Lahore’s now the latest target of Taliban

Raza Rumi

Once again the terrorists have hit Lahore. But this time they have chosen the favourite target of the fundamentalists – the Ahmedis who were declared as non-Muslims in 1974. Two places of worship have been attacked and innocent people have died. This is unacceptable and outrageous. It means that the state policy of exclusion has finally turned the country into a nightmare – a polity where freedom to worship, profess religious orientation and expression is not only curtailed by simply denied.

The resolve of the Government and the Army must be now strengthened after these tragedies. We condemn the state excesses and also the this heinous act of terrorism.

It is almost surreal to see what is happening in Lahore – there is no law and order, no law enforcement worth its name and hapless citizens witnessing the crumbling of a society. It is time to wake up – complacency will not do.

We have to fight terror and the enemy within and not blame the external forces time and again.

As I write these lines, I am petrified as a very dear friend’s father is trapped in the Model Town mosque. may God protect him.

Updated at: 1437 PST,  Friday, May 28, 2010
Ahmadis’ worship places attacked, five killed LAHORE: Firing incidents have been reported at religious places of Ahmadi sect in Garhi Shahu and Model Town areas of Lahore on Friday.

Five people have been reported killed and 10 injured in the attack at Model Town mosque. Seven terrorists attacked Model Town mosque and police have arrested one of them.

TTP Punjab has claimed the responsibility for the attack, Geo News reported.

Terrorists entered into the worship places where at least 1500 were offering Friday prayers.

Explosions also heard in these localities, Geo News stated. Heavy police contingents have reached the scene.


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19 responses to “Lahore’s now the latest target of Taliban

  1. Anwar

    Very unfortunate.
    What has become of this country…

  2. Shoaib

    We should start a campaign in support of the Ahmadi Muslims and a campaign to persuade the parliament to declare them Muslims again….!!

  3. Ally

    This is just awful news! Shoaib its time to make Pak a secular country adn remove any kind of religion from Politics… who’s next? today its Ahmedis and Christians and Shias, next it will be another sect, and then another until theres no one left!

  4. Shoaib

    You’re right…it’s the time to make this Pakistan what Jinnah envisioned…..a Secular state where religion has nothing to do with politics…….Banayen gay hum isko Pakistan ka Jinnah, Inshallah….!!

  5. Voldemort

    As long as people continue deluding themselves into believing that Jinnah wanted a secular state, Pakistan will not see better days. Sure, Jinnah wanted to separate religion from politics, but how he wanted to accomplish that when his very demand for Pakistan was based on securing a homeland for Muslims (why not others?). And just because he said in a speech that Hindus wouldn’t remain Hindus and Muslims wouldn’t remain Muslims doesn’t amount to much in a region where even a sacrosanct document like the Constitution is not accorded due respect.

  6. @Voldemort

    As long as you delude yourself into thinking that you have any understanding of the issue, we will continue to get claptrap of the sort you just posted.

    Jinnah made it clear, quite clear, and there are enough citations to satisfy even a judge sitting in judgement, that he was seeking a homeland for Muslims because he saw his mission as that of getting such a homeland for Muslims.

    He also pleaded for a homeland for the Tamizh and for special protection for the Scheduled Castes, not to mention other minorities. However, these were to place on record his support and sympathy for others who found themselves under the pressure of an overwhelming caste Hindu majority. It was not his mission, others from those backgrounds had independently taken up those missions, and it is for that reason and because of his own existing mission alone that he cannot logically have spent his time on half a dozen different campaigns all at the same time.

    Your last sentence is not clear. He made his own intentions perfectly clear in his speech to which you refer; how do you manage to link that to the failure of the written Constitution after Jinnah’s death, a Constitution that had not even been written in his life time? What is the connection that you see?

  7. FM

    It is very sad and irony is that there will be no hue and cry by any quarters.I am disappointed for the death of Human beings for no reason to please Allah because Allah has never asked his Prophet(pbuh) to appreciate voilence for spreadong Islam.
    It is indeed a very sad moment for a humane.
    I am sure there must be very educated people amongst the dead ones since Ahamadis are educated lot.

  8. Well said. We need to condemn this butchery. Unacceptable. R

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  10. Maestro96

    Just to let you guys know, the police watched as the Model Town attacker fled from the scene. The second terrorist was overpowered by the people at the mosque.

    The links of these terrorists with the remnants of PML-N and JI are very clear and the establishment knows that.

    Remember the Hamid Mir tape – his views depict the extremely hateful prejudice that the majority of the Pakistani society carries about Ahmadis thanks to the indoctrination and propoganda by the state. Also, remember that HM was talking to the TTP-Punjabi wing terrorist. Who will hold him and Jang Group accountable for this? No one. This will continue and more killings will occur by the religious fascists.

    The attackers were most likely from southern Punjab. Southern Punjab is a terrorist haven. Finally the children of Zia have grown up and are all set to decimate what is left of Jinnah’s Pakistan.

  11. Tilsim

    Makes the stomach churn. Another very sad day. These animals think that killing innocents is Islam. Frankly unless Muslims get a grip on these deviants, the non-Muslim world will turn on us and violently. It’s a matter for our own survival as a community and a nation. I hope the fence sitters in the Punjab government and establishment can move decisively to purge the fanatic element that is so intertwined amongst them. These guys are responsible for societal attitudes. We desperately need 0ur leadership to change course and guide our nation away from an attitude of tolerating fanaticism.

  12. Abd

    A day to be very fearful, for the coward so-called muslims who kill, maim, and murder. They think they are god and have the authority to decide who is or is not a muslim. Also for those coward observers who are indifferent towards the ultimate crime against Allah .. that of stepping into Allah’s jurisdiction. Laa’nut !!

    May Allah (SWT) shower His blessings on the Ahmadi martyrs who gave their lives in the name of Allah (SWT). Ameen.

    @Shoaib May 28, 2010 at 4:46 pm
    “We should start a campaign in support of the Ahmadi Muslims and a campaign to persuade the parliament to declare them Muslims again….!!”

    Be very fearful and repentant of your statement. Parliament is not Allah .. Revisit the fundamentals of your Islamic teachings ..

    By HIs Grace, Allah (SWT) is sufficient for the Ahmadi muslims !!

  13. Reactionary


    Ahmadis who openly declare that they follow a prophet after Rasool are not Muslims ipso facto. No act of parliament one way or another can change that and to be purposely ignorant of the truth is reactionary and/or naive at best. Unlike Ahmadi’s, the Bahais of Iran have the better sense to know when their beliefs have put them outside the fold of Islam even though they believe in the Prophet and Allah etc.

    With that being said, the fact that they are not Muslim does not justify or condone these kinds of violent unIslamic attacks against them and this doesn’t matter whether they are Ahmadi, Jewish, Hindu, Pagan or whatever.

    Also to those who think the problem is Islam in our politics, our constitution, or in our society, I say you’re myopic and given what just happened today probably just reacting out again in your own ignorance.

    Islam is the foundation of our society and its most unifying force to ignore it, neuter it, or entirely sideline it is to invite even greater danger for the nation in terms of factionalism. We should condemn this attack, but we should also condemn the war our own country has been facilitating against one another in the area where these attackers may have originated from in NWFP. Many of those who have died there by drone fire are no less innocent those who have been killed today even though their isolation and government blackouts regarding them make them less relatable. Our government (and our society’s acquiescence to it) began the killing of each other first, Pakistanis buffered by it for the beginning years in Lahore and Karachi are simply tasting the depredations of what we have been inflicting upon others.

    Lastly, I’ll remind everyone it was when Pakistan was ‘secular’ before Bhutto’s amendment change and before Zia’s 80’s that Pakistanis wantonly killed 3 million of their fellow Pakistanis (most of them Muslims but also many Hindus) on account of disagreements over ‘secular’ language. The lesson learned is that we need to focus on what unites us and it’s not language, it’s not ethnicity, or the trappings of most other Western secular nation-states, it’s Islam. Without it, we might as well already divide up into independent Pakhtunistans, Balochistans, etc.

  14. Muqbool

    Ahmadis are the only Muslims in Pakistan who have accepted the Promised Messiah prophecied by the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) and in line with his prophecy they are being persecuted for it just as followers of all true prophets were persecuted throughout history.

  15. Malik


    Who are you to say who is a muslim or not. You represent the rot in your country and why you people will never progress. Your narrow mindedness about your religion will be downfall of you and your progeny. Pakistan khattam!

  16. Malik


    You are right. This the reprise of 1953 and also of1973, 1984, 1996 and so on. Maudoodiism, JI, political opportunists (including the wild and crazy brothers Sharif) have been the downfall of the Pakistan project. Pakistan is on a very short leash internationally. If you don’t fix your own house, others will. Your largest export is terror-nothing else.

  17. Moosa

    My personal belief is that 2010 is much worse than 1953, not only in terms of numbers of innocents murdered, but also in terms of the general condition of pakistani society. For those who believe in ahmadiyyat as the renaissance of Islam, there is a proof in the recent atrocities, because ahmadis (like all true believers) are killed by their brothers but do not like to kill their brothers. For those who do not believe in ahmadiyyat but who possess political acumen, there are dark shadows on the horizon, for they can envision what is the fate of a nation who stands by while its most peaceful, educated, loyal citizens are murdered by its most violent, bigoted, self-interested citizens. I am sad to say to pakistan today: my eye sees that you are destined for destruction. I would advise all pakistanis to leave this God-forsaken nation before that happens, and it will happen soon.

  18. Moosa

    @ Reactionary

    I am not sure if this is the proper place for a religious debate/discussion, but I do wish to convey a few basic points because the citizens of pakistan have been fed much disinformation by maulvi-influenced media.

    Firstly, the Bahai position is entirely different to the Ahmadi position. They believe that Prophet Muhammad (saw) was the master-prophet of a previous cycle of religious evolution, and they believe that a new better cycle has commenced with the the Bahaullah. The Ahmadis believe that Prophet Muhammad (saw) is the master-prophet in an absolute sense, that his khatam (seal of authentication) extends over all the prophets both before him and after him, they believe that it is meaningless to speak of Prophet Muhammad (saw) as the ‘last’ prophet in time because he himself claimed that he was created before Adam (as), and this is a profound teaching which cannot be covered in a blog.

    Secondly, no human has authority to declare who is a muslim or not a muslim. The definitions of Islam has been clearly set out by the Holy Qur’an and the ahadeeth. One definition is that a person becomes a muslim by merely verbalising, “There is none worthy of worship save God, Muhammad is His messenger”. Another definition of Islam is: declaration of faith, prayer, charity, fasting, and pilgrimage. Another definition of Islam is ‘submission’ in the manner of Prophet Abraham (as), ie he is called ‘muslim’ in the Holy Qur’an because he submitted himself entirely to God.

    However, the modern mullah definition of muslim seems to be entirely focused on ‘khatme-nabuwwat’ to the extent that I heard one ignorant muslim sister say that ‘khatme-nabuwwat’ is one of the five pillars of Islam. For the modern mullah, a person can be a muslim if he murders, rapes, robs, pillages, but he cannot be a muslim if he believes in the continuation of prophethood. This is why the modern mullah produces muslims who are murderers, rapists, and robbers, and ahmadis produce ‘non-muslims’ who are nobel-prizewinners and judges of the international court of justice. How low have you brought Islam, that the people you say are non-muslims are better than the people you say are muslims.

    Last but not least, ahmadis believe that Prophet Muhammad (saw) was khatam-an-nabiyeen (seal of the prophets), they simply interpret it differently to mainstream muslims. It would be somewhat reasonable to say a person is not a muslim if he rejects the Qur’anic scripture, but it is simply despotic and tyrannical to say a person is not a muslim because he disagrees with your interpretation of the Holy Qur’an.

  19. @reactionary

    Also to those who think the problem is Islam in our politics, our constitution, or in our society, I say you’re myopic and given what just happened today probably just reacting out again in your own ignorance.

    Regrettably, you have ignored an intermediate position, quite distinct from those who believe that Islam and Islamic teachings should permeate every aspect of human society in Pakistan, and those who believe, as you have identified, that the problem with Pakistan is Islam being present in politics, in the constitution or in society.

    There was a third point of view, which is neither of the two mentioned above. Please consider those who argued very convincingly that Pakistan was sought and was fought for as a homeland for Muslims, but one where they could lead a normal democratic, even liberal life, where religion was a private matter, not a matter sponsored by the state. This point of view was presented in a series of blogs, and in detailed discussions over a period of nearly two years in this forum.

    It would have been nice if you had participated in those discussions, rather than state at this very late stage that such views might be the result of subjective reactions to contemporary social and political events.