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By Muhammad Hassan Miraj 

   They  all stood silent as  the standards were lowered. It was 23rd Day of October in 42 BC and the battle of Philippe had just ended. Lying ahead of the impeccably  formed up legions, was the purple mantle wrapped body of one of the greatest men Rome ever produced. “He was the noblest Roman of them all”. Mark Antony said as he paid homage to Marcus Junius Brutus, commonly known in the historical world as Brutus. The fame brought to Brutus is  attributed towards his role in assassination of  his trusted friend and mentor, Julius Caesar, the Counsel of Rome. Fewer could see that he did this to save his Republic. A larger than life cause for Romans, perhaps their alternative for religion. Brutus feared that given Caesar s autocratic nature, Rome would soon turn into a monarchy and will be deprived of her Republic soul. He was, of all others, brave and courageous enough to stand against it and act in time. Time proved, he did it right. Continue reading



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General Zia Survives Constitutional Purge Thanks To N

Nawaz Sharif has dropped a bombshell on the country’s expectations with his news conference yesterday.   It was a most thoughtless and insensitive step by Pakistan’s “most popular” politician.   His party had agreed to the method of judges’ appointment and it was said that he had agreed to the re-naming of Pakhtunkhwa as well.   So this is a major surprise.   One had hoped that as the leader from the biggest province and country’s ethnic majority, he would have been more mindful of his responsibility.    Nawaz Sharif is protecting General Zia’s legacy when he should have taken a lead in undoing it and thereby atoning for his sins.  In doing so, he would have also dealt a crushing blow to the number one issue around which Pushtun Nationalists have mobilized. But it was not to be.  This is a rather bleak moment in our already patchy history. -YLH  

PRESS GALLERY: Sharifs unveil ‘Punjab Card’ to prolong zero-sum game

By Saeed Minhas

ISLAMABAD: With the Sharifs unveiling their ‘Punjab Card’, Maulana Diesel trying to get even with the government, ‘Bhai logs’ of Karachi going into a pensive mood and nationalists getting a hint coupled with the success of the Kiyani-Qureshi-led strategic dialogues in the US, an under-siege government is likely to find more bumpy roads ahead. Continue reading


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