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Meet Baroness Warsi of the House of Lords, British-Pakistani, Cabinet Member And Chairwoman Of The Conservative Party Of Britain

Those who followed my facebook updates about the British elections would remember that I was pro-Conservative Party.  There were many reasons for it but reason number 1 was Ms. Sayeeda Warsi, whose political career I have closely followed for two years.  Sayeeda Warsi is the kind of leadership British Pakistanis ought to have and only the British Conservative Party could have had the right sense to have chosen her.   The Labour Party on the other hand has always been too busy appeasing Islamists and promoting people like Lord Nazeer Ahmed. 

Here is the statement I want to make :   PAKISTAN is an extremely large country.   The expatriate population from Pakistan is reflective of that diversity.   You are bound to find all kinds of people from this community.  It is important then to remember that Sayeeda Warsi,  British conservative,  bane of the Islamists and a stateswoman of the highest calibre is ALSO OF PAKISTANI ORIGIN-YLH


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Jamaat-e-Islami: The Fountainhead Of Religious Extremism

By Yasser Latif Hamdani – Daily Times

Pakistan will have to undo the Maududian infiltration of its state and society. It means liberating our campuses of organisations like the IJT. It means purging the state and its machinery of elements that are furthering the Jamaat’s hate-filled agendaMy article last week on Faisal Shahzad’s radicalisation elicited unprecedented response on the issue of Islamic organisations operating in the US, thereby necessitating this sequel. There are things that need to be said before it is all too late. Continue reading


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Facebook saga: Dilemma of Urban Middle Class

We are posting this piece in the ongoing debate on Facebook ban. PTH does not necessarily agree with the views expressed here. Raza Rumi

On Wednesday 19th May 2010, the Lahore High Court, famous for acting as a “moral brigade” rather than judiciary, once again passed a strange order to ban Facebook across Pakistan on a petition of Muslim Lawyers Forum. The demand for blocking of the social media site came after it refused to remove certain pages displaying Prophet Muhammad’s cartoons.

This order was passed against the request of the government and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority that controversial pages of Facebook were already being blocked and there was no reason to block entire social media website which has over 2 million Pakistani users.

Few months back Lahore High Court took suo-moto notice of album of a popular female singer and declared her songs to be ‘vulgar’. This was followed by Chief Justice Lahore High Court’s remarks that Hindus were financing the terrorism in Pakistan which attracted protests from Hindu minority of Pakistan. This mixing of religion in to matters of state is opposite to the judgment of the Bangladesh’s Supreme Court which imposed ban on religious parties to take part in politics. Continue reading


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Absolute madness: banning blackberry services in Pakistan

I am posting this message by Ali Shah who has rightly pointed out the absolute madness of blocking the blackberry services in the Land of the Pure. The zealots want us to go back to the stone age. These decisions should be reversed at once. There are other ways of dealing with this issue and not by an absolute ban of connectivity in the twenty first century. In any case, it is not easy to ‘ban’ stuff in this day and age. Many internet users have found other ways of bypassing this embargo (Raza Rumi)

A great man once said, ” Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter ” – And yes, this matters. We as citizens of this world possess the right to access whatever information we may deem suitable.

They have banned entire facebook.com domain in Pakistan, barred blackberry services (cannot even receive/send emails, visit any websites etc) for one ignorant rant? They have burnt the entire village for one bad guy and we must stand upto it.

Courts banned http://www.facebook.com/l/d3d1f;blogspot.com in Pakistan for a long time, on similar charges not long ago. We have to maintain sanity and voice out our concern, as of now, we are getting emails, texts from online blood donation group, charities, human rights activist groups, Islam-Sufism based pages that their causes are also being hurt.


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