Media, Morality And Us


This is a short blog to condemn Aaj TV and other such media outlets which play on our middle class’ confused morality for viewership. Switching channels, I came across a sick new TV show called “Target” by Aaj Tv.

It targets mini-cinemas, internet cafes and other places that lower middle class and piss poor pay 20 rupees for cheap entertainment. The anchor- a typical buffoon- is found running with no less than 2 dozen armed policemen chasing poor and hapless laborers and what not escaping some of these mini-cinemas.

I wonder why the poor always get targetted by such TV station. Well because these people can’t fight back. One can count half a dozen different fundamental rights that the anchor and the policemen who aid him violate in the process of this imbecilic show. These people are manhandled and slapped around and also shown on TV.

The police ought to be keeping law and order and that does not mean oppressing people and stopping them from having a good time. Pakistan’s law does not allow for arbitrary morality policing. Sanctity and privacy – believe it or not- are fundamental rights. Instead a warped interpretation and twist on “thou shall stop evil and enjoin good” has become prevalent in society. It feeds losers and third rate wannabes who then appear on TV and play on the middle class’ morality as well curiosity.

Don’t we have bigger problems? Terrorists are blowing up left right and center and we are concerned about whether people are watching porn or as the show refers to it “fahashi”? More than the stupid TV channel that is promoting this nonsense one wonders what our police and their superiors are thinking allowing such control freakery and waste of tax payer money. Did it occur to them that their time could be better spent protecting our life, liberty and property- something they are paid to do?


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10 responses to “Media, Morality And Us

  1. Zia Ahmad

    That’s telestupidity oozing out of just one show. It gets more idiotic. Worked up hysteria over the engagement of a third rate cricketer and an adequete Indian tennis player? Surely airtime can be devoted to addressing the electricity situation and other such more deserving issues. Half an hour of electrcity sandwiched between 2 hours of loadshedding and thats what we get on TV.

  2. fair mind

    I have not seen this show. But it sure does sounds like Pakistani version of COPS TV show in US. Unlike US show, suspect are not considered innocent until proven guilty by court of law, in Pakistani version.

    This show is doing exactly what Maududies i.e. Jamaat-e-Islami and other Mullah-Mafia in Pakistan has wanted to achieve since Pakistan’s creation.

    Morality has to come from bottom up. By reforming every individual person. We witnessed morality as forced top down by Talibans in Afghanistan, evaporated into air with fall of Daisy Cutters (US bombs).

  3. Rafay

    Well pointed out YLH. As we know, when morality is used an argument, it means its idiot proponent is out of ideas.

  4. OMLK

    When Nawaz Sharif was PM he had the brilliant idea of conecting with the masses via his call-a-PM phone service. In one instance he responded to some complaint by reaching a location and ordering the arrest of some poor guy in front of TV cameras. When the PM has no qulams about breaching a few fundamental rights…….

  5. So the poor are really being tested in the country. This is just another extremist element in the society that needs to be wiped off. Why the heck would you go around poor laborer with dozen policemen chasing them for a 20 rupee entertainment. I think this is bogus and we should just leave these poor people ALONE!

  6. Ammar

    @YLH! Every channel nowadays has their very own “Crime Show” where as you mentioned they will show these “raids”! As tabloid it is maybe acceptable but it is indeed a serious breach of fundamental rights, and we do have more pressing issues that needs the air-time! The terrorist incidents are covered with full vigor but we rarely see an objective debate on how to fight terrorism. Rather than merely reporting incidents one can take an initiative on how can we curtail rampant extremism in our society? Like you said more pressing issues to ponder upon!

  7. Israr

    liberating electronic media before educating the country was one of the serious crimes of mush regime.

  8. kashifiat

    I am agreed with YLH, why only poors are targeted, why not these vulgar,nude fashion shows of higher society should not control?

  9. yasserlatifhamdani

    They shouldn’t control anyone. They should control Mullahs who try to control everyone.