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I had the pleasure of meeting these young men – Zakir and Omar – who are devoted to the life Dr Salam and have been working against all odds. Theirs is a small but historic project and they need our support. I am posting an email by the producers that updates us about this project. Please pass the word around and contribute to this important project. Raza Rumi

Thank you for your support over the past few years. Thanks to contributions we received in 2009, we began filming in Pakistan early this year. To view a few behind the scenes photos please visit our press page at

We are still far away from our target of 500,000 USD, an amount needed to support on-location filming in various countries, the purchase of archival footage, and research, production, marketing and distribution. As a tribute to Salam, we hope to use any proceeds from the final docufilm to advance science education in developing countries.

If you would like to help with this cause:

– Forward this email or our donate link below to interested friends and family
– Join our facebook group from
– And of course, every penny counts—please make a donation at

(We are also seeking larger sums as investment. Please contact us at

The team warmly thanks you for your continued support!

Best regards,

Omar Vandal & Zakir Thaver

Executive Producers
Abdus Salam Docufilm


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34 responses to “Support the documentary on Dr Abdus Salam

  1. ylh

    Dr. Salaam is Pakistan’s greatest hero. I am glad people are doing something about celebrating him.
    Punjab govt recently recognized his contributions in a promotional video.

  2. Khalid Malik

    Der Aaye Durust Aaye ….

  3. Jamal_Alam

    They are still short quite a lot. If every Pakistani abroad gives $10 that would do.

  4. dr jawwad khan

    Dr. Salaam is Pakistan’s greatest hero. I am glad people are doing something about celebrating him.

    Greater than Quaid e Azam and Allama Iqbal.
    no problem 🙂

  5. Carlos Hernandez

    Pakistan never gave an official funeral to Dr. Salam because he was Ahmadi.

    Ireland, a staunch Catholic country, gave singer Stephen Gately of Boyzone a grand funeral on the streets of Dublin, even though he was gay.

  6. Hayyer

    An excellent biography of Dr. Abdus Salaam was written some twenty years ago or more by Jagjit Singh and published by Penguin Books.

  7. ylh

    Certainly greater than Allama Iqbal who has nothing to do with Pakistan.

    Mr. Jinnah is father of the nation and my personal hero. Dr. Salam is his foot soldier.

  8. Carlos Hernandez

    Dr. Iqbal was a great philosopher albeit a bit confused on Muslim nationalism and Khudi?

  9. Anwar

    Perhaps HEC can honor him by establishing a scholarship in Salam’s name for studies in theoretical physics..

  10. Nusrat Pasha

    A comparison between Iqbal and Salam would not be a very useful exercise. Iqbal essentially belongs to the world of literature, and commands considerable respect in both Persian and Urdu poetry. He would most certainly have remained uncontroversial if he had not been exalted to sainthood posthumously.

    All good poets are philosophers, and so was Iqbal. But speaking objectively, we must not be oblivious of the fact that among the pioneers of Urdu poetry, Iqbal comes to stand nowhere near Mir and Ghalib. Among the contemporary ones, we see that inspite of Iqbal’s being a state-sponsored poet, other not-so-favorite-of-the-state poets like Faiz, Insha and Faraz are today more relevent to Pakistan than Iqbal.

    Iqbal lived and died a citizen of India – no discredit to him – but he still was not Pakistani. If the Radcliff Commission had stuck to its original plan, and if Sir Zafrullah Khan had not succeeded in pinning down those who believed that Lahore should be awarded to India, Iqbal’s burial sight, too, would have been in India.

    The real comparison, I suppose would be that while poets tend to live in a world of ideas and imagination, scientists indulge themselves in the search for hidden truths and unknown realities. Salam’s achievements in the Grand Unification Theory were not poetry and philosophy, but real advances in understanding the Universe we live in.

    Salam was a Pakistani to the core. The world acknowledged his greatness. His own countrymen, however, failed to notice anything extraordinary about him.

  11. Jamal_Alam

    “dr jawwad khan
    March 1, 2010 at 4:14 pm
    Dr. Salaam is Pakistan’s greatest hero. I am glad people are doing something about celebrating him.

    Greater than Quaid e Azam and Allama Iqbal.
    no problem ”

    dr jawwad khan: What? You have switched from kafir-e-azam to quaid-e-azam now?

  12. Jamal_Alam

    Not to be on topic or anything, but anyone planning to do anything about supporting the documentary?

  13. Yes please talk about the documentary – please spread the word and urge donors/philanthropists to contribute…

    YLH: do not give into those who provoke you on Iqbal-vs-Jinnah-vs-Salam comparsions. These are useless and waste of time. All three have a place of their own…

  14. kashifiat

    Raza comments ” YLH: do not give into those who provoke you on Iqbal-vs-Jinnah-vs-Salam comparsions. These are useless and waste of time. All three have a place of their own”

    A wise advise. No doubt. Thanks

  15. kashifiat

    Ahmadi lobby is very rich & well being.
    They can easily arrange it for their religious fellow. Don’t worry.

  16. yasserlatifhamdani

    Interestingly …. Kashif mian… atleast two of those three – Jinnah and Salam – were castigated for either being bad Muslim or a Non-Muslim by Maulana Maududi and his followers.

    Isn’t it ironic that you abuse me – a diehard follower of Quaid-e-Azam – for calling him by the name he preferred (Plain Mr. Jinnah) …. but fail to call into question Maulana Maududi’s treacherous pro-British and pro-Congress activities against the Pakistan Movement.

  17. yasserlatifhamdani

    PS: Your English language skills leave a lot to be desired…. but Raza bhai has taken the hot air out of Jawwad Khan’s comment.

  18. yasserlatifhamdani

    PS post addressed to Kashifiat.

  19. Nusrat Pasha

    Besides being a physicist of world acclaim, a research scientist of the highest order and a man of enviable integrity, Dr. Salam was also an Ahmadi – and a devout one.

    The 2nd amendment to the Pakistan Constitution, adopted in September 1974, during the rule of Z.A.Bhutto, judged all Ahmadis as “not Muslims for the purposes of Constitution and Law”. So in September 1974, Dr. Salam was officially exalted to the lofty heights of “kufr” by Pakistan’s Parliament. His representation on the national flag was formally shifted from the “green” to the “white”. Then in 1982, Gen. Zia issued another divinely revealed law, whereby it became legally forbidden for an “un-Islamic” Ahmadi citizen of the “Islamic” Republic of Pakistan to even claim to be a Muslim. This became a seriously punishable offence. Thus was Salam further exalted from lofty heights of “kufr” to the loftier station of “the condemned”. With reference to Pakistan, Salam spent the last 14 years of his life, as a “condemned kafir” and 3rd class citizen of the “Islamic” Republic of Pakistan.

    Perhaps these minor details could also be accommodated in the proposed documentary on the life of Dr. Salam.

  20. Hayyer

    I am merely trying to understand your outlook.
    Salaam was one of the great scientists of his generation, one who made a seminal contribution to nuclear physics, and a God fearing man to boot. He brought Pakistan its only Nobel prize. Why should he be important only to his religious fellows? Why should ordinary Pakistanis not pay him the respect and homage due to him.
    What if we were a Hindu or a Christian Pakistani?

  21. ylh

    But don’t you know hayyer …according to Jamaat e Islami geniuses, Dr. Salam’s contribution is no contribution at all. Forget that when the dust settles, Einstein’s contribution would only be a small fraction of what nobel prize winners of 1979 in Physics achieved. These are inconvenient details you see.

  22. Yasser: I know your passion for Dr Salam. How can we raise funds for this film? We have to get Paks home and abroad to contribute. The amount needed in the larger picture is peanuts. Thanks for circulating the message via email. Pls also suggest other ways and means whereby we can get this mission (possible) accomplished!

  23. Jamal_Alam

    March 2, 2010 at 2:53 pm
    Ahmadi lobby is very rich & well being.
    They can easily arrange it for their religious fellow. Don’t worry.”

    Why do jamaatis always sow discord in the society? When was the last time jamaatis did anything good for the country?

  24. I am truly dismayed to read the reference on Dr Salam’s religious orientation. If the filmakers had to raise money though this channel then there was probably no need to ask for support.
    Dr Salam was a Pakistani genius and a hero. This shameful nonsense will not take away his greatness.
    We will not let such crap be posted here. Our moderators will remove such comments as Physics has nothing to do with sectarian warfare – alas except for Pakistan and to some extent South Asia. No wonder we are in such a sorry situation!

  25. yasserlatifhamdani

    Raza bhai,

    You know the sad part about all of this is that while crooks like Kashifiat continue to shoot Pakistan in the foot, opportunists from India like Salman Khurshid are trying to claim Salam for posterity.

    Dr. Salam would have none of that. In his lifetime he turned down no less a figure than Jawaharlal Nehru himself who had offered him Indian citizenship, ministerial rank etc …. presenting instead his services to Field Martial Ayub Khan and to Pakistan.

    Agar yahi offer us Maududi ko milti to woh Pakistan say aisay ghaib hotay kay pata bhee nahi chalta… alas clever Nehru wanted to leave us with this Maududian cancer and never made that offer.

    In any event… the point is that we must not allow Indians to claim Dr. Salam for themselves… he must be recognized by us…. it is in my opinion the most urgent matter before us.

    I am circulating this far and wide. This is a national emergency.

  26. yasserlatifhamdani

    Btw… Salam founded the Pakistan Space Programme, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and SUPARCO….

    This is Munir Ahmed Khan (the real father of Pakistan’s Atomic Programme) said about Salam on his death:

    My last meeting with Abdus Salam was only three months ago. His disease had taken its toll and he was unable to talk. Yet he understood what was said. I told him about the celebration held in Pakistan on his seventieth birthday. He kept staring at me. He had risen above praise. As I rose to leave he pressed my hand to express his feelings as if he wanted to thank everyone who had said kind words about him. Dr. Abdus Salam had deep love for Pakistan in spite of the fact that he was treated unfairly and indifferently by his own country. It became more and more difficult for him to come to Pakistan and this hurt him deeply. Now he has returned home finally, to rest in peace for ever in the soil that he loved so much. May be in the years to come we will rise above our prejudice and own him and give him, after his death, what we could not when he was alive.”

    And to imagine that known enemies of Pakistan like Maulana Maududi are celebrated… but this great man was hounded out of his own country.

  27. kashifiat

    “I am circulating this far and wide. This is a national emergency”

    National Emergency !!!!

    Hooo, hooo, hee, hee, ha, ha

    What a JOKE

  28. Bin Ismail


    You will be long remembered for your inimitable sense of humour.

  29. yasserlatifhamdani

    LH, RH,

    This is a message for you 🙂 ….

    Since you wrote the following story:

    Islamabad: Two young Pakistanis are battling all odds to make the first-ever documentary on the country’s only Nobel laureate Abdus Salam though the going has not been easy so far because he was an Ahmedi.

    Ahmedis, who are in minority in Pakistan, are not considered to be Muslims.

    Omar Vandal and Zakir Thaver chose to document Salam’s life because “he overcame humble beginnings, a modest formative education and religious intolerance to become one of the leading physicists of the 20th century”.

    Thaver, who was working for a production company in New York, came up with the idea three years ago but producers were not interested in making a film on a dead scientist from Pakistan at that time.

    Later, he set up Kailoola Productions with his colleague Vandal in New York to bring science to the developing world and bridge the knowledge divide via TV.

    Vandal and Thaver did not contact any government institutions for the project because Salam was an Ahmedi and they did not think the authorities would have supported them.

    “The word Muslim has been whitened out from Salam’s epitaph, so why would the government bother funding our project? For officialdom, Salam is too much of a political risk to celebrate,” Thaver said in an interview posted on the duo’s website.

    Muslim countries contacted by the duo for funds too have remained silent because of the Ahmedi issue.

    Incidentally, the Ahmedi Jamaat ? an influential organisation of the sect ? was concerned about the film being misconstrued as Ahmedi propaganda so it too backed off the project.

    “But lately there’s been a resurgence of interest from some well-to-do individual Ahmadis as they realise that it’s not propaganda ? our script is quite clear that it’s a film on an eminent scientist of Pakistan,” Thaver said.

    Vandal and Thaver, who started filming early this year, are still short of USD 500,000.

    Raza Rumi, editor of a well-known e-zine, has endorsed the project.

    Rumi put an end to arguments by saying that “physics has nothing to do with sectarian warfare”.

    However, some Pakistanis could not put Salam’s Ahmadi status out of the way.
    “Ahmadi lobby is very rich…They can easily arrange it for their religious fellows. Don’t worry,” wrote called Kashifiat, a blogger.

    An amendment to the Pakistani constitution adopted in September 1974, during the rule of late President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, judged all Ahmadis as “not Muslims for the purposes of constitution and law”.

    Salam received his Nobel Prize at 53 for unifying two of the four fundamental forces of nature, a groundbreaking achievement that fulfilled Einstein’s dream of unity.

    Born in rural Pakistan, Salam is ranked as one of the most influential physicists of the 20th century.

    Who said we consider Maududian {….} Kartootiat “Pakistanis”?

    Maulana Maududi was an enemy of Pakistan. {EDITED} He was a cancer which was allowed to take root and destroy Jinnah’s Pakistan. We the real Pakistanis reject Maududi and all his works… 😉

  30. B. Civilian

    we must do all that we can for this project to be successful.

  31. Nusrat Pasha


    You’ve rightly raised 2 questions:
    #1.”Why should ordinary Pakistanis not pay him the respect and homage due to him? and #2. What if he were a Hindu or a Christian Pakistani?”
    #1.’Ordinary Pakistanis’ are represented politically by the Parliament. The Parliament, through the 17th amendment has endorsed Gen Zia’s Anti-Ahmadi Ordinance that condemns Ahmadis – Salam included – as anti-state as well as anti-Islam. So, essentially ordinary Pakistanis, through the Parliament have attested the “condemnable” status
    of Salam. #2. If he were Hindu or Christian, he would have enjoyed a similar status. Allow me to mention some other unsung heroes of this country:
    a) Justice Cornelius: Pakistani Christian – a jurist of international respect and standing
    b) Cecil Chauhdry: Pakistani Christian – an ace pilot of the PAF and hero of 1965 air battle.
    c) Prof. Jagannaath Azad: Pakistani Hindu – later on moved to India because he could not see Jinnah’s dream of a Secular Pakistan evaporating – the poet who wrote the first National Anthem of Pakistan upon the personal request of Quaid-e Azam, an anthem that was abandoned shortly after the death of the Quaid.
    d) Justice Dorab Patel: Pakistani Parsi – a jurist of international acclaim and a man recognized for his sound judgement and uncompromised integrity.

    These are just a few to be cited as examples.

  32. kashifiat

    Those who respects manners read

    “Who said we consider Maududian Kutas like Kartootiat “Pakistanis”

    This is the intelectual “Depth” of so called liberals

    Raza ! Do u like this type of language & tone at PTA ???????

  33. ylh

    Maududian dog,

    Do you respect manners when you abuse and insult people for believing differently than you? Do you think there should be any manners for someone like you who advocates the murder of Ahmadis like you do?

  34. Bin Ismail


    Perhaps you would like to shed some light on the “type of language & tone” of the ulema who called Quaid-e-Azam “Kafir-e-Azam”, and the country he founded “Paleedistan”. Would you even remotely consider the possibility of disowning and denouncing those ulema.