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Greater Tolerance Of The Polytheists

By Indrajit Gupta
This kind of sweeping historical  generalization is  made once the conclusions have been decided and the facts are selected to fit these conclusions. It is very difficult to conclude from the evidence at hand that societies tend to be more or less free depending on how many divinities they worship.

The first difficulty posed by this presentation is its careful selection of one brilliant moment of mankind’s history as an example of what polytheism could do. This is misleading.

Why start here? Why not with the Semitic polytheists? Their brand of religion was harsh and unforgiving, and certainly gave short shrift to conquered or deviant people. For that matter, even within their own society, even as they slowly built the processes and systems that we take for granted in urban civilization and culture, they treated their own citizens with a harsh and barbaric severity. Continue reading



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Zaid Hamid!

This is dedicated to all those who think Zaid Hamid is Pakistan’s great white hope.


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Khuda Hafiz Pakistan

by Nirupama Subramanian

Cross Post from http://beta.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/article258515.ece

“There is a Pakistani in every Indian; and an Indian in every Pakistani,” President Asif Ali Zardari famously said two years ago. Those words rang in my head with new resonance as I packed my bags and left Pakistan recently after a nearly four-year-long assignment as this newspaper’s Islamabad-based correspondent.

It should have been easy to leave a country that is by word and deed hostile to India, and where the state machinery treats every Indian as a “RAW agent”, spending considerable human and material resources on the surveillance of the only two Indian journalists — from The Hindu and Press Trust India — that are permitted to be based there.

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