Roving Report – Ayub Khan Era

This is the most interesting documentary on Pakistan’s First Military Ruler and his government.  I saw some of it a few months ago but after watching the second part, I feel this ought to be shared with people on PTH for comment and discussion.




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6 responses to “Roving Report – Ayub Khan Era

  1. What a fascinating post. I was taken by how little has changed–in terms of the difficulties of democracy, literacy and poverty–and how much had changed in terms of the treatment and education of women.
    One fantastic change: the condescending, grating attitude of the documentary narrator would never be tolerated today.
    I’ll be most curious to hear other comments.

  2. muhammadhassanmiraj

    Goes hand in hand with NY Times 24 Oct 1958, which says, USA has no problem in having faith in Gen Ayub Khan and Iskander Mirza when they pledge to restore democracy in the country at the earliest.
    There are, however, people amongst us today who call his age the golden age and Zia ul Haq …a shaheed…… will this mockery ever end?

  3. YLH

    Yes. Personally I found the second part more palatable because it showed real social progress in general and not specific to Ayub’s rule.

  4. nolikegohome

    nostalgia! nostalgia! great post great vids. thanks
    i was a kid in school at that time i saw it all i lived thru it. I loved it.
    loved the part about alchol was ok in karachi but not ok for hookers. and it was ok for hookers in lahore but not for booze.
    i say bring back the old days.

  5. rex minor

    Why do dictators do not like to be called dictators?

    Iskander Mirza should not have called the army to suppress the civilian protests and demonstration. He was forced to go in exile.

  6. Arif Khan

    I grew up in that period…It was the best time Pakistan ever had..This Mr Shaheed and his Croanies Mr Bhutto and that Zia ul Haq BOTH destroyed Pakistan. One was a Maglomaniac the other a Religious Fanatic