Lawyers torture cops in Lahore

This is a disturbing report. Rule of law will remain a distant dream when officers of the court start behaving in this manner. PTH

Lawyers torture cops, Geo team

Friday, February 26, 2010
By Numan Wahab

LAHORE: In yet another act of hooliganism, lawyers tortured the Anarkali Police SHO and a Geo News correspondent on the premises of the District and Sessions Court on Thursday.

The Samanabad police arrested two people — Sajid Hussain and Nisar Hussain — who happen to be brothers of a woman lawyer, Mohsina Javed, on Wednesday night in a case. On Thursday, ASI Akram of the Samanabad police produced the accused brothers in a court where Anarkali police Naeem Anwar Bajwa and Inspector Zaheer of the Islampura police were also present in connection with different cases.

A group of lawyers attacked the Anarkali SHO and Islampura police inspector, who had nothing to do with the Samanabad arrests and tortured them severely. The lawyers also ripped their uniform, official documents, abused and threatened them with dire consequences. In the meanwhile, a Geo News team rushed to the spot but the lawyers did not let it cover the incident and instead threatened it and deprived Geo News correspondent Asim Nasir of his official card. They ripped the camera bag, abused and violently pushed the Geo News correspondent and cameraman.

On the contrary, City Division’s SP Operations Muhammad Zeeshan while talking to The News termed the incident of ‘minor nature’.

In addition to the incident cited above, officials of the Lahore Bar Association had forced Senior Civil Judge Zubair Shahzad Kiyani to leave the courtroom on Feb 5, this year. The LBA officials also announced on the occasion that they had been elected representatives of lawyers and if any judicial official would not provide them relief, he would have to suffer humiliation in response.

On Jan 12, in the court of the Judicial Magistrate of Model Town the lawyers thrashed a woman, her niece and husband. A week later, the lawyers beat up Shahid Habib of Mustafa Abad in a bid to stop him from recording his witness in a case. The magistrate and litigants present on the occasion watched helplessly the violent lawyers beat a witness.

On Jan 26, in the much reported Shazia murder case involving former Lahore Bar president, the lawyers had abused policemen and journalists. They vented their anger on what they called the media trial of a senior lawyer. Sadly, none of them thought about the poor girl who fell victim to the lawyer and his family’s brutality.

On July 29, 2009, a reporter and a cameraman of a private news channel were held hostage and tortured by the office-bearers of the Lahore Bar Association along with other lawyers for broadcasting a video clip showing their brutality against a sub-inspector of Nishtar Colony police.

On July 23, 2009, the office-bearers of the Lahore Bar Association, along with two other lawyers, manhandled a family court judge in his chamber.


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4 responses to “Lawyers torture cops in Lahore

  1. mazbut

    Unfortunately, there is no dearth of ‘touts’ in the legal profession who are glove in hand with some magistracy. Had things been different the Magistrates or the Judges concerned had the powers to book those miscreant lawyers and send them to jail. Honesty, fearlessness and just are regarded as the inherent qualities in good Judges. But since Judges too are picked up from lawyers lot at the discretion of the Chief Justices of various courts, there is always chance of some black sheep getting into their fold. It would be advisable if complete investigation of a lawyer’s character , mental segacity and conduct are fully investigated and his selection is not restricted merely to the span of his
    practice in the judiciary.

    The pointed out ill-conduct of the concerned lawyers is tantamount to hooliganism and lack of ethics. Such elements ought to be debarred from the legal profession. But the irony is that hardly any fairness is shown by the Bar Council against them or the complaints of the clients and the legal Practicians are turning more into a cult rather than professionals or limbs of the judiciary.

  2. hoss

    I think lawyers in Lahore did a great job. Police had no right to arrest those two guys w/o warrant and keep them in lockup overnight.
    I also read that the Police beat up those guys in public too.

    People have tolerated this police behavior in Pakistan for a long time and it is important that police be shown what can be done to them if they step away from the law.

    I think the lawyers should not do this for their own fraternity but follow this in every case where police malpractices are visible.

    Great job lawyers and people should get behind lawyers instead of ignoring police brutalities in Pakistan that are so common that media does not even have space to report
    Thank you Lawyers…do more!

  3. mazbut

    the conduct of lawyers does not behove of them.
    Keepers of law they should go by the law…
    If ”Dark Justice’ has to be done then what’s the difference between lawyers, goons and the police??

  4. ali

    i want to say
    killer and standing police both is guilty
    the order should and must be hang them until death (on same street)