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Technology Betrayal

By Halima Khan

A two-edged Sword is how it was and how it still is; technology is a blessing that turns into a nuisance without much warning. The War on Terror has been an ongoing activity since a fateful September 11. It has been waged in areas some experts pronounced as the hub of terrorism. Technology is an unparalleled weapon. However not only for the good side; it is available on both sides. This is where this whole War on Terror business gets tricky. And messy too!

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Ode to Karachi

Karachiwala: A Subcontinent Within a City, By Rumana Husain
Reviewed by Murtaza Razvi Dawn, 27 Feb, 2010
In a country steadily rehearsing for uniformity of opinion on matters national and global, Karachi’s cultural diversity is at once intriguing and enchanting. It is the city of a bulging, bellowing, moving, shaking, teetering and tethering middleclass, the rich and the famous, the brave and the brute as well as the meek and the poor. Continue reading

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