Terrorism in Pakistan: 2009

Total Terror Attacks in 2009: 87

No. of People Died: 1,204 (approximately)

No. of People Injured: 2,843 (approximately)


On an average 7.25 terror attacks per month

On an average 14 people died per terror attack

On an average 42 people injured per terror attack


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5 responses to “Terrorism in Pakistan: 2009

  1. Sher Zaman

    These figures are very helpful in understanding the extent of damage and the loss of innocent lives due to terror attacks. Perhaps the cheapest entity in this country is a human life.

  2. Something is lacking in the (presentation of) these statistics or perhaps with the definition of terror attacks / terrorism.

    I don’t see Quetta in this list which was apparently subject to more attacks than Lahore and Rawalpindi.

  3. Najma Naizi

    Something is really lacking in the (presentation of) these statistics the cowardly attitude of the every day sahib & memsahib to stand up to these “thugs” and blame India….USA…& Europe while their fellow men & women perish in these baseless
    terror attacks. Our children are suffering in education and future opportunities while Pakistan burns while India on the other hand is moving forward. For most part the various minorities and groups seem to be able to live & prosper while in Pakistan we daily watch the “terror attacks” numb the society and hence we produce trend charts to
    define our citizens as “moral cowards!”

  4. Jamal_Alam

    Pakistan second most hated nation on earth

    Click to access 160410bbcwspoll.pdf

  5. Sadia Hussain

    87 attacks in 2009 which killed 1,204 and rendered 2,843 Pakistani’s injured, many of them are disabled for life. For anyone who believes this is not our WAR these figures beg to differ, Pakistan is in a state of war and we must do every possible thing to put an end to religious extremism.