From India to Pakistan, 1961

Here is something worth a look. A glimpse into the past –

Queen’s visit to Karachi sadly reflects how embedded colonialism remained in the foundations of Southasian societies.

click [and well] enjoy. Raza Rumi

L/Ss of buildings and large crowds. Several shots of Queen Elizabeth II being driven through the streets in open topped car with President Ayub Khan. M/Ss Ladies seated at table. M/S Another group at table. Several shots of young women wearing Pakistani fashions. L/S Karachi ladies lining up to greet the Queen. M/S Three women seated at table. L/S Women lined up. C/U feet of girls pan up to C/U of girl. C/U pan down girl in national dress holding pot. C/U Girls feet with rings on her toes. C/U Pakistan girl in national costume. C/U Girls hands smothered in rings and jewellery. M/S of little blind girl handing the Queen a large bouquet of flowers.



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2 responses to “From India to Pakistan, 1961

  1. yasserlatifhamdani

    Why sadly? Raza bhai… since when you become a post colonial rabble rouser :)?

  2. Tilsim

    Quite interesting. Whether we like it or not, the relationship between India, Pakistan and Britain is multidimensional, including many many positive aspects – not just a monologue of inequity. No one wishes for rule by foreigners but British society was influenced in a positive way by its interaction with the East and definitely vice versa.