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What lies in yesterday?

What lies in yesterday?
Only the dust and its fumes
Ignore and move on
To paths new and not trodden

What lies in yesterday?
Only heartache and dreams
Forget, and move on,
To the oceans new and its trance

What lies in yesterday?
The old music and rhymes
Of the old days and nights
The desert and its moonlit skies

What lies in yesterday?
The old note books and poems
Remember and move on
With your past and what lies ahead

What lies in yesterday?
The old childhood and places
The old dreams and birth of life
Travel through it like an adventure

What lies in yesterday?
Only the dust and its fumes
The old existence of mine
The old mirrors and its reflections!



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Objectives Resolution And Secularism 2

  Part 2 (Aaj Kal) proves that Mr. Jinnah stood unambiguously and clearly for a secular state-YLH


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Objectives Resolution And Secularism 1

For the benefit of our Urdu readers, we are reproducing in full the multi-part series by Lahore-based writer and intellectual Wajahat Masood who writes in Daily Aaj Kal.  -YLH


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Terrorism in Pakistan: 2009

Total Terror Attacks in 2009: 87

No. of People Died: 1,204 (approximately)

No. of People Injured: 2,843 (approximately)


On an average 7.25 terror attacks per month

On an average 14 people died per terror attack

On an average 42 people injured per terror attack


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