Lahore – a nightmare that is still not over

Raza Rumi

Today’s events in Lahore have shaken the entire country. The zealots and the bigots aside, an ordinary Pakistani is baffled at the scale and impunity of the violence. A terrorist has been captured – perhaps more as events unfold. But will they be punished or we will find more lame excuses that the Ahmedis by worshipping in their mosques were provoking the believers.

The Taliban want to eliminate all diversity and pluralism from Pakistan. The process alas started in the 1950s and Bhutto’s tragic actions and Zia years have planted bigotry and intolerance. Fundamentalism is now a cancer that has widely spread in the body politic. Yet, no one wants to tackle it. For the past two years, get Zardari debates have dominated Pakistan’s public discourse punctuated by the anti-Americanism of the Right.

I am even more surprised that Punjab’s officials named RAW: as if we had no problem here. I am sure tomorrow it will be Mossad and the day after the CIA. Indeed, there is an all out denial of the threat withing.

We have perhaps gone too far and pessimists are now saying that the process of destroying Pakistani society is irreversible. But we think that this is not the case. There is still hope that we shall overcome this menace if Pakistani public opinion is fashioned to look a little deeper inside and not find all sources of evil in Washington or Delhi.

The death of innocent civilians engaged in worship is a wake up call. Today it is the Ahmedis and tomorrow it will be another sect.

Where will this end?

The nightmare is not over.



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  1. Fazal

    I drive Taxi and once my passanger told me that he had lived in Pakistan. On my Question about his Experience in Pak he told me that everybody during converstion says “HONESTLY” and he told exactly it failed there. Every Pakistan when he has to apply for a passport he is bound to lei e.i. he has to sign a declaration which actuelly many time they deny when they feel themselves free. Once in a Aftar Party an Ahmadi was invited and on his questioning he was told that he was only who had fasted. The whole nation is “enjoying” hypocracy. You can ask any Mullah about the existence of God and you will be disappointed from his answer. Surely they can not prove only what they can do is Voinence. It is the duty of Media to enlighten the minds and try to free the people from argumentless pressure.

  2. Natasha

    A sad state of affairs. This , Im afraid is the beginning of a new sectarian war in Pakistan.

    Involvement of RAW statement was indeed ridiculous. The official needs to be sacked for blabbering without proofs and misguiding people , trying to fuel hatred for India while avoiding any responsibility for the security lapse. Chhaka statement indeed.

  3. Well said Natasha. Raza

  4. Fazal: I appreciate your sentiments. However the issue is not whether Ahmadis are good, bad or (non) Muslims. They are citizens who also deserve security, protection and dignity. This incident is shameful and reflective of what a society we have become. Raza
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  5. a muslim

    @Raza Rumi:
    “Where will this end?”
    A very important question.

    Do you want to hear an honest answer?
    Do you have strength to listen a true and painful answer?

    Well here it’s:
    Pakistan will break into pieces. There will be NO Pakistan. There will be NO 1973 constitution. No 2nd ammendment. NO country where its constitution declares reciters of Kalima-Shahada a “Kaffir” (Non-Muslim).
    Pakistanis have started WAR against Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Allah SWT loves his prophet Muhammad (pbuh), so HE will PUNISH ENEMIES of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWS.

    Holy prophet Muhammad (pbuh) converted Kaffirs to Islam by making them recite Kalima-Shahada. Pakistanis are against Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and that is why they are converting reciters of Kalima-shahada into Kaffirs.

  6. Mr Muslim. I am not sure why are you making this into a Muslim issue. There are massacres of Sunnis, Shias and other communities by terrorists. This is a ‘political’ issue and about Taliban wanting to capture power and political space by spreading terror.
    Let us not get into a theological debate here. The issue is far too direct and immediate.
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  7. a muslim

    Holy prophet Muhammad (pbuh) converted Kaffirs to Islam by making them recite Kalima-Shahada. Pakistanis are against Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and that is why they are converting reciters of Kalima-shahada into Kaffirs.


  8. Maestro96

    @RR – The whole Punjab govt. of PML-N is filled with ppl who are Taliban sympathizers. I am surprised that you did not mention Hamid Mir’s tape in which his hatred for Ahmadis is evident and actually shows the typical mindset that is prevalent in the society at large. And believe me the worst in yet to come.

  9. a muslim

    Dear RR:
    Allah sends one ZALIM over another ZALIM.

    All Pakistanis are involved in the Zulm of decalring reciters of kalima-shahda as kaffirs. So, Allah has sent one zalim over another.
    Yes, as you said: There are massacres of Sunnis, Shias and other communities by terrorists.
    Zalims are killing each other.

  10. Maestro96

    @Muslim – Please less talk of religion the better. Believe me this society can do a bit better if we had less of it in our lives.

  11. a muslim

    Dear Maestro:
    We can not get religion out of our lives. As all that is done today in Pakistan is done on the name of religion.

    Dear RR:
    Please don’t mind if Pakistan breaks into pieces. Pakistanis will still live in their homes. Only difference will be that there will not be country by the name of Pakistan and there will not be 1973 constitution and its 2nd ammendment.
    East Pakistanis still live in their homes, after 1971. Now they have another name for their country.

  12. Maestro96

    I am firm nationalist and believe in the Pakistan. The Jamaat had made sacrifices for this country since its very inception. I hope and pray that Jinnah’s Pakistan, for which Ch, Zafrullah Khan amongst other countless Ahmadis worked so hard for has a rebirth as a modern secular state.

  13. Jay

    This is from victims of such evil ideology, be they Ahmadis, Shias, Christians, Hindus or even Muslims themselves – to the President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister of Punjab, all the citizens of Pakistan and foremost the root cause of all this the Jamaat Islami:

    4:75. What (excuse) have you (to offer) that you would not fight in the cause of Allâh and for (the rescue of) the weak and the down-trodden men and women and the children who all say, `Our Lord! take us out of this town of which the people are tyrants, and grant us a defender who comes from You and a helper by Your Own grace.’

    [The Holy Quran – Nooruddin]

  14. Dear Ummi. I just don’t want to engage you as your tone is inhuman. All you can remember after 90 deaths is to point score with those opposed to your world view. This loss of humanity is so sad.

  15. Umm i

    What found inhuman here? you plainly reject the idea of involvement of RAW, may I ask how can you claim that they are not involved?

  16. Natasha

    Umm i –

    Burden of proof lies with the claimant.

  17. Saleem Sinai

    @Ummi and Muslim
    I am sure you guys cant wait for any sort of khilafat to kick in but thet just might be a long wait, probably when hell freezes over. You guys just might want to speed that up and start sending anyone who disagrees with you to hell but before you join in your militant brethren know this…you guys are turning Pakistan into hell; the militants with their guns and both of you with your jaundiced, stone aged and bigoted rhetoric.

    Btw Mr Muslim
    You are not worthy of using that moniker, who gave you the right to spew your warped ideals under that handle?? Stop misrepresentating Islam. Be a bit imaginative and original and have some balls, call yourself Kutter Sunni or something if you are too scared to type in your proper name.

  18. a muslim

    @Saleem Sinai:
    “Btw Mr Muslim
    You are not worthy of using that moniker, who gave you the right to spew your warped ideals under that handle?? Stop misrepresentating Islam. Be a bit imaginative and original and have some balls, call yourself Kutter Sunni or something if you are too scared to type in your proper name.”

    I believe every reciter of Kalima-Shahada are MUSLIM. I even consider Qadianis as Muslim.
    I condemn 2nd constitutional ammendment that declares Ahmadis as Kaffir.
    I do NOT believe in NONSENSE AND STUPID THOUGHTS of one Muslim Khalifa for entire muslim world.
    I believe Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian tobe a MUSLIM BROTHER.

    Saleem Sinai:
    do not jump to conclusion. read carefully before speaking/ writing.

  19. Tilsim

    @ Saleem Sinai

    I do think you misunderstood the point made by Muslim. However it also does show how uncomfortable many of us are beginning to feel with this wearing of religion on your sleeve approach. We are getting hypersensitive to the word Islam because the people who claim to be it’s stout defenders are either silent, apologists or with the terrorists. It’s still too rare to see people speak up against terrorism using a religious frame work or lexicon. We are naturally recoiling at the whole industry of religious slogans and monuments on every street corner. We are reacting to the hate filled version of Islam taught in our classrooms and worse in many of our Madrassas. Our Friday khutbas are full of venom, yet we seem powerless to change this. We are taught that by carrying the Islam card this makes us the chosen ones from God and everyone else less worthy; do we even recognise the damage to one’s morality from such ideas. Then we are taught that there is a massive conspiracy by Kafirs to undermine Muslims. We are brainwashed that we are unique victims of injustices and that we should only lift our voices against real or perceived injustices of fellow members of our Muslim tribe (or should I say particular Muslim sect). Injustices faced by others including non-Muslims do not matter. Then armed struggle is justified and even the killing of innocents – all in the name of Islam. Ahmedis get special attention of the thought police because they look, sound, feel like Muslims but we have a law that says that they say that are not. We feel that they are conspiring to undermine our ‘true and pure’ Islam that we now see represented in every neighbourhood up and down the country. I only mention Ahmedis because this latest disgusting atrocity is against them but Barelvis, Sufis, Shias, Christians, Hindus, Jews and yes now all peace loving rational Pakistanis of all religions and sects are also eligible for murder as part of this ideological cleansing.

    Mere condemnation of this catastrophic state of affairs is not good enough. If we have any backbone left either as Muslims or peace-loving Pakistanis we have to deeply reflect at our whole inner being. We have to first gather deep insight into what we have become individually and then as a nation. We have to learn once again what it takes to be a tolerant, open, peace loving and balanced society. We then have to start the real work to expose, persuade and change the attitudes of our family members, our neighbours, our teachers and our leaders. We must do this, each and everyday for the rest of our lives. I feel only then can I repay God that gift of deep faith and spirituality that he gave me and feel worthy of being called a Muslim.

  20. banjara286

    to say to those who lost their loved ones today that we share in your grief seems like such a small, perhaps even meaningless, gesture. the state must deal with the perpetrators on war footing and bring every single one of them to justice. that includes the entire membership and sympathizers of ttp since that organization has claimed responsibility of this barbaric act.

  21. Kay

    Judging by some of the comments, as usual many Pakistanis still have their heads firmly up their asses. It is always someone else who is responsible for the country’s problems. Isn’t it about time you people wake up and smell the coffee. The enemy is within you. Get rid of the persecution complex and accept the fact that your government created these monsters. There are no good terrorists and bad terrorists-only terrorists. Begin by doing a spring cleaning and withdraw support for the LET , Jaish-e-Mohammed and all the lunatics, invest in a secular education, build schools and tell the army to bugger off. For the last time NO ONE is interested in destabilizing your fucking country. Everyone is terrified that you will soon become a failed state with an atom bomb-imagine Sudan with a bomb. So you guys have one chance to clean this mess-time is running is out. Your model should be Singapore NOT Sudan.

  22. Vandana

    It keeps coming back to the Muslim,non-Muslim issue when the simple point is that a large number of Pakistanis (human beings) were killed by other Pakistanis(not sure about the ‘human beings’ tag here).The state failed in its duty to protect its citizens…and they were citizens even if some bigoted laws had stripped them of their right to call themselves muslims.

  23. Malik


    Well put. Pakis are on an irreversible course to their self-destruction. Warped education, warped ideas, warped and stupid sense of self and their religion. The intellegentsia are a bunch of {EDITED} who can’t even refer to a “mosque” as a “mosque”. Their rampant discrimination against Ahmadis and others has brought this on. They will need a {EDITED} to do anything productive. {EDITED}

  24. Tilsim

    @ Kay @ Malik

    You are not saying anything new – many many Pakistanis are also saying the same thing to each other and our leaders. Please read the many Pakistani blogs that are out there. However, your language is highly insensitive and crude. It seems you want to kick when we are down. What do you achieve from that other than generating hatred towards Indians. Why perpetuate this too too mai mai?

  25. Ummi

    Natasha, involvement of RAW without proof is ridiculous for sure but how involving Talibans and every Mullahs in this act is a sign of wisdom? please tell!

  26. Nui

    Pakistan it self started terrorism to the neighboring countries, now there is noway to get out.
    Extreme corrupt Leaders are the progeny of Marshal Law, they themselves knows very well about terrorist attacks whatever on Shite, Sunni or Ahmadi’s Mosque. They are just making stories to divert attention of innocent people from actual fact and what they (so called leaders) want to do they are doing.

  27. @Ummi

    But the Tehrik-i-Taliban have already acknowledged their role in this massacre. How does citing this amount to a lack of wisdom?

  28. Natasha

    Ummi ,

    They accepted responsibility for the attack within hours of the attack . If you still choose to believe the ‘RAW involvement to sabotage May 28th celebrations’ bullshit , then that’s your own choice. Not facts.

  29. Natasha

    Ummi ,

    They accepted responsibility for the attack within hours . If you still choose to believe the ‘RAW involvement to sabotage May 28th celebrations’ bullshit , then that’s your own choice. Not reality.

    TTP mein RAW ghhus ker may 28th ki celebrations ko sabotage kar rahi hai aur humari security choorrian pehen ker baithi hai – that’s what the commissioner of Lahore precisely meant when he involved RAW to cover up their failure. I feel sorry for you to have fallen for the bullshit.

  30. Natsaha. Thanks for your comments. Let me say that unlike the Indians who love to blame Pakistan for every act of terror, there are many Pakistanis who can see the truth.
    By using the illogic, Bhutto and Zia were also RAW agents who persecuted Ahmedis. Every act of discrimination must then be the fault of RAW. Let’s wake up and see that there are bigots here who want to impose ONE version of Islam.
    Having said that I am neither nave nor ignorant about Indian establishment which has always wanted Pakistan to remain weak and subordinate. If India had shown some vision, Pakistan would not have become a national security obsessed state.

  31. Ramesh Manghirmalani

    Raza : You must be mentally sick if you think it is RAW or CIA.

    There is Blood shed of the people who have lived together for centuries and have just been divided by a thin line .. A line forcefully drawn between the people and firmly stands on the land. I, am totally shocked and perplexed, I think ( Taliban ) these are bunch of animals . I was shocked to hear about the tragedy at Lahore Mosque. I feel sad for the families of innocent people who lost their lives during this barbarian terrorist attack. I also feel sorry for their families.Some effects of the Civil War weren’t just economically, but personal to. Some People didn’t know what to expect when they got home to their families, and to see how disappointed their families were. A lot of families that lost someone special to them during the Taliban entry to Pakistan. I used to think a lot over the issues of life: Why do we live on earth? How should we live? Where will we go after death? How can we avoid drifting with the tide? How can we retain a kind nature in such a materialistic society? I could not help contemplating these questions. Other people did not understand why I cared so much about these things, and I could not understand why they did not think of them at all.Science and academic degrees could not help me answer these questions. Other than bringing us some material abundance and comfort, science has nothing to do with spirituality and morality, nor can it truly improve the essence of our lives. But since reading Zhuan Falun, Mohan Das Karachand Gandhi, and Pandit J. Nehru, all of my questions were answered and I started to understand everything– life, nature, universe, science, morality, Buddha, Tao or God. I felt I had been waiting for a long, long time, just for this Fa, and at last I finally found it. Since then, my life has had a goal.The terrorist attack reminded me of another issue, which is that nothing other than mankind’s morality and the protection of God can help us or keep us from being harmed. Even in the U.S., a country with the most developed scientific technology and the most advanced military forces, a tragedy involving the loss of thousands of lives in a single day could still happen. How can anyone, in any country, still consider himself safe? In the face of such an unexpected tragedy, scientific technology, wealth, power, prosperity, and other pursuits in a human world built upon materialism, cannot be compared with the preciousness of the first cry of a newborn baby.If we really treasure life, we should see it as our duty-bound responsibility to repress and punish the bad, assist and promote the good, and stop the evil. This is because crimes against innocent people by the vicious could potentially harm every one of us, plus affect our nation and our offspring. Right now, I understand better than ever that the world needs kindness and justice and living beings need “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance.”Harming an innocent person is actually harming all innocent people. The persecution of “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance” is a threat against the essence of all life. Many things do not occur to us personally; however, a kind person cares more about others’ mishaps than his own. Facing the fundamental choice between right and wrong, as well as the struggles between good and evil, or righteousness and viciousness, everyone has to make their own decisions. Will you choose goodness or evil? Being indifferent to evil is a kind of acquiescence, and thus is committing a crime. On the other hand, every effort that supports kindness likewise serves to suffocate the evil. The so-called “neutral” attitude does not exist. In the past two years, Falun Gong has been calling on all kind-hear-ted people and international organizations to support and to help stop the brutal persecution of “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance.” This is to provide an opportunity for people to know the truth and take a correct position regarding fundamental issues of right and wrong. This is not trivial but related to the well-being of everyone’s future. We should not permit tolerance to degenerate into indifference.May God bless every family, and I wish I can be of some help. I hope the people behind the heartless murder of so many innocent lives are caught and brought to justice very soon.Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too. As I, conclude, All … religions show the same disparity between belief and practice, and each is safe till it tries to exclude the rest. Test each sect by its best or its worst as you will, by its high-water mark of virtue or its low-water mark of vice. But falsehood begins when you measure the ebb of any other religion against the flood-tide of your own. There is a noble and a base side to every history.I am on the side of the unregenerate who affirm the worth of life as an end in itself, as against the saints who deny it.Occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. Their meanings can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart.May God be with you my friends, Khuda Haiz

  32. Ramesh Manghirmalani

    Raza: What nake you think Indian blame Pakistani, they the several Air Crashes, Maoist problem, they never blame Pakistan. Come on grow up- smell roses. This Lahore problems is Muslim V/s Muslim

  33. Khullat

    Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian says:

    “Baad az khuda ba ishq-e Muhammad mukhammaram
    Gar kufr een bawad bakhuda sakht kaafiram”


    ‘Next to God, it is the love of Muhammad that inebriates me.
    If this is kufr, then by God I am a firm kafir.’