Zaid Hamid!

This is dedicated to all those who think Zaid Hamid is Pakistan’s great white hope.



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5 responses to “Zaid Hamid!

  1. yasserlatifhamdani

    Also see part 2 and part 3…:)

  2. Israr

    I would not have spent 7 min and 27 secondof my precious time on real zaid hamid. But this was entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

  3. mazbut

    When a nature is originally receptive

    Instruction will take effect thereon.

    No kind of polishing will improve iron

    Whose essence is originally bad.

    Wash a dog in the seven oceans,

    He will be only dirtier when he gets wet.

    If the ass of Jesus be taken to Mekkah

    He will on his return still be an ass.

  4. Farzana

    Zaid Hamid probably read too many Naseem Hijazi novels when he was growing up. Zaid Hamid’s lies are exposed here:
    Part I:

    Part II:

  5. fair mind

    Zahid Hamid’s hugely “successful” March 23rd meeting: