Why waste your time with me, after all I am an Ahmadi

It is a shame that a massacre of Ahmadi community by religious fanatics has brought to fore their plight in Pakistan. We firmly believe that any one’s religion is his or her own private matter and the state of Pakistan is absolutely wrong in branding its citizens as Muslims or non Muslims. Based on conversations with many of my Ahmadi friends inside and outside of Pakistan, it seems almost inconceivable that the state and the society can so heartlessly discriminate against a minority sect. Below we are reproducing a touching blog post by Wajahat S. Khan titled “Why waste your time with me; I am an Ahmadi”. For all of our valued readers, we want to make it clear that we are not a theological debating forum. We are about complete seperation of the state and the mosque. This post is absolutely not about the theological merits or demerits, but rather about the wrongs committed by Pakistani society in its religious zeal and fervour.  (AZW) 

Why waste your time with me, after all I am an Ahmadi

By Wajahat S. Khan


I am an Ahmadi. There are four million of me in Pakistan. This Islamic Republic is the only state in the world which has officially declared me to to be a non-Muslim. Why? It’s simple. I am an Ahmadi.

Ordinances have been passed against me. Acts and Constitutional Amendments have been drafted around me. Shortly after the heart and soul of our nation was ripped into two, a country reeling to define and defend its own identity unleashed itself upon me. In 1974, a parliament I had voted for adopted a law that outlawed me.

The rest of you were given a different story. Unlike you, I was not a “a person who believes in the finality of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH”. But nobody really asked me what I  believed in. Why? Because I am different. Because I don’t matter. Because I am an Ahmadi.

A powerful man who killed another powerful man in the name of the law did worse to me. In 1984, the General of an Army I pay for, support and serve with passed another law:  now I could not call myself a Muslim at all, or even “pose as Muslim”.

You might have noted the affects of that today. As my attackers unleashed their wrath, television networks I watch and love got the location of the bloodshed all wrong. What I call a mosque, they called a “place of worship”. That’s alright though. It’s not their fault. I’m used to the special treatment. After all, I am an Ahmadi.

But I wish things were different. I wish I was like you. I wish I was a Sunni, a Shia, a Punjabi, a Pakhtoon, a Baloch, a Sindhi, a Memon, a Gujrati, a Siraiki, a Makrani. If I was any of those, or even anyone else, I would have been called a martyr or “shaheed” in the papers today. My family would have liked that. They would have even engraved it on my grave, like you do for your loved ones. But that doesn’t matter though. It’s what comes after the grave that really matters. And in my case, I’ve been reassured by you that not much good awaits me there.

But you can’t blame me for wishing. I wish I could give you a hug this Eid. I wish I could say “asalamalaikum” and “eid mubarak” to you as well. I wish I could read to you the history of my people and even have you sample my food.  But I can’t. That could cost me three years of prison time.

Finally, I also wish my attackers had chosen another date. For you, today was a day to remember. After all, it was twelve years ago that you unleashed your might upon the world by reducing a mountain to ashes. You had invented the weapon to counter all weapons. You detractors were scared and your enemies terrified. For causing yesterday’s incident to dampen your re-living that moment of pride, I apologize. Please accept my condolences.

But you don’t have to. You’ve got other things to do. Why waste your time with me? After all, I am an Ahmadi.

(Disclaimer: Khan is not an Ahmadi, rather a Pakistani)


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29 responses to “Why waste your time with me, after all I am an Ahmadi

  1. Vandana

    What a terrible day for the targetted community.One can not even begin to imagine the scale of the trauma of the survivors and the families of those killed while praying.May they find some solace in their faith and their prayers.

  2. Ron

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

  3. Javid Zamir

    THEY CAME FIRST for the Hijjras,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Hijjra.

    THEN THEY CAME for the Makranis,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Makrani

    THEN THEY CAME for the Agha Khanis,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Agha KHani.

    THEN THEY CAME for me
    and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

  4. a muslim

    Unfortunately, today Qadiani-Ahmadis [I differentiate them from Lahori-Ahmadis] are paying price for the HATRED spread by their Qadiani Khalifa 2 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad and his brother Mirza Bashir Ahmad then their Qadiani Khalifa 3 Mirza Nasir Ahmad etc [Please note I am differentiating them from Mirza Ghualm Ahmad of Qadian, father of Qadiani Khalifa 2 and grandfather of Qadiani Khalifa 3 etc] against the other reciters of Kalima-Shahada.

    Qadiani Khalifa 2, his brother, and Qadiani Khalifa 3 were WRONG in their hate filled writings/ speeches about rest of Kalima-Shahada reciters and now rest of Kalima-Shahada reciters are WRONG in their hatred and killings of Qadiani-Ahmadis.

    Nonetheless Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1974, for his political objectives should NOT have enacted 2nd constitutional amendment in 1973 constitution to declare reciters of Kalima-Shahada a Kaffir (non-Muslim). As result of that now Pakistan has become Kaffiristan and Qatilistan (land of non-Muslims and land of murderers), as every reciter of kalmia-shahada in Pakistan is calling other a non-muslim and when ever they get chance, then they murder other when ever they get chance.

  5. aliarqam

    Today I too am an Ahmedh….

  6. adamkhan

    For all you holier than thou “muslims” who are all smug about the copyrights of the word “shaheed” and “Masjid”, I wonder how you would react if the Christians told you lot, that you should edit the Quran BECAUSE the references to Jesus and Mary in that book, hurts their feelings.

    OFFCOURSE! that would be a lack of religious freedom, a violation of human rights, and all of those other clauses based in humanity, that you invoke when faced with a situation such as this.

    BUT, tum loggon kay neechay jo phans jai uss ka jo haal kartay ho, woh nazar nahi ata tumhain? Where is your sense of political correctness and mazloomiat?

    How hard is it to explain this Ahmadi Massacre, as the Shahadat of close to a hundred Nimazis in a Mosque.

    how hard is saying that? how numb can you moronic lot be?

    I am disgusted to the core with this country today, not with the terrorists, but with this response to this massacre. Kuch tu sharam karo yaar, the least that you can do is to treat the dead with respect.

  7. Wonderfully written. I’ve seen the toll just being an Ahamdi takes on my own friends and students. And I’ve felt a sense of deep, deep sense of outrage each and every time I HAVE to lie in order to get a passport- I hate having to sign that absolutely heinous statement. Isn’t there a way to be able to get around it? Like just cutting it off? Would that means I’d be denied the passport etc I applied for?

  8. Bciv

    ‘cutting it off’ would probably invalidate the application. but not signing it? i expect your passport will say ‘qadiani’ in the relevant column and you will not be allowed by the saudis to visit the two cities there. you’ll also become subject to sections 298b and c (and related amendments) of the PPC. you will lose the fundamental right you now have under section 20 of the constitution of pakistan.

  9. I have a couple of non-Muslim friends (Christians) who cut it out. They argued that it doesn’t apply to them since they aren’t Muslim, but since I’m officially Muslim, it definitely applies to me.

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  11. Maheen Usmani

    Dear Wajahat,
    Your blog has left me speechless. I am ashamed of what my country has become.. a haven for intolerant, bigoted, jaahil people who constantly bring disgrace to all Pakistanis.

  12. Qadianis are kafir

    . This Islamic Republic is the only state in the world which has officially declared me to to be a non-Muslim.

    Untrue . Iran and Saudi Arabia also say the same at the very least amongst Muslim states (which is why Qadianis cant go on Hajj as Muslims can) and there is ijma on this issue from the ulema, that one who believes in a “Prophet“ after the Prophet Muhammed (salAllahu alayhi wasalaam) is a non-Muslim.

    “(Disclaimer: Khan is not an Ahmadi, rather a Pakistani)“

    LOL . You said it…

  13. Ahmadi !

    @Qadianis are Kafir

    And who are you to decide to decide who is a muslim and who isnt? Its ignorance like this that has brought us to this today? Who are you to decide who should live and who should die! Islam (if you have ever bothered to read the Holy Quran) specifically states that there is no compulsion in religion and everyone is allowed to practice their own! The Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself adhered to this practice, are you telling me that you know better!
    I am not trying to pick an argument with you neither will I try to explain my point of view to you. All I will say is, whatever the case, do you think that Ahmadis or Qadianis as you like to call us deserved to be murdered?

  14. Yes, who are you to decide? If it was up to the Wahabis, no one but them would be Muslim! Those who support the anti-Ahmaddiya law should know that this support means that they are part of the problem. It means that you are allowing a whole community to be treated badly in your name as a citizen of Pakistan. Not speaking up against these crimes is a crime itself. I have said it before, and I will say it again: silence is the deepest form of violence. So, instead of harping on about who is more Muslim, I wish we would see more comments condemning this!

  15. AZW

    If I had to hear about the Ijma of the Ulema on any issue, I would say that last few times I heard this term, ulema had an ijma on pretty much everything:

    1) Not too long ago, the argument was that suicide bombing are completely allowed by Islam, and most religious scholars agree with it. Poor me, as now I had to read a 600 page document by Tahir-ul-Qadri that is explaining in detail why suicide bombings are completely disallowed in Islam.

    2) When Taliban government came into power, the ulema council of Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia came to a unanimous agreement that Taliban government is the truest Islamic government and all Muslim World should accept them as legitimate. Even there was by agreement that Mullah Umar was called Ameer-ul-Momineen (the one who governs all the righteous ones). Oh, well the true Islamic government became the terrorist central for the world. God save us from the next true Islamic government and the ulema decree applauding that one.

    3) Then not too long ago, I was hearing that ulema had an ijma that a woman cannot be the prime minister of a country. And apparently the same ijma was reached during Ayub Khan’s era when Miss Fatima Jinnah was contesting the elections. And then some other ulema came in and said that no, there is no such thing in Islam that forbids woman from governing a state. The power of ijma is truly outstanding.

    Which brings me to a rather simple question: What if Mr. Sardar Khan (another true Muslim who commented in the Blowback in Lahore thread) as well as Mr. “Qadianis are Kafir” (another righteous one), were born Qadianis?

    This question is rather simple. However I had this discussion with a moulvi as he tried to tell me that he was on the right path and I was on the wrong path. I posed him this question; what if you were born to the faith that I am born to. His reply was as follows: “This is God’s will that he made you born in the wrong religion. But it is never too late for anyone to come to the right path”. And what if I don’t come to the right path? “Then I am doomed in this life as well as the afterlife” was his reply. Now that’s too bad for me right?

    You see, this moulvi was an Evangelical Christian priest. His only problem was that he could proselytize, but he could not force me to follow his religion, or let me be branded a non-Christian by the state. This is the blessing that the country I live in (Canada) gives me. It allows me to practice my faith to the same degree that it gives to that Christian priest. It is neither giving me an upper hand, or him an upper hand. I am not discriminated because of my religion. No one has ever asked me my religion when I apply for a driver’s license, passport, job interview (government or private), or at any public space (hospital, airport, courts). The law makes sure that religion does not form the basis of any discrimination. The state makes sure no one is stopped from practicing their religions.

    State just doesn’t decide the righteousness of its citizens, period.

  16. Hamud

    We as a whole country-men (not nation as we marginalize a lot many components of it) need to redefine our ethics based on tolerance, freedom and acceptance of diversification.
    The incidence has its own impact but If we support as a whole to the victims then we can overcome these bloody demons.

  17. Khullat

    Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian says:

    “baad az khuda ba ishq-e Muhammad mukhammaram
    gar kufr een bawad bakhuda sakht kaafiram”

    Translation: ‘After God, it is the love of Muhammad that inebriates me. If this is kufr, then by God I am a firm kafir.’

  18. Khullat

    Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian says:

    “shukr lillah mil gaya hum ko wo lal-e bey-badal
    kya huwa gar quam ka dil sang-e khaara ho gaya”


    ‘Thank God that I have found that priceless gem – God.
    So what if the hearts of my own people have turned stone-hard towards me.’

  19. Tilsim

    @ AZW


  20. A human Being

    All I want to say is that I am not a muslim, I am not a christian, I am not an Ahmadi…

    But I’m a HUMAN BEING.

    I have a gift from God that He gave me and YOU have no right to steel that from me. I have a right of Free Will. YOU cant steel that from me.

    Just wait and look out for “Khuda ka Azaab” now.

  21. aban khan baloch

    what so ever u write or think if u want to live then u have to accept the writ of state through dastur of pakistan and it clearly states that u r kafir so either live with us as zimmi or leave our countries we dont need zionists agents in our societies be brave if ADVANI can leave why cant u and we should make a law forbidding u for muslim sounding name as well

  22. Mr Baloch, you make me very sad. Very sad indeed. I am disgusted.

  23. Bin Ismail

    @aban khan baloch (May 31, 2010 at 2:55 pm)

    “…..if u want to live then u have to accept the writ of state through dastur of pakistan and it clearly states that u r kafir so either live with us as zimmi or leave…..”

    I was just wondering. Who’s side would a “dastur-loving” citizen like your worthy self, have taken, if you lived in the days of Yazeed. Yazeed’s dastur had categorized Hazrat Imam Hussain as a kafir, murtadd and waajib-ul qatl?

    Pray, do enlighten me.

  24. ZQ

    Dear Wajahat, your community not only has my deepest condolences and sympathies over the loss of so many innocent lives, but as a fellow Pakistani, I sincerely apologize for the attitude towards you of so many jaahil morons who exist in this country. Anyone who can declare themselves a ‘better’ Muslim than anyone else clearly hasn’t understood the first thing about the faith. and we as a nation have failed our people miserably, especially those who are in any way different. I know its easier said than done, but turn a deaf ear to these ignorant bigots – they aren’t worth wasting an iota of brain space over.

  25. Dear Editor and my readers,

    This letter is my hope to give awareness to my community the kind of treatment we are given in our own country (Pakistan). My people who are not only part of my community but also they are bonded to me more than my own blood relatives. My community in Pakistan is considered to be a very small minority community. Ahymadia Muslim Community is treated with extreme torture and pain. I know my readers will find this piece as something that anyone would write about and complain. NO! This is written with all my hope that someone from the community will read this and take a stand, which has the power to. I am begging my community in Canada to help my people in some way who are stuck in Pakistan, who have no rights let alone. I want them to be helped in everyway. Daily their lives are taken from other Muslims because they belong to Ahymadi community. Why? Who are these people to decide what community we belong to? Who are they to restrict us from going to mosques and calling our worship places mosques? This is our country too. They need to understand. I was born in Pakistan. However, I am raised in Canada. When I hear that Ahymadia Muslim community is being tortured for absolutely no reason I am struck with that because we are helpless. When not only the political parties but the country is against us what can we do other than give awareness in the Western countries to help this third world country who has become a center trade of terrorism. On May 28th, 2010 a terrorist attack left our community distressed because more than ninety people died while they were praying in a mosque. Terrorist attacked them believing they will go to heaven. What kind of religion teaches people to kill others and you will be showered with blessings. Forget about being blessed hereafter. One will not even gain anything in this world with so much hatred for your own brothers and sisters. I want all the Pakistani people to wake up and open your eyes. Where is your humanity gone? Pakistani people need to take a stand for this innocent community who is such a big part of Pakistan. We are the most loyal citizens of this country. All we ask is for peace and justice. Is that too much to ask? Please this goes for all my brothers and sisters to stand up and speak the truth. It is still not too late. But if all you are going to have the same mentality than you shall be treated the same way as Zia, Buto and all those politicians in Pakistan who had the worst deaths in history to name a few.

  26. Is it fair?
    Being the minority Ahmadi in Pakistan
    and having to be cut
    from the society?
    Is it fair?
    Being the only true ahmadi Jammat in 73 other sects
    And never getting the basic human rights
    Because, I am ahmadi

    Is it fair?
    That all eyes are on us
    To make sure we don’t say the kalma the way other Muslims do

    Is it fair?
    That our prayers don’t count in the eyes of other Muslims
    My crime, being an Ahymadi Muslim
    Is it fair?
    That the world gives us funny glances
    When we fight to say we are Muslim
    Simply because we are Ahymadi
    Is it fair?
    That our people are being killed on a daily basis
    and all they see is killing in the name of religion
    and believing to enter the house of paradise
    Because, we are ahymadi
    Is it fair?
    Children being slashed at the ages of 10
    in their own houses
    Just because they are Ahymadi Muslims.
    Is it fair?
    That we grow in a furious world
    Due to our faith and our beliefs
    Simply because we are ahymadi
    Who will understand us other than God?
    Wake up people
    Jihad is not from weapons
    Do jihad of pen
    Is it fair?
    The majority Muslims is breaking our mosques
    Because they believe we are worshipping some idols not “ONE GOD”

    But we are telling everyone
    We are true Muslims
    Who don’t fight back but pray to God
    Oh God, Please open up these people’s minds and
    Show them the true path
    Is it fair, to be the true ahymadi Muslims and yet being treated,
    Brutally in this world
    Is it fair?



  28. Bin Ismail

    @BEENA AHMED (June 3, 2010 at 4:08 pm)

    This same “simple argument” was presented 57 years ago by the Munir Commission in 1953 – and with equal futility.

    Let’s revise some history – some conveniently forgotten events. In 1953, there was a wave of pre-meditated and well-orchestrated violence against the Ahmadis in Punjab. Eventually, when things were brought under control, the Central Government formed a Commission of Inquiry, comprising of two very able judges, Justice Munir and Justice Kayani. During the course of the inquiry, Justice Munir asked Maududi Sahib the same question, which you today have raised as a “simple argument”. Justice Munir asked the Maulana, how he would feel if in other countries where Muslims are a minority, Muslims were persecuted in the same way as Ahmadis were in Pakistan. Indifferently shrugging his shoulders, Maududi Sahib said that was not his concern.

    The findings of the Munir-Kayani Report were as follows:

    The anti-Ahmadi riots were instigated at the behest of the following:

    a) the Provincial Government of Punjab, led by Mumtaz Daultana.
    b) Majlis-e Ahrar, which after being banned, was reorganized and rechristened as Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nubuwwat.
    c) Jamaat-e Islami
    d) Jamiat Ulama Islam

    But as always, we as a nation chose to brush aside ugly findings, shut our eyes and slumber.

    The very forces that called Quaid-e Azam “kafir-e azam” and Pakistan “paleedistan” are now very much in a dictating position. They still believe that the great founder of this country was a kafir-e azam and they are still committed to their mission of turning Pakistan into paleedistan.

    On a suggestive note, you may like to study the Munir-Kayani Commission Report.

  29. Goher

    Alhamdolilah the 95 martyrs in a much better place. Let us pray for the families left behind tho!