For Khadim-e-Ala Shahbaz Sharif


Your government has allowed with impunity banners and hate material in all of Punjab.  You are answerable Khadim-e-Ala.  Your government should RESIGN! 

This is Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya’s Press Conference with Pakistani Media.


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  1. chikkay

    Raza mentioned;

  2. Khadim e Aala proudly owns Taliban and calls them their natural allies.

    Some days back while oppossing Musharraf’s policies, he said if Taliban are also fighting for the same cause, then they should not carry out acts of terror in Punjab.

    Law minister (Rana Sana ulllah) also maintains cordial relationships with banned outfit Sipah e Sahaba that supports killings of Non Sunni religious groups.

    In such circumstances whatever is happening in Punjab is not surprising to me.

  3. a Sunni who has had ahmadi frnds

    What happened was sad. I don’t know what to say, except that killing so brutally was never the way of Islam.

    I hope sanity prevails. I have ahmadi friends. I may not support them in their beliefs but that doesn’t even mean I should hate them or spread hatred for them. They have been good to me. How can I forget that?

    I think being a Muslim, we all realize the first thread that binds us, that of humanity. I cannot imagine the ignorance of such people who shed blood like animals and the bad name goes to Islam.

    I have seen some offensive comments here and for Allah’s sake, I don’t wish myself to be targeted here. I’m a Sunni. A proud one. But still I have had many ahmadi friends in the past who have been very good to me. And so I feel sad because of this whole ‘holi’ of blood. Just because I don’t agree with their views doesn’t mean I should start cursing or spilling blood.

    Disclaimer: This comments, in no way, means I agree with what the spokesman in this video says. I’m just posting my ‘personal’ views in general.

  4. yasserlatifhamdani

    What part of the spokesman’s statement do you disagree with?

    1. That the state has responsibility to protect its citizens?

    2. That the state has a responsibility to stop hate literature and targetting of all citizens of Pakistan?

    3. or that Ahmadis are citizens of Pakistan?

  5. Tilsim

    In this video, I was impressed with the very very calm way that Ahmedis have reacted to the continuing brutality against them. This is an example to everyone of forebearance.

    The message to our leaders of all parties and the establishment is clear. Do your duty, act against the merchants of hate and violence, protect the citizens of this country. If you fail in this duty, the violence will not spare you as much as it spares the rest of us.

  6. a Sunni who has had ahmadi frnds

    @ YLH
    my statement simply means that i neither agree, nor disagree. I reserve my opinion on that one. Here, I’m just posting my view that such bloodshed is madness. It’s saddening. That’s all from my end.

  7. yasserlatifhamdani

    That is what I am trying to understand…. what is is it you neither “agree” nor “disagree” with ?

    Atleast be man and say so… so that we know where you stand.

  8. yasserlatifhamdani


    While forbearance is good… Jamaat Ahmadiyya cannot keep saying “Allah is enough for us”….

    What they need to do is organize politically. After all their technique of doing Allah Allah and becoming non-political has FAILED.

    4 million Ahmadis… as many as 2.5 to 3 million voters… along with liberals and progressives can be a force to reckon with.

  9. Khullat

    Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian says:

    “Baad az khuda ba ishq-e Muhammad mukhammaram
    Gar kufr een bawad bakhuda sakht kaafiram”


    ‘Next to God, it is the love of Muhammad that inebriates me.
    If this is kufr, then by God I am a firm kafir.’

  10. Tilsim

    @ YLH

    Yes, I agree with you in principle but not being an Ahmedi I don’t feel it is my place to tell them what to do. They are suffering a lot in Pakistan and don’t seem to have any constituency in the power structures. If they become more active politically, that may help them but it’s not an easy path as evidenced by the way even our ‘secular’ political parties are also giving them leper treatment. Political involvement may multiply their problems but that is a risk only they can assess and accept. Nevertheless, I agree that the current course does not seem to be keeping them away from trouble so they need to review their stance.

  11. Jamal

    Culpable role of PML-N in Lahore’s Ahmadi massacre

  12. Jamal

    Culpable role of PML-N in Lahore’s Ahmadi massacre

  13. kashifiat

    Word Shaeed is Only and only specific for Muslims, not for non Muslims

  14. Prasad

    kashifart – I have read many of your obsolete warped articles on your blogsite and find they are utter nonsense. Just curious here…who are you to decide what is the meaning of the word shaeed? Who do you think has bestowed those rights on you? the way you are progressing, be prepared to be pelted by the Taleban proteges very soon…and you know why

  15. Bin Ismail

    @ kashifiat (May 30, 2010 at 8:28 pm)

    The title “Ahkam ul Hakimeen” is only and only specific for Allah, not for anyone else.

  16. yasserlatifhamdani

    Are you saying Kashif hafeez siddiqui is a Mushrik maloon?

  17. K-

    Did this press conference go on-air on TV channels ? or is it just on youtube ??

    Pls confirm if anyone has seen it on TV.

  18. Btw did Khadim e Aala make condolence visits to hospitals or announced any compensation package for victims ?

  19. yasserlatifhamdani

    It was not aired as far as I know.

  20. YLH

    No… neither Khadim-e-Ala nor his tattoo/champoo Sanaullah has yet visited the injured.

  21. I think that the Ahmadiyya Jamaat made a decision to stay out of politics because political alliances have let the jamaat down in the past. They made an alliance with Bhutto in the 70s only to be declared to be non-Muslims during Bhutto’s government. Not only that, Bhutto’s gov’t also appropriated a lot of Jamaat’s land in Pakistan which was never given back to them. I don’t think that Jamaat has any intentions of political organization in Pakistan.

    Ahmadis don’t participate in voting in Pakistani elections out of protest because the government maintains separate voting lists for them. They have to sign humiliating certificates on which one must denounce the founder of Ahmadiyyat in order to be considered a Muslim and Ahmadis will not sign such documents because they naturally consider themselves to be Muslims. Why would they want to get politically organized and become a political force in a country where the simple act of voting is a humiliation for them.

  22. @K-This press conference was not aired on any channels that I know of. The reason; Ahmadi leadership appears to be Muslim according to this clip. The laws of Pakistan forbid Ahmadis to recite Quran, appear or imply to be Muslims in any shape or form etc.
    Despite all the coverage, there is a shameless conspiracy of silence. No decent, brave Pakistani has come forward to call Ahmadis what they perfer for themselves. i.e., Muslims, worshipping in their Mosques..

    @YLH- I don’t think Ahmadis should bother with politics.. As an Ahmadi, I see no hope. I have only seen a handful of people who have the courage and moral strength to say what they believe. (May God reward them for their actions). All the rest are silent spectators.. Silence in such circumstances is a crime as it supports the bigotry of the anti-Ahmadiyya laws and 2nd amendment.

    As our Khalifa has said. We leave our matter with God. And God will do Justice..

  23. yasserlatifhamdani

    No Lutf that is not going to solve anything.

    Tell your caliph not to abandon 4 million of his followers to an unknown diety.

  24. Amaar


    Hundreds of Ahmadis have essentially died for the sake of the ‘unknown diety’ in the last 100 years. Ahmadis believe that there is an ultimate creator and arbiter of human affairs and have left their state for their God to resolve. Lets wait and see what He does…

  25. aliarqam

    what do U want from the Ahmedis, should they make a political party based on their own sect. Or they should participate in the democratic political process through offering their community collective votes to some party and negotiate on these basis with them. I think being a part of Pakistani society, they already will be excercizing their rights to vote for any party as par their local grounds,

  26. yasserlatifhamdani


    4 million is probably not large enough for there to be an Ahmadi League.

    What I would like the Ahmadis to do is vote enmasse as a community bloc and let political parties bargain for their vote.

  27. @Lutf

    By no means should your community abdicate its rights and privileges as citizens. That would be a victory for the bigots.

  28. Enough hypocrisy!

    Well I never jump into technicalities of religion, I believe whoever wants to be known as Muslim and recite Kalma should be declared Muslim as Allah has to decide who is on right path but since Ahmedis have widely been discussed on every forum and called Non Muslims, let me share a comparative analysis with you that might help ‘Anti Ahmedis ‘ understand that Ahmedis are not Non Muslims because of finality of prophet reason.

    Infact it was Bhutto the opportunist in a desperate attempt to buy off religious parties agitating demuslimized Ahmedis that helped him gain political mileage from Mullah brigade however Ismailis who do not believe in finality of prophet hood and have entirely a different Kalma i.e

    “Ashhado an la ilaha il-Allaho wa ashhado anna Muhammad-ur-Rasool-Ullahe wa ashhado anna Ameer-ul-Momineen Ali-Ullah (i.e. I testify that there is no god except Allah and I testify that Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger and I testify that ALI IS ALLAH = H.H. The Aga Khan).

    are considered as Muslims. strange, isn’t it ?

    (Ahmedis recite the same Kalma what we (Sunnis) recite).

    Ismailis despite their STRANGE believes are still considered Muslims as per Pakistani constitution which is perhaps due to Agha Khan’s “massive investments “in Pakistan ?

    I wonder why Mullahs don’t shout and agitate against Ismailism.

    Is it because they get their treatment done in AKU hospitals ? and get benefited by thousands of Agha Khan’s projects ?

    Don’t Mullahs know that Ismailis believe that their Hajj is witnessing of Aga Khan.

    Ismailis call Agha Khan speaking/talking Quran, who is present and they think Sunnis have got merely a void Book i.e. Quran.

    In such circumstances when we have obvious examples of Ismailis who despite holding entirely different believes are considered as Muslims, I reckon Ahmedis constitutionally deserve Muslim status too .

  29. Ali Abbas

    @Tanzeel, let aside my disgust at your portrayal of the views of Ismaili Shias, why can’t we get to the crux of the topic. That religion is not the business of the State and NO ONE has the right to decide on the muslim-ness of others! Period!

  30. Bin Ismail

    @ Lutf (May 31, 2010 at 4:24 am)

    “…..As our Khalifa has said. We leave our matter with God. And God will do Justice…..”

    True, and the unjust should dread the day when God does justice.

    @ yasserlatifhamdani (May 31, 2010 at 8:57 am)

    “….. Tell your caliph not to abandon 4 million of his followers to an unknown diety…..”

    The Caliph and his followers together, live in the presence of a Deity, very much known to them. Trust me.

    @ Vajra (May 31, 2010 at 12:21 pm)

    “….. By no means should your community abdicate its rights and privileges as citizens. That would be a victory for the bigots…..”

    What appears at the outset, as an abdication of rights and privileges, is in reality an attitude that has been instilled into the hearts of this worldwide community, by its founder. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian admonishes his followers, in the following words:

    “Gaaliyaan sun kar dua do, paa kay dukkh araaam do
    Kibr ki aadat jo daikkho, tum dikhaao inkisaar”

    Translation: ‘As you receive insults, pray for those who insult you. In the face of arrogance, you must express humility.’

    This is not the first time that the patience and humility of Ahmadis has been put to test, neither will this be the first time for Ahmadis to witness the the manifestation of God’s power and glory in their favour.