Dawn’s Saima Mohsin Takes Shireen Mazari To School

Old but very entertaining…  Pakistan’s tragedy is that crooks cranks and madmen (and madwomen) have become arbiters of its national pride.



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6 responses to “Dawn’s Saima Mohsin Takes Shireen Mazari To School

  1. Mr. Tambourine Man

    So does that mean Saima Mohsin isn’t an airhead?

  2. Ron


    Saima Mohsin is an example of beauty with brains.

    A very rare combination.

  3. Mustafa Shaban

    Saima Mohsin was very biased against Shireen Mazari. Anchors are supposed to be neutral and listen to both sides.

  4. Ammar

    Applause for Saima Mohsin! At last some had the guts the take on the conspiracy theorists. The propaganda against foreign journalists is an attempt to hamper independent and factual reporting. Such journalists strive to sell their stories on half baked truths and they fuel the propaganda cells of Taliban.

  5. AZW

    Thanks for sharing this video Yasser. For some reason this video will not load from my PTH page but I managed to find it on You Tube.

    Shireen never managed to answer the basic questions that Aidan White and Saima kept asking her: Why label a guy as a spy (question mark was attached, Shireen’s eloquent reply) when all you have is an evidence that he simply broke the Pakistani law. Or will Rosenberg’s pushing the envelope tactics of meeting different people at odd times at restricted places will forever be discontinued by the journalistic community (including the Pakistanis) across the globe.

    Shireen never answered these questions, and went raving mad to raise Ansar Abbasis and all other selected episodes to justify her outrageous stance.

    I don’t think she and her fellow supra Pakistani nationalists will ever get this simple point: that other’ follies will never justify our follies. And the world against us mantra is not a good excuse for our outrageous behaviour.

    Only two good things can come out of this sorry episode: That the whole journalistic community across the world knows Shireen’s worth now, compared to just the local South Asian community a few months ago. And that she will drown The Nation newspaper with her antics as she keeps at it; not that there was anything worthwhile to write about that shoddy collection of pages that calls itself a leading Pakstani English newspaper.

  6. enkhan

    where is the content??