Islamabad’s Fatima Jinnah Park – Where Planners Failed. YouTube

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Isa Daudpota

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In 2007 I wrote an op-ed piece titled "Fatima Jinnah Park Metaphor for Pakistan’s Problems and their Solution" – see . Its focus was on the wasteful symbols of a macho state that surrounded the park: models of missiles, the massive Centaurus Hotel, and Apartments’ Complex, the Army Sector and other extravagances. There was also the issue of the a franchise of McDonald’s illegally set up by carving out a large corner of park.

Here one sees what ails the interior of the park, which has been neglected for nearly two decade during which I have been a frequent visitor.

With the Municipality flushed with money and an overly ambitious Chairman, an expensive, massive landscaping project has been in progress in the park for over two year.

This video which is a small part of an hour-long interview (other segments may be shown later) shows how issues of sustainability have been overlooked by the designer. The park, for example, doesn’t use mulch and or have manure pits to utilize its organic waste. To understand the inappropriateness of the planning for this park see the video:

This clip doesn’t show that the sewage from the Pakistan Air Force Sector flows right through the middle of the park and goes on to pollute Islamabad and Rawalpindi’s groundwater.

I was asked to slip into Urdu by the interviewer as the audience for this program are more comfortable with "Urlish" – a mix of Urdu and English – soon after this recording the channel itself turned bilingual!


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