So What Is PML-N Going To Do About This?


This is a quick blog about an urgent issue which for some reason has gone unreported in the media and especially the blogosphere.  

PML-N has taken up the cause of constitution and rule of law in Pakistan.   It is, therefore, important that they are kept honest to their cause.The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973 says the following:

25. Equality of citizens.

(1) All citizens are equal before law and are entitled to equal protection of law.
(2) There shall be no discrimination on the basis of sex alone.
(3) Nothing in this Article shall prevent the State from making any special provision for the protection of women and children.
26. Non-discrimination in respect of access to public places.

(1) In respect of access to places of public entertainment or resort not intended for religious purposes only, there shall be no discrimination against any citizen on the ground only of race, religion, caste, sex, residence or place of birth.
(2) Nothing in clause (1) shall prevent the State from making any special provision for women and children.
27. Safeguard against discrimination in services.

(1) No citizen otherwise qualified for appointment in the service of Pakistan shall be discriminated against in respect of any such appointment on the ground only of race, religion, caste, sex, residence or place of birth.

Provided that, for a period not exceeding [16][forty] years from the commencing day, posts may be reserved for persons belonging to any class or area to secure their adequate representation in the service of Pakistan:

Provided further that, in the interest of the said service, specified posts or services may be reserved for members of either sex if such posts or services entail the performance of duties and functions which cannot be adequately performed by members of the other sex.

(2) Nothing in clause (1) shall prevent any Provincial Government, or any local or other authority in a Province, from prescribing, in relation to any post or class of service under that Government or authority, conditions as to residence in the Province. for a period not exceeding three years, prior to appointment under that Government or authority.
34. Full participation of women in national life.
Steps shall be taken to ensure full participation of women in all spheres of national life.

One of PML-N’s elected members of provincial assembly of NWFP declared recently that it was completely unIslamic to believe that men and women were equal.   He repeated his statement on a widely watched TV show (Javed Chaudhry’s ) on air live.  Does PML-N intend to amend the constitution to purge it of such “unIslamic” provisions or will it reprimand the legislator who made such a ridiculous statement ?   Will it ask for the said legislator’s resignation with immediate effect since he took an oath on a constitution he does not believe in?   Or is PML-N’s support for the constitution limited to when it is convenient for them?



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9 responses to “So What Is PML-N Going To Do About This?

  1. Do you honestly believe that the criminals, self seekers and illiterate people who have come to represent( not all of them are elected by fair means)
    the people of Pakistan?
    Are you sure they know, let alone understand the Constitution or Human values?
    They are busy protecting their lives from Taliban and n number of terrorist groups whom they helped to form and grow.
    They hardly have the time to think about people.
    They continue to mislead the people of Pakistan in the name of Islam and are leading Pakistan to ruination.

  2. B. Civilian


    who exactly are you talking about:

    the MLA? or, his party leader (who is not an elected member of anything)? or someone else, fairly or unfairly elected?

  3. maestro96

    @YLH – Have no hopes from PML-N. They are closet fundos and their cadres have come from JI student wings. The Nawazish league is a continium of the Zia era. Just wait till they form the government in the center.

  4. Aliarqam

    iss sadgee pe kon na marjay A khuda….

    Even a PPP MNA and Chairman PSC on sports
    Jamshed Dasti also while opposing women rights bill said…there should be a law for men harrasment also…the same stance JUI has on the bill now law…
    If a mullah denands laws preventing men harrasment then its understandable….

  5. Ammar

    The statements by an elected member of provincial assembly are utterly disappointing, even in this modern day era if one thinks that of women as second grade citizens then clearly he or she is not eligible to represent the masses. If the member has qualms on the equality of the opposite gender then he should resign as in the very same assembly his female counterparts are entitled for the same privileges that he enjoys!!

  6. Mustafa Shaban

    Glad this issue is being raised, men and women are equal in status according to Islam and anyone who thinks otherwise is very misguided. PMLN and other political parties are fulll of curropt criminals and feudal lords and so called scholars. Cant expect much good from them.

  7. yasserlatifhamdani

    So you mean Zaid Hamid would uphold the constitution? He supports General Zia and puts him as voice over for his Tazleel-e-Pakistan Movement …

    Pakistan has to exist as a constitutional parliamentary multi-party democracy… There is no other way… We cannot be anything but this.

  8. RT

    Well men and women are equal and what not we do have many woman in parliment currently who have brought much maturity to local politics like Aashiq Awaan, and Kashmala Tariq, etc. Now we have a aatey-daal ke bhao ki discussion infact a brawl on TV. Thanks to the womenly desires of Shumaila Rana, she sure managed to get quite alot of attention. Oh and not to forget the bey-sharam, Madame Fouzia Wahab for not stopping from giving away pointless petty statements when Prime Minister of the country pledged her not to give any official statements as a party policy.

  9. Rashid Saleem

    The constitution of Pakistan and the Islamic ideology both define men and women as equal without any discrimination. Such comments from an elected member of the provincial parliament are saddening.