Mann o Mullah (The Mullah And I)

Poet: Gul Nasir Khan

Language: Balochi
Translation SOURCE:

Mullah sunbahith pa waaz aa
Reesh aa dasth jathag pa naaz aa
Cho gushth pa buland awaaz aa
“Yakkay waajag inth, yakkay meer
Yakkay Haakim inth, yakkay peer
Yakkay pa gham inth, yakkay seer
Yakkay much kanth zarraan dayr
Yakkay gushing inth, yakkay sayr
Yakkay sar biranth, yakkay chayr
Yakkay swaar beeth aulaakaan
Posheeth jwaantharain poshaakaan
Jaan aa dhrhanz danth laalthaakaan
Yakkay gon shapaadain paadh aa
Looch o langarh o barbaadh aa
Zindh aa girr kanth naa shaadh aa
Amar inth Qaadir i bay shakkain
Athkag maan kithaab aa hakkain
Raahay baarag o baaz sakkain
Panch lankuk na inth yakk dawl aa
Jorh ish cho kuthag wath maulaa
Hamchush hakk bizaan ay kawl aa”
Laahrain dhil na dhaath dhaymaa waar
Gushtaan: “Thaw bibay mullah gaar
Drogh burrain dhapp aa kammay dhaar
Shaam pind! Naan tharaa kurthanth kor
Shaythaan thai sar aa beethag zor
Hakk aa chosh kanay parchaa gor
Insaan har warh aa humrung inth
Mardhain o janain humthang inth
Izath o sharf humsang inth
Burz o jhaal na inth insaan aa
Naadhaan! Thaw bigindh Quraan aa
Radh dhaathag tharaa shaythaan aa
Meeree, Wajahee, Sardhaaree
Peeree, Murshidhee, Zardaari
Aishaan paadh kuthag murdhaaree
Tagg o mujrahain dhallaar inth
Insaan i hamay ghadhaar inth
Ziraag o bay dhamain syaah maar inth
Gardh anth motor o baaleeyaan
Nindh anth Bakhmalain ghaaleeyaan
Wardh ish thangahain thaaleeyaan
Zaanaan thai dhap i gishthag thaam
Sait aa cha kanay zarraan waam
Mullah! Thaw bikan aql o faahm
Maalaan ach kujaa aawarth anth
Zarraan choni aa much kurth anth
Chon pa waajahee sar zurth anth
Mullah! Thaw makkan keel o kaal
Maath i laap na dhaath aawaan maal
Nay cha aasmaan kapth anth jhaal
Gaalaan gosh bikan bar hakkain
Chammaan pach bikan korrakain
Gappay zaahir o bay shakkain
Hakkaan waarthag anth baywass i
Maalaan burthag anth baykass i
Puchaan kashithag anth har kass i
Gushthag kay tharaa ay hakk inth
Naa zaanthain dhaleelith, jhak inth
Eemaan aa pa yakk dakk inth
Mullah! Thaw makan gumraahee
Raah aa thaab madhay Allahee
Aishaanee makan dhil waahee
Eemaan aa madhay pa zarr aa
Drogh aa shar makan naa sharr aa
Bihl neen zyaadhahain tarr tarr aa
Dhawr neen tharrithag chayr o sar
Gon thaw gaar banth pahriwar
Zardhaar o mujain zor aawar
Badhleeth ay jahaan washain rung
Naan aa pa, na beeth kassay thang
Zarr aa pa, na banth kosh o jang
Mullah! Neen bikan saar o hosh
Mupthwaar neen na banth zindhag chosh
Nay beeth mazhab i naam aa kosh
Insaan i nijaath barhakk inth
Mullah! Thai dhil aa gar shakk inth
Gurhaa thai ilaaj yakk dakk inth
(Written in Noshki, Balochistan
    On 27th February, 1958)

The Mullah getting ready to deliver his sermon,
Stroked his beard proudly,
And started preaching:

“One is a Master, One is a Mir (a leader or chief)
One is a Ruler, One is a Pir (a saint)
One is sad, another is happy

One makes heaps of wealth
One is starving, One is fed
One’s faults are visible, another’s are hidden

One rides his steed,
Wears only the best
His galloping horse kicks up dust

While another Bare-footed,
Naked and hungry
Miserably drags himself through life

Without a doubt it’s God’s will
It is written in the Righteous Book (Quraan)
That the path is narrow and quite tough

Five fingers can never be equal
God himself has made it that way
So, you should accept this as fate”

Waves of anger rising in my heart made me interrupt him
I said: “May you be smitten O Mullah!
Don’t lie so much

Evenings of begging have left you blind
The Devil has over-powered you
Why are you hiding the truth like this

Humans of every kind are alike
Men and women, both, are equal
Just as Honour and Dignity are the same

Humans aren’t high and low
O Moron! Just read the Quraan
You’ve been misled by the Satan

These Mirs, Masters and Sardars (Tribal Chieftans)
These Pirs, Clerics and Zardaars (the Wealthy)
These are the real roots of evil

They are criminals and pimps,
Traitors of humanity,
Blood sucking Leeches and Poisonous snakes

They travel in cars and planes
Their houses are furnished with velvet carpets
And they eat from golden plates

I know you’re mouth is watering
You’re living off loans from the Rich
Mullah! Now just think

From where did they get this wealth?
How did they amass this fortune?
How did they become our masters?

Mullah! Now stop making excuses
The mother’s womb didn’t provide them with all these riches
Nor did the sky rain money on their heads

Listen to my words,
Open your eyes which have been blinded
The answer is right infront of you

They have stolen the rights of the weak,
They have looted the property of the poor
And disrobed everybody in sight

Who has told you this is fate?
It’s an argument not thought out,
A serious blow to faith

Mullah! Now don’t you mislead
Don’t stray people off the path of God
Just to satisfy the affluent

Don’t sell your faith for cash
Don’t present the lies as truth
And stop your incessant gibbering

The times have now completely changed
You’re going to vanish alongwith the rich,
The aristocrats and the powerful monarchs

A better age will dawn on us
When no one will be worried for food
And there won’t be wars for money

Mullah! It’s time you woke up and smelled the air
Because in this new world your obsolete teachings won’t work
There won’t be anymore killings in the name of religion

Humanity’s liberation is inevitable
Mullah! If there’s any doubt in your heart
Then you ought to be taught a lesson


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