A retort to Pakistani fascists


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  1. Ron

    i am a never a fan of Mr.Ahmadinijad.

    But the attitude of Iran rocks.

  2. Jay

    Obsession with “the attitude” is the problem..
    Mr.Ahmadinijad has ruined Iranian economy by unnecessary inviting sanctions(by having a nuke weapons program),giving humongous misplaced subsidies(from oil wealth) and sponsoring Hamas and Hezbollah to target Israel which is 1000km from Iran and dont even share a border..or have a single dispute with each other..Even if Iran strategically needs a nuclear weapon..this is the wrong time to do so..Did anybody care to answer what is Iran’s issue with Israel than the “Palestinian issue”. Palestinians are hated by whole Arab world and best known as trouble-makers..were driven out from Jordan. Saudi Arabia is almost through with Palestinians tired of their infighting. Egypt is erecting a barrier to prevent weapon smuggling and hasten the collapse of Hamas regime..

  3. Mustafa Shaban

    My response:

    1. Pakistan government is curropt. Pakistan situation is like a man who is a billionaire but doesnt know it and is burrowing millions from the bank. So the bank has great influence on him yet all he has to do is use his resources and show good leadership then he can come up with more than enough finance to pay the bank and provide for all his needs and live comfortably. We are completely capable of that, just stop curroption. Look at what Mahathir Muhammed did for Malaysia. Malaysia was in a very bad state, he came and changed everything, same thing with Singapore. Dubai started from scratch-nothing. All it needs is leadership.

    2. We are also a strong nation and can show that if we want to. We dont have to eat grass to live with dignity. US cannot do to its puppet Mubarak in Egypt , or to Turkey or to Saudi what it does with Pakistan. But Pakistan is stronger in position than all the other countries i just mentioned so why cant we stand up for ourselves?

    3. The world thinks what it thinks due to the mainstream media and the lack of image improvement by curropt politicians. They alwayz try to create this image of ”shining” india and ”failing” pakistan. However the gap is not that big at all and in fact there is little difference.

  4. Sameet


    1) You said, “All Pakistan needs is leadership”. Where will this leadership come from? If 62 years haven’t given you the kind of leadership you want, why do you think the next 62 years will provide it? Or are you still waiting for a “saviour/Mr. Right to suddenly come from somewhere (the GHQ?) and put things right?

    2) So why can’t Pakistan stand up for itself? What breaks it down? Is it again the leadership? Why does Pakistanis produce such spineless leaders then? Is it something in the air they breathe or the food they eat?

    3) Why do mainstream media create this image, if that is what you say it is, of a “shining” India or “failing” Pakistan. Does anybody pay money to the “mainstream” media to portray such image? Shining India was debunked by Indians themselves during the 2004 elections, so why would the mainstream media keep pushing such an image? Doesn’t having bombs go off almost daily and very little success economically not provide at least a perception of a failing Pakistan? Is it all due to image portrayal or there is some truth to the shining and failing?

  5. straight-talk

    Presented the stark reality but how many of Pakistanis want to believe on this, is real question.

    We must accept reality………India will never be able to take POK and Pakistan will never be able to wrest J & K, (J&K is tremendously importance for India as it is strategically located) so we should go ahead and begin a new vista of friendship by embracing each other and forget and forgiving 60 years of animosity.

  6. Tilsim

    @ straight-talk

    Second that. Too much blood and mayhem for so many years and all because Indian, Pakistanis and Kashmiris have been unwilling to find a political formula to work out their issues. As citizens on both sides of the border, we must promote forward looking leadership which is willing to side-line/silence the zealots and bring about peace and reconciliation; a leadership that knows the importance of bringing public opinion along. We got quite close to a political solution a few years ago. No doubt it will require painful compromises from stated positions. Just like the pain of partition in 1947 was deep for so many people. The alternative is continuing the tsunami of blame, hate and war on both sides which is a zero sum game.

  7. stuka

    Problem with Pakistan is that it never had great leaders like Zaid Hamid to lead the country.

    Alhamdollillah, Janaab Zaid Hamid saab will one day rule Pakistan with Iqbalian ideology. He will lead Pakistanis to victory against India in Ghazwa E Hind. He will then lead Pakistan to victory against Israel as well.

    At that time, Pakistan will be envy of the world. Till then, some minor problems here and there like bomb blast loadshedding etc. are there, but those can be managed by Sher Dil Pakistanis who have noor – Like Zaid Hamid.

  8. hoss

    An honest appraisal of the Pak-India relations would determine that Pak was mostly wrong and India was only occasionally wrong. Four events basically define Pak –India relationship.

    2 major skirmishes (1965 and 1971) and two minor skirmishes (1948 and 1999).

    India was perhaps half wrong in 1948. According to the Partition formula Kashmir’s ruler had the right to decide where he wanted to go and the largest political party in Kashmir, the National Conference supported the ruler. However, since India was divided based on religion, Kashmir should have been divided or should have been part of Pakistan. India should not have rushed in to annex Kashmir that was India’s half mistake. Of course Pakistan’s half mistake was sending the tribes.

    As I understand it, Jinnah made a bargain with the devil in Hyderabad Deccan. He made the Nizam fund part of the Pakistan movement and then borrowed money when Pakistan became independent. I believe Jinnah insisted that the rulers of the Princely states would decide where they wanted to go. That gave an option to Nizam to go independent. Jinnah dropped the ball on Kashmir when he made that deal to help the Nizam. What Jinnah and the Nizam failed to figure out that there was no way India was going to have an Independent state in the middle of India. Like Pakistan was not going to have an independent state right next to Karachi in Qalat.

    1965, 1971 and 1999 were Pakistan’s doing.

    Based on that, Pakistan now needs to show more goodwill for the relations to improve. But the relations would not improve for obvious reasons.

  9. stuka

    Hoss is a biased RAW agent.

  10. YLH

    Oh not the kashmir hyderabad thing again… we have already discussed this to death by going through all the issues point by point … so let’s just leave it at that or revisit the discussion. Hoss is more or less right on the blame … except the legal position vis a vis the states… i.e. it was never as simple as allowing the princes to decide which way to go. We discussed that as well.

    Zaid Hamid is an idiot… and Najam Sethi is almost always on the dot.

  11. YLH

    1965 was completely Pakistan’s doing. My own contention is that even with Kashmir dispute, Indo-Pak relations were very very good till 1965…

  12. dude40000

    Zaid hamid paindabad….he will lead us to victory against the evil hindoos.

  13. An extract from NFP post abt Zaid Hamid
    our next award is for the most Blessedly Warped TV Personality. And the nominees are: Zion Hamid; Dr. Aamer Aafat; and Dr. Shahid Barood. This is a tough one. But, alas, the winner is the great Zion Hamid. Zion sahib, kindly come and take your award from Wamid Mir saheb.

    Zion sahib is in India at the moment, Shireen. He will be with us via satellite. You can see and hear his acceptance speech on this big screen behind me. Yes, Mr. Zion.

    Hello, Wamid. Hello people. I am speaking to you live from the Red Fort in New Delhi. And I want to give the nation the good news that my army has taken over India. Rejoice!

    That’s India? You are sitting in front of a video backdrop of the Red Fort.

    Shut-up, Wamid. What do you know? You’re a CIA agent, anyway. I am in India, and to prove it, I have with me, Muhammad Bin Qasim! Say hello to our brothers and sisters in Pakistan, Qasim bhai.

    That’s Ali Azmat!

    Shut-up, Wamid. He is Muhammad Bin Qasim. Every Pakistani is Muhammad Bin Qasim!

    Even the women?

    Especially the women! Have you ever seen Maria B without make-up?

    You are making fun of your own supporter?

    We are at war. And war is fun.

    Err … Zion sahib, the Red Fort backdrop was just replaced by a backdrop of a beach in Honolulu.

    It was? Oh … umm … that’s not Honolulu. That’s a beach near Mumbai.

    Really? Since when have Mumbai beaches got Hawaiian women dancing on them?

    Well … err … its tourism season here in Mumbai.

    But we thought you were in Delhi.

    I am! I can prove it. I have with me Aishwarya Rai. Say hello to your new rulers, sister Aishwarya.

    What? That’s Ahmed Qureshi in a sari!

    How dare you! Enough! I can’t accept this stupid USA-India-UK-Papua New Guinea-sponsored award of yours. I have better things to do.

    Like what?

    Like conquering Israel! My next speech to the nation will be delivered from Tel Aviv.

    I see. Well, good luck, Zion sahib. By the way, before you go, just wanted to tell you your backdrop has changed again. And it looks very much like Disney Land.

    Alhamdulillah! It seems we’ve conquered the United States as well. Rejoice!

  14. dullabhatti

    sheesheyaN utte dhoorhaN jammian,
    kandhaN jhaarhi jaanday ne.
    jildaN saambh rahe ne jhallay,
    warqay paaRhi jaanday ne.

  15. Ammar

    Najam Sethi highlights very pertinent issues, we can fight with the whole world and even more so when the world is not interested in fighting! We need to get rid of this assumption of make-believe enemies and as he said focus our energies on home grown militancy of Pakistani Taliban.

  16. B. Civilian

    We know our friend stuka is an indian national. dude4000 also has an india-based ip address. while i can see these ‘enemy’ ‘followers’ of the prophet ZH, where are the ‘woken up pakistani’ believers?

  17. Sadia Hussain

    Najam sethi is spot on the Hippocratic attitude of our nation! We call for foreign aid and then whine on how the Kerry-lugger bill is aiding the NGO’s and rather this money should be given to the state! The reason however is the continuous failure on part of the State in ensuring transparency in utilization of aid!

    Gulmina Bilal in her article today argues that are self-sufficient to carry out the much needed development programs in the sectors of health,education,governace, agriculture ( Well pretty much everything!) if not so then rather than criticizing we should focus on how this money can be utilized in an efficient manner so that we can be independent of foreign aid

  18. Jawad

    Like most of you I agree with him to. All the things he has said are spot on but like alot of other people he is only pointing out the problem. What is the soloution does any one know? We can’t change our leaders overnight n replace them with good ones, If gen Kayani decided to come into power most of our will start jumpin with joy like he has got Aladin ka charagh or somthing.I don’t really see any revoloution anytime soon.
    Our leaders are corrupt because we are corrupt, there is not much difference between n ordianry Pakistani and Zardari, we all do it in our everyday life why blame him?
    Did you guys notice that we have the most cleanest homes but you get out of your front door n 50% of rubbish you will find ri8 infront of your/my house was thrown from inside, at the same time we feel obliged to complain about our local Baldia or who ever is suppose to keep the streets clean.
    My point is we should stop complaining, nothing will change unless we change ourselves as individuals.

  19. Yasir Qadeer

    Najam Sethi in his unique style has pointed out double standards in our nation. We are willing to receive as much as money we can but not in the shape of Kerry-Luger bill. As Gulmina Bilal (Daily Times 19th Feb 2010) writes in her article and I quote “If we were to hate the US, then logically we should hate their money too. However, here is the dichotomy. We love their money and just as the Americans urge us to “do more” to curb extremism, we urge them to “do more” financially. This is where the hypocrisy comes in.”

  20. dude40000

    B. Civilian – Good, now we agree that its all a Hindoo conspiracy. All Zaid Hamid supporters on this site and otherwise are Hindoos onleee.

  21. B. Civilian


    are Hindoos onleee

    are all indians hindoos?

    i don’t know what it is that you think you are agreeing with.

  22. hoss

    It is not good that there was no crisis today in Pakistan. I think Pak government and the Judges or any other interested party needs to provide us our daily entertainment. Life is almost meaningless, if there is nothing going on in Pakistan.

    There must be another crisis getting ready to surface within a few days, can some one or all hazard a guess what that would be?

    A correct answer would show that you have complete command over Pakistan affairs.

    knowledgeable “hindoos” are welcome. since they are more gungho about Pak than the Pakis.

  23. Mustafa Shaban


    1,2: Well France was curropt and had huge problems for 200 years until a revolution took place. Many countries in history had major problems until change came. Point is nothing ever stays the same. At some point things change. The reason why it takes so long for leadership to come is because they usually arise from grassroots movements, and revolution through such movements take time and leaders are rare in society. But I beleive change is going to come to every country no matter what, its a law of nature, nothing is static.

    3. There is some truth in the media, bt the point is that whatever the reason is the media tries to see India as heaven and PAkistan as hell. In fact both countries are not far apart and are in the middle. They hve thier goods and bads. Its wrong to say that there is a huge difference in both countries in terms of standard of living.

  24. dude40000

    Civilian – All Indians are obviously not Hindoos. But Zaid supporters are evil Hindooos onleeeeee.

  25. dude40000

    hoss – you don’t seem to be following the news. Pakistan CJ has asked the NAB to take action on corrupt political leadership….all Pakistanis have a lot of spine, so CJ is showing he has one too. See, Kayani has a spine, Gilani’s has a spine, even Zardari has a spine though his spine is a little weak these days (I guess he is an evil Hindoooo only). Whereas the evil hindoooos are totally spineless onleeeee.

  26. straight-talk

    I have one wish, I want to see one day Zaid Hamid in the custody of RAW and Bal Thackerey in the custody of ISI and their video of interrogation should be live on TV so that the people of both the countries could see their real courage of their wooden hero (inciting hatred amongst its people by making them believe on false stories), which often they show behind a protected wall of their mansion or behind see of people in their protected and restricted zone.

  27. vajra


    Yes, yes, yes!

    Where do I pay?