Fazlur Rehman is the son of Mufti Mahmood – the famed “freedom fighter” in Indian Independence Struggle


              “If the purpose of Day Light Savings Time is to save energy,  why not move the clocks ahead by one year instead of one hour.  That way we can save energy for an entire year”- Maulana Fazlur Rahman.

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15 responses to “IDIOT!

  1. Anwar

    Like our famous nuclear scientist who proposed harnessing power of jins, this fellow is on time travel…

  2. Maestro96

    Amazing how this moron can get away with a comment like this in today’s age.

    Why don’t the TTP does us a favor and blow up a few mullahs of this kind, but of coruse they won’t. This is because along with the PML-N, mullahs of this kind share ideological links with the TTP.

  3. straight-talk

    Just like one idiot politician from one of the poor state of India once said………

    ” If we take out electricity from river by building a
    Dam then nothing will remain in the water and it will become soulless, hence he is opposed to dam”.

  4. fair mind

    It is amazing Fazlur Rehaman does not have basic common sense, but claims to be expert of Islam, when Holy Quran says, “It is book for people who think”. Unless he means to save energy in political sense i.e. decreasing one year of PPP’s admnistration and President.

  5. Luq


    The movies are having a negative effect on ya.
    That was a dialogue from a bollywood movie not from a real life politician. Only that, our politicians are capable of much worse.


  6. straight-talk


    OK accepted, it was from the movie called Shool (1999) if I recall correctly, and actor was Sayaji Shinde. But my example was just to reiterate the point that if movies are mirror of a society then this dialogue must be showing something stink about this society/political class.

    Moreover if you had listened speeches of Late Raj Narayan (Indira Gandhi fame) and now Lalu Prasad Yadav then you will admit that there is no dearth of casual remarks and nonsense jokers in Indian politics.

  7. Luq

    http: // www. youtube. com / watch?v=-nLm5w5klxg

    The name of the movie, Shool
    The entire movie is on you tube
    you are quoting from part 4, > 8:00 min

  8. Luq

    Filmi dialogue liya aur politician ke naam pe thoap diya. Ab kehte ho ki, haan, film se hi thaa. Credibility gayee taeil lene. Waise politicians ki gandagee ki depth ki baat hi kuch aur hai……


  9. Luq

    >admit that there is no dearth of casual remarks
    >and nonsense jokers in Indian politics.

    Not just Indian politics. Bush kya cum thaa? 🙂


  10. Poor Mufti Mahmood was just a simple mulla in his village in DIK, Panyala … he was trying to make both ends meet in 1947 and politics was far from his mind… !!!

  11. yasserlatifhamdani

    Zeenath that is not true. Mufti Mahmood was a part of Jamiat e Ulema Hind which was fighting against the creation of Pakistan.

    He was pretty famous before partition and was an ally of the Congress.

    After partition in 1949 he merged his remainder JUH into Usmani’s JUI. Later his faction took over the JUI when thanvi etc were forced out in 1956.

  12. @YLH
    Thanvi was forced out…U are refering to whom?

  13. yasserlatifhamdani

    Ehteramul Haq Thanvi… Or was Ehteshamul Haq Thanvi.

    As you might know a small faction JUH broke off in favor of the Muslim League led by Usmani.. The Thanvis were part of Usmani faction (since Usmani himself was a follower of the late Ashraf Ali Thanvi) …

    By 1949 the main group of JUH left behind in Pakistan joined the JUI and by 1956 over ran it.

  14. yasserlatifhamdani

    Erratum: Was it

  15. krash

    Looks like the govt. listened to him and withdrew the Daylight Savings Time order.