NFP’s brilliant new blog About Pakistan’s Fashion And Music Industry – Must read

I have never been able to understand the cultural dynamics of what is called the Pakistan fashion industry, particularly the notion of holding ‘fashion weeks’ which, at least to me, seem to last for months.
There is nothing new in saying that the so-called Pakistan fashion scene constitutes the minutest percentage of the population when we start counting the number of designers, models, ‘fashion journalists,’ and audience members for fashion shows in this country. Their activities carry not an iota of social relevance whatsoever.

To me they’re quite a useless bunch and I am sure after reading this they would be thinking the same way about me as well. Fair enough.

However, I do have the right to raise a few questions when the enthusiastic fashionistas – who entirely exist in a colourful timeless void – go on to make statements to the effect that they are ‘defying extremism’ and how their events have more to do with matters of business and economics than mere, decedent entertainment.

Well, in no way are these jazzy events akin to a bunch of cosmetic ladies and men standing up to the specter of extremism. The truth is this (albeit widely covered) fringe has always been around. They were there even during the most myopic and reactionary days of one General Zial Haq as well. Thus, even if this country’s military, politicians and people do manage to fail themselves by whining out democracy and submitting to monsters like the Taliban, it is my guess, Pakistan would still be holding fashion weeks.

These trendy folks, about whom we are forced to read and see



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4 responses to “NFP’s brilliant new blog About Pakistan’s Fashion And Music Industry – Must read

  1. Brilliant as always…

  2. yasserlatifhamdani

    Yes… and the accompanying picture is sure to launch a shurli in Kashifiat’s dhoti.

  3. Yousuf

    Ha ha ha ha! His dhoti’s been busy wiping out facebook these days.

    On a more serious note, this man Paracha never ceases to amaze. Top stuff this.

  4. brilent ,,,,,awsome…i like it……………..