Lord Chief Justice Of Lahore High Court Is At It Again!

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Chief Justice of Lahore High Court, Justice Khawaja Sharif, has spoken once again, with the hate speech and prejudice which are his usual characteristics. Justice Sharif is notorious for his unflinching support for PML-N and Taliban and for his hostility towards liberal and secular sections of Pakistani society.

His latest remarks against our Hindu brothers and sisters are tantamount to hate speech, and are clearly in violation of the constitution of Pakistan which guarantees equality to all Pakistani irrespective of their race or religion.

It may be recalled that brainwashed by hate mongers such as Khawaja Sharif, terrorists and extremists in Pakistan have in the past attacked and killed or injured scores of Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Ahmadis, Shias etc.

We urge Pakistan’s civil society to protest against the said remarks by Justice Khawaja Sharif. Justice Sharif must be called by a standing committee of the parliament to explain his position on this subject. The lawyer community must also lodge a legal case for the formal disqualification and dismissal of Khawaja Sharif from the esteemed post (CJ LHC) that he is undeservedly holding.

The issue is already under discussion in the National Assembly. According to Saeed Minhas:

.. a minority representative from PPP benches and others objected to a political comment by Lahore High Court’s ‘My Lord’. Chief Justice Khawaja Sharif was reportedly commenting on the involvement of minorities in bombings across the country. Minority members from the ANP, PPP and the PML-N staged a token walkout to register their protest, and asked My Lord to clarify or apologise to patriotic minorities of the country.

According to another news item in Daily Times:

LHC CJ’s remarks irk NA members

ISLAMABAD: A reported statement by Lahore High Court Chief Justice (CJ) Khawaja Muhammad Sharif that the Hindu community was funding terrorism in Pakistan, irked members of the National Assembly, as many of whom joined minority members and walked out in protest. The lawmakers also demanded Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry take suo motu notice of the CJ’s remarks. Ramesh Lal, a minority lawmaker from the Pakistan People’s Party, raised the issue on a point of order and censured the CJ’s remarks, saying the Hindu community in Pakistan was as patriotic as the rest of the country and the remarks were highly uncalled for. Lal announced a token walkout and was joined by a few other members belonging to different parties, including the Awami National Party. He said the remarks hurt the over three million Hindus in Pakistan, adding the statement was against national unity. Labour and Manpower Minister Khursheed Shah tried to defend the CJ, saying he could not have made such a statement and might have referred to India and not the Hindu community. staff report Source: Daily Times

Mohammad Malick too has taken note of Justice Sharif’’s irresponsible statement in his op-ed in The News:

Of moneyed Hindus, Nawab sahib’s deadly post master & next finance minister

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
By By Mohammad Malick

ISLAMABAD: On Monday, Shahbaz Sharif’s arguably controversial remarks pertaining to the Taliban sparing Punjab provided fodder for animated discussion in the House. On Tuesday, the parliamentary anger mills were fed by another Sharif. This time, no less than the honourable Chief Justice of Lahore High Court, Khwaja Mohammad Sharif.

His remark about “Hindus” giving money and the Muslim militants using it to carry out terrorist activities while hearing a case made the Hindu and other minority parliamentarians cry out an anguished Hi Bhagwan and led to what must be the first ever parliamentary boycott of a sitting chief justice of a high court.

We have seen a lot of strange things happen in our exceptionally colourful chequered political history but never before a walkout of such a nature. In a desperate bid to do some instant damage control, a rather unconvincing Syed Khurshid Shah wanted the House to believe that the honourable CJ must have meant to say “Hindustan and not just Hindu”, adding: “It was apparently a slip of tongue.” But Ramesh Laal wasn’t buying and making a speech before his protest walkout said that the honourable chief justice should have talked about a country but not about a religion. On hearing this one of the chaps sitting in the press gallery quipped: “If nothing else, a judge must be able to judge his own words.”

A tad harsh assessment but not altogether without merit. It wasn’t as if Muslim MNAs weren’t in a supporting mood for their minority colleagues. Rasheed Akbar Niwani of the PML-N wanted the judges to “speak through judgements and not otherwise”, while Munawar Talpur apologised to the Hindu MNAs whom he described as “as good a Pakistani as anyone else”.

It is inconceivable that the honourable chief justice would deliberately want to hurt the feelings of the hundreds of thousands of Hindu Pakistanis but still, exceptional care must be exhibited by men of stature, particularly those whose word is literally the law, to avoid strengthening any negative stereotyping of religious and ethnic minority groups in particular.

Finally, this report by Raja Asghar in Dawn:

A judge is judged in NA, with walkout
By Raja Asghar
Wednesday, 17 Mar, 2010

ISLAMABAD, March 16: It was a rare, judge’s turn to be judged in the National Assembly on Tuesday as Hindu members staged a walkout to protest at reported remarks by the Lahore High Court (LHC) chief justice alleging Hindu financing of terror attacks in the country.

Some members of the Awami National Party too joined the first walkout against the judiciary in Pakistan’s parliament before the protesters were brought back to hear words of sympathy for the injured sentiments and some advice for judges to focus on delivering justice rather than publicity despite a government minister’s statement that the remark by Justice Khawaja Mohammad Sharif while hearing a case in Lahore on Thursday seemed to be “a slip of the tongue”.

The protest was the second raised in the house over press reports in as many days after sharp criticism of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif over his appeal to Taliban in a speech to a seminar in Lahore on Sunday to spare his province terror attacks because of some shared views with his PML-N party.

PPP’s Hindu member Romesh Lal, who raised the issue, said sentiments of an estimated four million Pakistani Hindus had been injured by the LHC chief justice’s remarks, as reported in a section of the press, that while terrorist bomb blasts were being carried out by Muslims, “money used for this came from Hindus”.

The member said if a country was suspected of sponsoring such attacks it should be named, but blame should not be put on just Hindus who, he said, were as good patriots as other Pakistanis.

While drawing attention of President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to what he called worry caused to Hindus, he appealed to Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry to take suo motu notice of Justice Sharif’s remarks.

As Inter-Provincial Coordination Minister Pir Aftab Shah Jilani and some other members of the ruling PPP went out of the chamber to persuade the protesters to return, party chief whip and Labour and Manpower Minister Khurshid Ahmed Shah told the house the judge seemed to be blaming India for financing the Taliban rather Hindus, adding he was sure a clarification would come “by tomorrow”.

PML-N’s Rashid Akbar Niwani said judges should devote to dispensation of justice instead of seeking publicity as he also advised the media to exercise “restraint”, particularly blasting unspecified television anchorpersons who, he said, should also be held accountable for their earnings together with “heads of (government) institutions” as often-maligned elected politicians.



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17 responses to “Lord Chief Justice Of Lahore High Court Is At It Again!

  1. Majumdar

    I wonder if this post has been made in response to an e-mail written by me to the author.

    I dunno whether this guy has a general reputation of being a bigot but otherwise it seems harmless, silly rather than malicious. If he said that Hindus are funding the bombs, to be fair he said that Muslims (rather than Hanoods and Yahoods) are carrying out the acts. And possibly by Hindu he meant India rather than Pak’s own Hindus.

    But of course, if he is generally a bad apple, then of course it was pretty nasty of him to say so. And of course no public personality let alone a judge shud say such stuff (in public)


  2. yasserlatifhamdani

    Well actually was thinking of posting this since last night when I put my status update on facebook.

    Your email however just reinforced why it was necessary to respond to this forcefully.

  3. yasserlatifhamdani

    The author of the post is “Abdul Nishapuri”.

  4. Majumdar

    An interesting part of the quote

    ……Lahore High Court Chief Justice Khawaja Muhammad Sharif expressed grief over series of suicide attacks in the country, which, according to him, were being carried out by Muslims, as non-Muslims could not dare take risk of their lives. ……

    Seems to me, to be a very truthful statement of the state of affairs….


  5. I disagree with the title of this article. Khawaja Siras should be made judges of High courts, if they are qualified to do the job.

  6. Israr

    When God gets angry with any nationa, Khawaja Siras become CJ, PM, Presidents. Enjoy the show!!

  7. ylh

    In deference to Lutf’s comment, I am changing the title.

  8. Such a statement from a person holding the charge of chief justice is not welcome.

  9. Maestro96

    This refelcts the kind of mindset that has been produced by the education system of Pakistan. They love to play the victim no matter what.

  10. Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry should take suo motu notice of Justice Sharif’s remarks.

  11. bushra naqi

    The conservatives, whether it is CJ or SS, will always throw a cloud of ambiguity on the issue of talibanism….they are either in denial or playing a dual game. It is impossible at this stage to come out in the open in favor of taliban so the
    politicians are playing these covert games of running with the hare and hunting with the hounds

    This is why punjab is still hostage to this kind of dubious thinking. Other provinces do not play fiddle to this game of duplicity and are now clear as to who the enemy is..They do not accuse the minorities, neither the indians, for rational people know that they are being used as scapegoats to divert attention from the real enemy within.

  12. Ammar

    The comments are at best very insensitive and crude, the allegiance of minorities towards Pakistan has always been under question. How would the millions of Hindus react to this statement in Pakistan? Thousands of minority IDP languishes in camps with little or no facilities rather than improving their plight we give them a tongue lash!

  13. Rashid Saleem

    Yet again the exploitation of minorities continues and this time at the hands of someone who carries the flag of justice himself.

  14. Nebu

    The author seems to have made it a habit of twisting and misrepresenting remarks to his own end. Khwaja Sharif was referring to ‘Hindus’ just as Sohail Tanveer referred to ‘Hindu Zehniyat’ on nationwide TV. I.e., Indians. Not any Pakistani minority.

    Here’s my post on another similar word-jerk posted on another board.

    “You’ve got it completely upside down.

    Shahbaz Sharrif was responding to Hamid Mir’s observation in the preceding speech that Musharraf’s policies were responsible for a spike in terrorism in Punjab. What Sharif said was simply a debunking of that observation in that if the Taliban were really only taking revenge for Musharraf’s deeds, then they would have no reason to attack Punjab. He was actually pointing to their wider agenda.

    That was a difficult idea to express, and he appeared to struggle over the choice of words, but failed and by the loose wording gave the chance to the types like the author to score some cheap points.”

  15. rex minor

    In my view Justice Sharif should have broadened his speculation and considered the possibility of the Pakistan Army or CIA involvement in orchestrating the so called taliban violence in the country. He would have been nearer to the truth. Involving India or minorities without any evidence is definitely a cheap shot.

    It is not a secret any more that the military is receiving financial aid from the US for their campaign in the Pashtoon tribal land. No violence means no more money for the army. Their latest action of arresting the so called Taliban leaders in Karach is a classic spin. According to the outgoing UNO chief in Afghanistan, Pakistan Govt. was aware of the Taliban leaders communications and the so ncalled negotiations and these have now been terminated.
    Let us now see how the Army is going to skin the cats they have caught.

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  17. Honest People

    Supreme Court under Iftikhar Chaudhry is utterly dishonest, highly incompetent, intellectually corrupt, politically motivated and totally biased. Reasons for this are detailed below:-
    1. In the judgment of 31st July 2009, 14 PCO judges including Chief Justice Iftikhar ousted 104 constitutionally appointed judges and dubbed them as PCO judges inspite of the fact that these 104 judges had never taken oath under any PCO. In fact Iftikhar Chaudhry and his handpicked bench became judges in their own cause and validated their own appointments. This is sheer dishonesty.
    2. NRO judgment is in clear violation of article 248. By referring to Swiss Cases President of Pakistan has been targeted despite constitutional immunity. Prosecutor General and Chairman NAB have been ordered to be removed from their offices. There is no law empowering the Supreme Court to order the removal of these persons.
    3. NRO judgment is not capable of implementation in totality despite Supreme Courts over exuberance. Supreme Court is just trying to cover up its blunders by forcing Chairman NAB to implement the said judgment lest Supreme Court gets exposed.

    PPP government and its legal team lack co-ordination and depth. Their comprehension is slow and response to the illegalities of Supreme Court is either lacking or apologetic. The Attorney General is not performing his constitutional role of telling the Supreme Court that Judiciary is exceeding its constitutional limits. The Attorney General is either silent in this matter for fear of contempt or is unaware of his constitutional obligations as Attorney General. The hitherto performance of Attorney General shows lack of competence and commitment. Senator Faisal Raza Abidi is a fairly competent person but he is alone. He needs a team of accomplished legal experts to support and supplement him. It appears that PPP’s legal advisers are hindering the formation of a larger team of legal experts in order to keep their monopoly. This monopoly is seriously undermining the writ of the government especially when it is facing strong opposition from PML [N] who have very close links with Supreme Court Judges. Some of these connections are detailed below:-
    A. Nawaz Sharif has links with Iftikhar Chaudhry through Rana Sanaullah and some other lawyers who are closely connected to Supreme Court Judges.
    B. Khalil Ramdey’s son who is a lawyer works for Nawaz Sharif. His nephew is also working for Nawaz and despite his inexperience he was made the Advocate General of Punjab but could continue because of his inability to perform the functions of that office.
    C. The daughters and a son-in-law of two recently appointed Supreme Court Judges are working in a law firm of one of the senior legal advisers of Nawaz Sharif. This legal adviser who is also a former Advocate General of Punjab is a close confidant of these judges.
    D. The aforesaid former Advocate General and Advocate Hamid Khan have close connections with Justice Jawad Khwaja. This judge at one time was working in the same law firm.

    Peoples Party is growing weak because of its indecisiveness and inaction. PPP must tell the supreme court of its constitutional limits or quit. If Dr. Sher Afghan can take on the entire Supreme Court single handedly why can’t the government in power force the Supreme Court to remain within its bounds. Supreme Court’s own validity is questionable and that is why judges are behaving erratically.

    These facts are absolutely correct and can be verified by anyone.