Absolute madness: banning blackberry services in Pakistan

I am posting this message by Ali Shah who has rightly pointed out the absolute madness of blocking the blackberry services in the Land of the Pure. The zealots want us to go back to the stone age. These decisions should be reversed at once. There are other ways of dealing with this issue and not by an absolute ban of connectivity in the twenty first century. In any case, it is not easy to ‘ban’ stuff in this day and age. Many internet users have found other ways of bypassing this embargo (Raza Rumi)

A great man once said, ” Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter ” – And yes, this matters. We as citizens of this world possess the right to access whatever information we may deem suitable.

They have banned entire facebook.com domain in Pakistan, barred blackberry services (cannot even receive/send emails, visit any websites etc) for one ignorant rant? They have burnt the entire village for one bad guy and we must stand upto it.

Courts banned http://www.facebook.com/l/d3d1f;blogspot.com in Pakistan for a long time, on similar charges not long ago. We have to maintain sanity and voice out our concern, as of now, we are getting emails, texts from online blood donation group, charities, human rights activist groups, Islam-Sufism based pages that their causes are also being hurt.



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27 responses to “Absolute madness: banning blackberry services in Pakistan

  1. you make sense there!

  2. karun

    and all this bcos of cartoon controversy on prophet !!

    Pakistani judiciary grow up!!

  3. Pardesi

    Jeezus….why is the Pak judiciary so emotional?
    Left brain nahi chata hai kya?

  4. Pardesi

    Iqbal said,

    Lazim hai dil kai pas rahay pasban-e-aqal
    Lakin kabhi kabhi isay tanha bhi chor dai

  5. What a heartbreak and nightmare !! For all those who have supported the free judiciary movement and the result is islamofascists judges and their rant against minority sects and communities…

  6. kashifiat


    لازم ہے کہ دل کے پاس رہے پاسبان عقل
    لیکن کبھی کبھی اسے تنہا بھی چھوڑ دے

  7. Satrangi

    Freedom of speech ends when some body abuse your father.
    Ask your “loving FB people ”
    to allow us to have page on “Draw the holocaust”

  8. Using Iqbal to kill the logic…
    Alas! Poor Iqbal…

  9. AZW

    Using Iqbal to kill the logic…
    Alas! Poor Iqbal…

    Anyone, anywhere, of any school of thought will be used to make any logic out of anything. Just as long as paranoia and religious zeal stays alive and kicking.

    This has been the story of Pakistan for so long…

  10. Atif

    Well, The court should have ordered the Islamic scholars to make a page on facebook and spread the knowledge about Islam. Spread the teachings of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H).
    I don’t know when our courts will grow up. We have so much powerful medium (facebook) and we can spread our voice to millions of people in a day. But instead, we find closing it as a solution.

  11. kashifiat

    Dear Adnan.

    Logic can’t apply everywhere, Ishq is logic less

    بے خطر کود پڑا آتش نمرود میں عشق
    عقل ہے محو تماشائی لب بام ابھی

  12. AZW


    So is hate, an all consuming emotion that deprives you of any reasoning or introspection. My love for prophet or any revered figure does not come at the cost of blind hatred towards others. You may want to continue labelling your confused emotional state of being as being in a state of ishq (pure love). After reading through a few of your empty collection of words in Udru Daily Ummat, I have found it to be anything but love.

    If you ever get a chance today, or later in your old age, maybe you will want to wonder if any of your rhetoric has ever passed the test of times. Think, if any stage in human history, religion has ever worked well when combined with the affairs of the state. You have a choice to indulge in empty passions, call them ishq or any word that warms your heart. But the futility of your cause is encased by a simple age old adage that those who never learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I believe a very unhappy and frustrating future lies ahead of you.

  13. Mustafa Shaban

    I understand the anger. We should condemn the drawing of Prophet Muhammed SAWW becuase free speech is very good but it has its limits, we cannot inspect the holocaust as they cannot draw our Prophet SAWW. But this is not the way. In the pre islamic age the Quraish would boycott a tribe when they had a fight between them. They did this to the Prophet SAWW as well. The Prophet SAWW condemned this practise and said that trade should never stop with the enemy. There are other ways to condemn an action. More reasonable ways to protest.

  14. Sadia Hussain

    Banning blackberry and then I-phones knowing that it will have adverse effects on our already shattered economy! We fail to curtail the bigoted mullah’s who keep preaching violence against Ahmedi’s and other minorities. It is ok for Ziad Hamid to sit on national TV and malign the minorities and we fail to take any notice of that! So have we been tolerant to our minorities?

  15. This will ONLY promote more intolerance.

  16. Ummi

    You guys are hypocrites. At one side you endorse scarf ban while on other hand whining about ban which was rather highly endorsed by Pakistanis too.

  17. Pagloon kay sar par seengh tou nahee hotee!

  18. yasserlatifhamdani

    Unless we get rid of the cancer of Jamaat e Islami… there will be no progress for Pakistan.

  19. @YLH
    Solaa Aney sach…
    These chapter of Ishq are learnt by the sons of Maudoodi and Kazi in US, where Kazi at his speech at Brookings said, “when I am at US, it always feel like my own country”.
    Hypocrites thy name is JI

  20. YLH

    Ali Arqam,

    I feel the drone attacks are off target. It is the motherload in Mansoora which needs to be on the radar of war against terror.

  21. Hahaha….Drones are on right targets…
    Though Someone has to adjust a chip there to bring it on drones target map

  22. Enough

    Why did I have the feeling that some of the commenters on the blog would find a way to bring Jews into this conversation? Have any of you ever seen the way Jews were depicted and drawn during Nazi Germany and yes, in many Muslim countries today throughout the Arab world? With regards to the Mohammed cartoons, either you believe in free speech or you don’t. If some extremists continue to commit murder, or burn down embassies, threated peoples’ lives and terrorize individuals who hold views contrary to your own then expect to pay the consequences: International shunning and stricter visa quotas in the West.

  23. Nice blog, i like it, its informative,
    i will visit his blog more often.
    i like your article specially about
    Absolute madness: banning blackberry services in Pakistan


  24. YLH

    Drones are the most dreadful of their enemies. They pray that faults develop in the drones, but their prayers go unheard.

    However, drones are good for their health which keep them running.

  25. @ Raza – The message was sent by me to the event members, Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi here. Not “Ali Shah”

  26. Yes stand up, stand up for your rights! Freedom of information. Let all the stupidity of mankind be abolished forever.