Poem: The Dance of Solitude

The solitude and its silence
Stands there, the grand empires
Built from dreams of the past
The old chaos of times
From distant corners,
Come they to examine
To see, how this life, spent
Through opium years to its magic
Hear they not, the deafening soul

The rapturous routines
The old peaceful moments
Built for the dreams of future
From distant corners
Come they to examine
Their own past and the colours
Through the years of violence
Hear they not, the drowning heart

The perpetual existence
In time and its space
In this grand scheme of life
From distant corners,
Travel they far, to examine
Themselves and the light
Through years of creation
To the end of time, hear they not
The Dance of Solitude!




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3 responses to “Poem: The Dance of Solitude

  1. PMA

    Beautiful painting and the poem. Bravo Kashkin and Rumi Sahab. A welcome respite from the senseless exchange of insults and name calling.

  2. Shubhada


    Then it’s not solitude or Ekanta. Dream needs 2. In your case as conveyed in thsese lines there are 3. The one of past and the one of future and the third the real you, one who is the observer or Sakshi.

    Ekaki is the one who might not choose others company but cannot let go memories of others, of oneself and day-dreaming about the future.

    When one reaches “real” Ekanta ie when one even transcends Ekanta, mind dissolves where words do not exist (Sha-bda disappear and bhav of A-kshar appears and that also disappear) and pure awareness is left to raise ones own consciousness.

    English is only for inking of superficial mental juglery… it fails in capturing reality because the words do not have etymological deep roots based on Bhav.

  3. Anonymous

    I do like your poetry Kashkin, but it is annoying to see it pasted all over. At pakteahouse, at chowk and also your blog, where I drop by often.