Objectives Resolution And Secularism 1

For the benefit of our Urdu readers, we are reproducing in full the multi-part series by Lahore-based writer and intellectual Wajahat Masood who writes in Daily Aaj Kal.  -YLH


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8 responses to “Objectives Resolution And Secularism 1

  1. Jamal_Alam

    kashif the besharam liar back again.

  2. ylh

    Kashifiat the “truth” of Maulana Usmani is exposed in Part 2.

  3. kashifiat

    YLH, I have read all 24 parts (which have published in third class rejected newspaper like aaj kal which is a reflection of Governor Punjab mentality) of that crook and find nothing new,

    Old conventional self made stories, speculations, lies, propaganda, hatred towards religion and distortions.

    time wasting and worthless to read.

    Bachay Jamal ! Bary ho jao munnay 🙂

  4. ylh

    Each one is well sourced and referenced.

    Unlike your lies I might add.

    Talk about third rate …coming from a crook who writes for a paper like ummat …which if called third rate would be an insufferable injustice to all legitimate third rate newspapers etc.

  5. Jamal_Alam

    “Bachay Jamal ! Bary ho jao munnay”

    No, I can’t be a liar like you, sorry.

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