Chinese whispers of the press


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2 responses to “Chinese whispers of the press

  1. Sadia Hussain

    I wonder why papers such as Ummat or hizb-ul-tahrir are not banned despite being the mouth pieces of militants. There is a ban on face book and YouTube but the militant literature; the gruesome beheading cd’s are widely available all across Pakistan. We need to stop the disinformation and propaganda which is polluting our society. When will the state take notice of this blatant hate-speech?

  2. They would never take any notice Sadia.
    They are the puppets being controlled by the Imperialists, right from the time of partition.
    They had promoted and started this Jehad industry, against Soviet Union in Afghanistan having imperialist agendas as a backdrop.
    Your state, historically, is based on a theory associated with a particular religion and no matter how liberal the politicians ( and ‘intelligentsia’) pretend to be, they are actually cultural narcists, when it comes to religion.

    It feels insanely insecure to be labeled as accursed heretic in your own land…