Farewell Haqqani Saheb – forgive your peers and colleagues

Raza Rumi

A personal favourite, Irshad Ahmad Haqqani is dead. This is a huge loss to Urdu journalism as he was the last of sane voices in the vernacular industry. I often disagreed with his centre-right views but his tone was measured and he remained a staunch supporter of democracy. May God bless his soul.

I stumbled on this post at Cafe Piyala that also talks about Haqqani but the best part of it was what Haqqani’s peers and junior collegaues had to say about him. I think some of the comments were so shameful that I could not even laugh with an easy conscience. I am quoting the last part of that post here that also is quite a treat:

Whatever they might say about him, he did invent the modern Urdu column, which is half analytical drivel, half dinner menus. Only during the last week, for example, Jang columnist Haroon-ur-Rashid (according to his column) demanded and got desi murghi from the Azad Kashmir prime minister, and Hamid Mir (according to his column) discovered new insights into judicial activism over a Kashmiri dish. I forget the name of the dish but according to Jang / Geo’s brightest star, it is made of mooli and shaljam and served with rice. The host was the Lahore High Court Chief Justice Khwaja Sharif.



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3 responses to “Farewell Haqqani Saheb – forgive your peers and colleagues

  1. yasserlatifhamdani

    Raza bhai,

    I read this and I can’t help but think what kind of sore ass losers these Qadir Hassans and Javed Chaudhrys are…

    Frankly I am only fortified in my own admiration of this great man Irshad Hassan Haqqani… I can only hope that one day I would also have such a bitter and caustic effect on people that they would write such nonsense about me when I die. He is my hero.

    And not for nothing this brilliant exchange between Haqqani and Safdar Mahmood will remain forever a shining moment in the history of Pakistan’s Urdu press…. with Safdar Mahmood resorting to all sorts of emotional appeals … against the march of logic and reason embodied by Irshad Hasan Haqqani…


  2. AZW


    Thanks for the link to the Urdu discussion between Dr. Safdar Mahmood and Late Irshad Ahmad Haqqani. It was almost nauseating to see how Abdul Qader Hassan and Javed Chaudhry were trashing the memory of an older gentleman who is dead for not more than a week. It tells a lot about these two gentlemen. Shameful indeed.

    I was stuck by immense civility in the discussion between Dr. Safdar Mahmood and Late Irshad Ahmad Haqqani. It was a discussion that made use of lots of healthy quotations from scholarly works as well as credible recollections from people quite central to the eventful years leading up to Pakistan. Dr. Mahmood betrays a bit of patriotic fervour with his arguments. But overall, these two gentlemen never showed anything but respect towards each other while arguing on a fairly contentious issue of Jinnah, Cabinet Mission and Pakistan Resolution. I expected some fireworks as the discussion progressed, but none of them went for anything low. They kept presenting their case with their logic and references. It was a refreshing read.

    May Mr. Haqqani’s soul rest in eternal peace.

  3. I used to read his columns quite regularly and no doubt his lose is unrepairable. RIP.