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New York Times On Pakistan’s Conspiracy Theorists

It is not every day that we at PTH agree with the New York Times on issues pertaining to Pakistan but we do so whoelheartedly here. Pakistan is full of conspiracy theorists of all shapes, sizes and forms. And these conspiracy theorists are found everywhere. Lahore High Court Chief Justice Khawaja Sharif not long ago allegedly declared that Taliban were secretly Hindu. The article below doesn’t mention Hamid Mir but the recent Khalid Khawaja incident shows how conspiracy theories can be very hazardous. Many of these conspiracy theorists find Pakteahouse (denounced as part of the 2 percent liberal mafia and as “Rich Anglophone Pakistani Elite” aka RAPE by some) a particular target for we have stood against them consistently. One such conspiracy theory rag – the Daily Ummat – which ought to be investigated for links with terrorists- routinely abues PTH and its active members by name to cause them harm. We are glad the world is beginning to take note of these crooks. – YLH

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Ahmed Rashid: The Times Square Bomber: Home-Grown Hatred?

The Times Square Bomber: Home-Grown Hatred?

By Ahmed Rashid

From The New York Review of Books

Published May 14, 2010

The Pakistani media is in a state of apoplexy about the would-be Times Square bomber, the Pakistani-born US citizen Faisal Shahzad. Predictably a great many commentators in the press and on the non-stop talk shows that run on over 25 TV news channels have discussed whether it was a CIA plot to embarrass Pakistan or provide an excuse for American troops to invade us: Was Shahzad an Indian or Israeli agent? And in any case, why should Washington hold Pakistan responsible, since he was an American citizen?

Not surprisingly, the Zardari government, the army, and Pakistani politicians have also muddied the waters. Although the government has said it will fully cooperate with US investigators seeking to find out which extremist groups trained Shahzad and where, Islamabad continues to fudge the paramount issue—the need for Pakistan to launch a comprehensive campaign against all extremist groups rather than the hit-and-miss anti-terrorism measures it is presently pursuing. That selective campaign leaves untouched the Afghan Taliban based in Pakistan—including Mullah Omar and other top leaders—who are not killing Pakistanis but are organizing attacks against US troops in Afghanistan; it also has ignored the Punjabi Taliban groups who have been attacking Indian nationals and government buildings in Kashmir, Kabul, and elsewhere, as well as killing numerous Pakistanis in suicide bombings in Lahore and other cities.

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Our Free and Independent Judiciary!


The Supreme Court has proved yet again that it is independent and free…  independent of any check by law and free of all rational sense.

It is now becoming increasingly clear that the the Superior Courts have every intention to allow every terrorist and his mother in law loose on the streets.  By dismissing the appeals of Punjab and Federal Governments against release from house arrest of Hafiz Saeed,  our honorable Supreme Court told the government,  “Arrest him when you have proof”.  What would constitute proof one wonders?  Indian Government has submitted five dossiers.  Is there nothing in them that atleast qualifies as actionable evidence?    It seems though that the Supreme Court is now unconcerned with the fate of this country. Continue reading


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