Be Part of the Change

Courtesy Aman Ittehad

We ask all citizens to sign up on a petition seeking peace for Pakistan, the region and all its people.

Let us through this petition state clearly that we want justice. We deserve democratic governance. And call for accountability.
Let us challenge the old ways
Let us call for change and demand equal opportunity,
Let us respect and involve all citizens,
Let us celebrate diversity, pluralism and peace.

Join Us:
If you want the State to provide for and respond to your needs
If you want the State to ensure justice and the rule of law
If you want the State to provide opportunities to all and prioritize development

Sign on to show that you care and that you are willing to look beyond despair
Sign on to demand a State that nurtures you, its citizen
A State that ensures all its citizens a life of dignity
A State that lives in peace and enables you to do so
A State that keeps your children safe
Safe from terror, from exploitation and insecurities,
Safe from violence

Let us forge a new relationship
Trust must be rebuilt, between peoples and institutions
Citizen and State must now coincide.
Together let us regenerate promise and potential.
Let hope and unity intertwine

Speak out now!
Speak out for your future and your people
The time has come, together we must rise.

Are You Ready?



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2 responses to “Be Part of the Change

  1. Rashid Saleem

    An effort to be applauded I guess. It is good to see that many brains are coming together and working out ways to drive the nation out of this darkness caused by terrorism.

  2. Sadia Hussain

    The predominate population of Pakistan wants peace and tranquility and it is reflected by their choices of dressing and living, the Taliban ideology may suit the cavemen of Kandahar but it is in no way in line with Pakistani moderate lifestyle. While we may not be westernized or ultra liberals we have no room for religious zealots to dictates us what we are ought to do!