Deforestation of Islamabad & F-9 park’s poor design.

Isa Daudpota, an Islamabad based academic and activist has sent these images and text for PTH

Those who built the huge F-9 park had no clue about new ideas of park design in water-scarce areas where one must make parks into sustainable educational and recreational area. The images below show the systematic deforestation of Islamabad, especially in the F-9 park. The greenery was replaced by well-known architects in the name of development. Also the parade ground opposite H-8 by the Musharraf administration.

Why are we so keen to ruin our cities and abuse the notion of ‘public’ parks? (Raza Rumi)



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5 responses to “Deforestation of Islamabad & F-9 park’s poor design.

  1. There is no planning seen in Pakistani Plans. They make most of the things without the feasibility study.

  2. Sarwar

    I bet CIA, in cahoot with Mossad and RAW, did the planning, designing and construction work. These three countries have after us for a long time. Look the way they sneak in at night and cause population explosion here. Then they set up hole-in-the-wall ‘factories’ to produce fake stuff (bought a shampoo recently. The label said,”Mad in Inglish”), educate our youth in madrassahs to produce jehadis who blow up people without discrimination. The list goes on and on. But I found most interesting was when Shahid Afridi, our cricketing hero, was shown biting a ball as if that was an apple.
    Well, you know the rest. If you don’t then ask Zaid Hamid.

  3. Sarwar

    apologies for the typos: leaving words out. ‘Should have read the text before shooting it off

  4. Ron


    Vinnie believes this.
    “pakspectator” is well known for such theories.

  5. Silal

    And what about the Avenues that cut down hundreds (if not thousands) of trees in Islamabad? It’s surprising how our planners just go ahead with their “uplift” without assessing the negative footprint that it might have.

    @Sarwar: LOL!