Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba’s attack on Eid Milad-un-Nabi rallies

Rescuers stand near a child injured by a firing, at a local hospital in Dera Ismail, Pakistan on Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010. According to police official unidentified gunmen opened fire on a procession celebrate anniversary of the birth of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.(AP photo/Ishtiaq Mehsud)

Abdul Nishapuri writes on the let’sbuildup Pakistan blog

The 12 Rabi-ul-Awwal is celebrated by Muslims in Pakistan as the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (peace by upon him and his progeny). In particular, Sunni Barelvi Muslims organize large public meetings and rallies on that day in the memory of the Prophet.

It is however a known fact that certain Muslim sects (e.g. Wahhabi and Deobandi) term such ceremonies of the Eid Mila-un-Nabi as shirk (polytheism) and biddat (innovation in religion).

Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation and practice of religion as long as it does not lead to violence or hate speech. However, the situation gets ugly when some extremist element within one sect try to superimpose their interpretation of Islam and Quran on other sects through the use of violence.

This is exactly what happened in D.I. Khan and Faisalabad on the most sacred day of the birthday of the Prophet, when extremist Deobandis and Wahhabis belonging to Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba attacked peaceful public rallies of Barelvi Muslims. Scores of Barelvi Muslims were killed or injured in these two separate (but ideologically interconnected) incidents.

The question is, why are these news items being censored or misrepresented in Pakistani media?

Here is a plain answer. The pro-Taliban (extremist Deobandi-Wahhabi) lobby, funded and supported by Saudi Arabia (through the ISI and mullahs) is extremely influential in Pakistani media. The pro-Taliban jihadi and sectarian youth serve to act as a proxy army for the ISI’s operations in Afghanistan and Kashmir.

Hence, they would not allow an exposure of the real face of their evil ideology and its proponents to the Pakistani nation, the majority of whom follow a peaceful Barelvi, Sufi tradition of Islam. Therefore, they are misrepresenting the horrible incidents of D.I.Khan and Faisalabad as sectarian violence.

It is not sectarian violence. It is not a fight between Deobandis and Barelvis. It is a fight between extremism and multiculturalism. It is a fight between tolerance and intolerance. It is a fight between the followers of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Mullah Omar.

It is not sectarianism. It is terrorism. The state must use its full force to protect peaceful Barelvis (and other vulnerable groups) from violence by well trained and well equipped terrorists of Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba.

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12 responses to “Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba’s attack on Eid Milad-un-Nabi rallies

  1. mazbut

    <<<<<<<<<<<Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation and practice of religion as long as it does not lead to violence or hate speech<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Though you have tried to give it a Taliban twist and a "Jinnah cap'', I generally agree but every one should learn that the 'span' of his umbrella ends where the nose of other begins. Taking out rowdy processions of any kind to the loss and detriment of other unconcerned citizens cannot be termed as reasonably fair and the true following of Jinnah's principles.

  2. Midfield Dynamo

    Sniffing is a doglike trait, people with long noses are quite akin to dogs. Should they be offended by this connotation then to safeguard their vanity they must observe some decorum when it comes to varying interpretations, traditions or beliefs. Impressions could be created through superior character qualities both at an individual level as well as that of the community or faction.
    The army has to meet its objectives and must employ whatever means necessary, however, if these people are sponsored by the army then it should quell their desire of bloodshed of the innocent. Whatever their objective, Kashmir, Bombay, Delhi or Kabul, they should await the opportunity and fight the real battle instead of killing their own kith and kin in their own backyard.
    I like the Jinnah Cap syndrome, if these religious stalwarts could destroy Jinnah’s personality by making him wear the cap, they are capable of manipulating anyone.

  3. ylh

    The historic truth is that Barelvis supported Jinnah and Deobandis by and large opposed him. So in that sense …it is a grand battle between the followers of Jinnah v followers of Mullah Omar.
    But that is not the discussion here.

    Mazbut seems to be Wahabi fanatic who is condoning violence against people comemorating the Holy Prophet’s birthday.

  4. Ammar

    The lines between sectarianism and extremism have now been blurred as many sectarian outfits have joined the ranks of Taliban to seek financial support from Al-Qaeda. The reports of resurgence of such movements are highly perturbing and the authorities must take immediate action and such miscreants must not be left unchecked

  5. Ahmad Bilal

    Talibaan is not the paid army of Al-Qaida as Pak Army which has now become paid army of USA. They are the sincere people and they live from hand to mouth in the field of Jihad not like the officers of Pak Army, who are fond of drinking and killing their own nation. Certainly, Talibaan are at mistake in fighting against a Muslim Army but their sincerity to Islam can’t be challenged.

  6. Ahmad Bilal

    Everyone knows who is behind these terrorist attacks and sectarian clashes but our Govt is scared of speaking the names of RAW, MOSAD and BLACK WATER.

  7. Ahmad Bilal

    Supporting Jinnah is not a standard or parameter of right or wrong in Islam.

  8. rex minor

    Though shall not judge for though shall be judged!

    Both Mr Bhutto and Gen. Zia paid with their lives for branding Ahmadi’s of muslim faith as non believers.
    It would seem that there are regressive forces in the country who would shoot in their own feet just to support their political agenda. Let us not degrade groups of people, who practice a different philosaphie of their belief or politics.

    People need to concentrate on removing foreign people from their midst instead of attacking members of their own communities. The army is not a guarantee for making a domestic peace, only the civic societies could tackle this task.

  9. harbinger of peace

    how easy is this to blame all of your problems on others .it satisfies your concious .and u dont have to any thing .just blame it on others ……..dears how can outsiders play with our issues if we don’t let them do that .weakness is inside .our society is devoid of tolerance .when fights like these erupt we blame that America raw mausad etc are promoting them.did they ask two Muslims groups to fight.if they were behind, the fighters were no other than the very Muslim groups .we dont want to blame ourselves.just blame it on others ! how can be we wrong ! after all we are the best! .so what we can do? is to cure ourselves of hatred towards others,their new concepts and views.we should respect what others believe .even if we dont like. if this happens no one will fight .Pakistan will become Eden .god himself will descend from heaven.religious group continue blaming raw cia for all these activities but no has ever gone outright against these extremist groups.what they do is to promote people to fight for what they say is Islam. and afterwards when some incident like this or a suicide bomb occur they offer their grievances and say that this was haram.so plz lets change our attitude .the world is not against us but we are against ourselves.you give world a weak spot ,its the law of nature that it will hit there

  10. yasserlatifhamdani

    “Supporting Jinnah is not a standard or parameter of right or wrong in Islam”

    And similarly:

    Supporting Islam is not a standard or parameter of right or wrong in Jinnah.

  11. UZAIR


  12. azhar

    Kafir Kafir Shia KAFIR

    Jo Hmare Nabi (s.a.w) k sahaba ka dushman he wo hmara dushman he, uska wo hal hoga jo dunya dekhe ge, wese bhi shia apne apko khud pittay hen ye ALLAH ne unko saza di he qayamat tak pittay rahe ge.