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Mass madness over the internet

Ahmed Nadeem has sent another exclusive contribution for PTH. We are posting it to show that a large number of people are enraged at curtailing the freedom to use the internet. We do not endorse all the views here but would like to give airtime to all views. Raza Rumi

There is a ‘mass madness’ ranging from TV talk shows to headlines of News Papers and debate on internet. Charged workers of religious organisations are out in streets of Pakistan. As Malaysian are relatively more religious people as compared to Pakistani’s and share the same Prophet. I was thinking that today country would be choked like Pakistan from electronic blackout to burning shopping malls and McDonalds. Especially, the State of my work my worst as it is currently being ruled by a conservative religious party considered as ‘fanatic’ as Jamat e Islami of Pakistan.The conservative religious rulers of the State where I work have already declared Friday as a off day despite the fact the rest of the country have off days of Saturday and Sunday.

Since yesterday Pakistan Telecommunication authority has blocked Facebook, Youtube and Wikipidia along with interruption in Blackberry services on orders of a ‘Holly Lordship’ of Lahore High Court. The bearded Mullah are on the loose in streets chanting against western infidels burning tyre’s and destroying public property. There are 45 million Pakistani users of social media site Facebook, twice the entire population of another Islamic state, Malaysia. Many of them running businesses, charities and communicating with families and friends have been deprived of access to communication without being heard by a religiously charged self righteous judiciary. All being done in name of a ‘Holly Cause’ to defend the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) from conspiracies of Infidel west.  Continue reading


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Article 2-A : A Draconian Clause In The Hands Of “Azad Adlia”

By YL Hamdani esq.

The famous American constitutional case Marbury V. Madison was arguably the first time the judiciary in the history of the world declared anything “unconstitutional”.  The door was thrown open that day which subverted the time honored principle of parliamentary sovereignty (established through English parliament’s positive assertion of sovereignty in 1688).  Today we in Pakistan are face to face to most unsavory aspects of the judicial tyranny that may emerge through an abuse of this principle. Continue reading


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Let us ban thinking…

Thanks to Yasir, I found this rather simple but powerful poem illustrating the sad reality on the way we have reacted to the Facebook saga. Raza Rumi

As muslims lets be outraged and have shut down or at least boycott the site that was sacrilegious
then close or at least boycott facebook
then close or at least boycott the email
then close or at least boycott twitter
then close and or at least boycott the internet
then close or at least boycott email
then close or at least boycott sms
then close or at least boycott mobiles
then close or at least boycott books
then close or at least boycott paper
then close or at least boycott the pen
then close or at least boycott speech
then close or at least boycott gesture
then close or at least boycott thinking
now my brother we have arrived
lets make a pile of these things and burn them till they are smoke
and fire the nukes till there is no trace left_

_then lets pick some of that charcoal, and some fireproof sheets
and have a draw satan day.



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NFP’s brilliant new blog About Pakistan’s Fashion And Music Industry – Must read

I have never been able to understand the cultural dynamics of what is called the Pakistan fashion industry, particularly the notion of holding ‘fashion weeks’ which, at least to me, seem to last for months.
There is nothing new in saying that the so-called Pakistan fashion scene constitutes the minutest percentage of the population when we start counting the number of designers, models, ‘fashion journalists,’ and audience members for fashion shows in this country. Their activities carry not an iota of social relevance whatsoever. Continue reading


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Jamaat-e-Islami’s rag “Daily Ummat” Asks Me To Leave Pakistan !

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

In his recent column (“Mera beta teri fauj ka sipahi hoga”) in the rag, Daily Ummat,  Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui  has asked all Pakistanis like the “Qadiani supporter” Yasser Latif Hamdani who speak of a secular Pakistan to move to India.   Could things be more ironic?

I find it strange sometimes that Jamaat-e-Islami claims positions thinking that everyone reading their lies is going to buy their crooked distortions as facts.  In a campaign not long ago against Aga Khanis, they claimed that Aga Khanis were Zionists and opposed to the ideology of Pakistan.   Ofcourse such inconvenient facts as the first president of the Muslim League being Aga Khan are of no consequence.

In his aforementioned article Mr. Siddiqui declares – with what one can imagine is a very straight face- that Pakistan was made by his parents under the slogan Pakistan ka matlab kiya La illah ilallah.   The controversy of the slogan Pakistan ka matlab kiya la illah ilallah ought to have been put to rest when Jinnah himself denounced this slogan as being nothing but the handiwork of a few people who wanted to “catch a few votes”.  Continue reading


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