Technology Betrayal

By Halima Khan

A two-edged Sword is how it was and how it still is; technology is a blessing that turns into a nuisance without much warning. The War on Terror has been an ongoing activity since a fateful September 11. It has been waged in areas some experts pronounced as the hub of terrorism. Technology is an unparalleled weapon. However not only for the good side; it is available on both sides. This is where this whole War on Terror business gets tricky. And messy too!

It is unanimously agreed that this is the age of information technology with tools infinite with power uncontainable and global reach. As the War on Terror ensues, technology is more frequently leaned on to tilt the balance in favor. This advantage exists for both those who are waging the War and also those against. This to some extent goes to make a little clearer on why this war has been more or less in a deadlock. America’s unparalleled superiority in technology is considered supreme in maintaining homeland security just as it is considered absolute in the War on Terror. What is sometimes ignored is the implementation of particular technologies is important, but in the course of this struggle this information soon reaches the other side as well. Once the information has reached the other side and its understanding is achieved, they manage to either foil it or brainstorm a counterattack. Thus the technology is more or less fallible, even useless. The technology assessment of costs, benefits, effectiveness, impacts, economic brunt, human value, society is all washed down.

The technology related to War on Terror can vastly be divided into three categories. Technology concerning to precluding or detecting terrorist acts is continuously updated and tested for potential break-ins. As continuously it is being attempted to over rule these bars and void this security tactic. Then there is technology detecting when terrorist activities occur. Lastly, technology is put to use to cope with consequences of terrorist activities.

This vicious cycle hasn’t reached a concluding point and doesn’t seem to be going near one either. Perhaps this is why talks of negotiations are in the air. Finally, someone seems to be realizing war is war and it can never be good for humanity.


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  1. Mansoor Khalid

    This is an age of information technology. Technology can be used really effectively to communicate thoughts to a much bigger audience in a relative short and easy way. Technology can be used to fight terrorism through positive messages, forums and discussion boards. Once you start using technology to facilitate your life, sky is the limit.