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Meet Baroness Warsi of the House of Lords, British-Pakistani, Cabinet Member And Chairwoman Of The Conservative Party Of Britain

Those who followed my facebook updates about the British elections would remember that I was pro-Conservative Party.  There were many reasons for it but reason number 1 was Ms. Sayeeda Warsi, whose political career I have closely followed for two years.  Sayeeda Warsi is the kind of leadership British Pakistanis ought to have and only the British Conservative Party could have had the right sense to have chosen her.   The Labour Party on the other hand has always been too busy appeasing Islamists and promoting people like Lord Nazeer Ahmed. 

Here is the statement I want to make :   PAKISTAN is an extremely large country.   The expatriate population from Pakistan is reflective of that diversity.   You are bound to find all kinds of people from this community.  It is important then to remember that Sayeeda Warsi,  British conservative,  bane of the Islamists and a stateswoman of the highest calibre is ALSO OF PAKISTANI ORIGIN-YLH


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