Muslims were suffering in Makkah. So what’s your point? Are you saying that the Ahmadi Khalifa and Prophet Muhammad (saw) are both cowards, nauzubillah?

  47. yasserlatifhamdani

    I think Horses wali baat … Someone is confusing Ahmadi Caliph with Aga Khan.

    I wish the Ahmadi Caliph was like the Aga Khan …with dinner parties, champagne, yatchts, the ability to amend the holy book, well cut suits etc…all of which makes Aga Khan a role model to me.

    *** This Message Has Been Sent Using BlackBerry Internet Service from Mobilink ***

  48. Moosa

    @ yasser

    lol, i think the confusion is elsewhere. the fourth khalifa enjoyed riding a horse in pakistan, but he didn’t ride in london. as far as i’m aware, the fifth khalifa doesn’t ride horses and he definitely doesn’t have horses at the london mosque, i would have spotted them unless they’re microscopic horses !!! but it’s really quite sad and yet funny when a person hates the khalifa to this extent that she blames him for feeding apples to an imaginary horse ! and even if he did have a horse, should a person starve his horse because ahmadis are suffering in pakistan??? it makes me think that this person’s hatred for the khalifa is a little bit twisted and irrational…. 😦

  49. @Bin Ismail

    Just curiousity: why is this fanatic frothing at the mouth being given so much time and attention? He seems to be a fairly unremarkable run-of-the-mill bigot. Is there anything that he is saying or has said that is worth spending time over? I see no difference between him and the trolls who pop up from time to time.

    Please enlighten me. I am honestly mystified.

    Apples for his horses, I believe. I have fed an occasional apple to my horses; does that make me in any way an accessory after the fact? Do warn me in case evasive action is called for.

  50. Bin Ismail

    @ Vajra

    You’re absolutely right. By the way if ask him “why was there a power failure yesterday in Ulan Bator?”, he will tell you “because of the Qadianis and Mirza Mahmud Ahmad”.

  51. Bin Ismail

    Erratum: By the way if [you] ask him…

  52. bciv

    @a muslim

    for all your talk of rule of law and going on about justice, you had to stoop so low as to claim the pages of a book to be the equivalent of due process as far as establishing somebody’s guilt is concerned; no matter how serious the charge. oh, i forgot. your slanderous nonsense is not just based on the pages of some book. you happen to passionately believe/agree with what’s written. that changes everything, doesn’t it. to hell with due process.

    and to think that you are a psychologist (or was it psychiatrist) in real life. i think your rants need to be collated and forwarded to those whose job it is to look at things like ‘fitness to practice’.

  53. bciv

    ….. and the sick comment about the tragic massacre last week; about “qadianis” ‘bringing it upon themselves’. you need to see one of your (actually) professional colleagues, asap.

  54. @bciv

    Please don’t make that terrible mistake, of inviting him to be treated by his professional colleagues. Heaven alone knows what he considers to be his professional colleagues.

    I do know, however, what I consider him. This is the benighted individual who picks up an uncle’s explanation that promiscuity might mean that an individual lands up as a wreck, then take that individual’s self-description after suffering a severe stroke, and uses it to prove that the individual was promiscuous.

    I haven’t seen a worse blackguard in these columns.

  55. bciv


    i don’t think i had ever seen a more sanctimonious blackguard either.

  56. Assalam. History is only repeating itself .you remember when Cain killed Abel .what would you say of muslims murdered by violators in Mecca .when u kill Ahmadis,it is just a simple sense they are d real and beloved of Allah just like Abel acceptance & those Muslims in Mecca during d period of persecutions.Each killing alone would bring 100000 souls back to jamaat (inshallahu )

  57. Moosa

    @ Vajra

    The reason I responded tirelessly to “a muslim” is that he/she was making allegations of a very serious nature which may be believed or half-believed by those people who have never had the opportunity to meet the Ahmadi Caliph or any Ahmadi muslim in real life. Rumours and suspicion are very easy to spread, and many people are prone to listen to gossip even from a foolish person, and this can blacken the reputations of good decent people, therefore I believe it needs to be forcefully opposed.

    I would like to say one thing: God isn’t a political or a legal entity. A person cannot claim to be manifesting God because a government says he is God’s servant or because the constitution says he is a good muslim or because he has a certificate from a mullah. To manifest and serve God is far more difficult than that, and the true servants of God are known by their beautiful hearts and their excellent conduct. In the end, this is the criterion for assessing the Islam of a person. I didn’t have much experience of Lahori Ahmadis or read much about them until on this blog, but unfortunately the conduct of the Lahori Ahmadis here does great disservice to their claim that they represent any sort of Islamic truth.